The Final Chapter

Warning: This chapter contains sexual material. Reader discretion is advised.

The floor of the cave felt soft under Hiccup's paws. The fur spread out along the hard rock made for a comfortable arrangement. To be completely honest, Hiccup felt as if he was going to pass out at anytime. He felt even worse than he did before his wedding nearly a week ago. His heart pounded as he recalled the short conversations that the two dragon's had regarding the subject.

"This is all up to you whether this happens or not," Hiccup remembered Toothless saying sweetly. The smaller dragon shifted uncomfortably, thinking of the more intimate thoughts, blush shining through his scales. Hiccup couldn't forget the first time they had an intimate time, but it was under severely different circumstances. While he knew Toothless would behave very differently, he was still very scared and nervous about it.

"Shouldn't I be more willing of this?" Hiccup thought to himself, "Last time I wanted him home, even if it meant letting him get out his urges to do it. This time its to tie us together...the dragon mating rituals...bring us closer together. For me, this relationship was validated when we got married...but for him, it still doesn't feel like we are."

Toothless could see the thoughts being wrestled inside his companions head. Even if other people couldn't, he could see right into Hiccup's eyes and know almost exactly what he was feeling. The dragon closed his eyes softly and opened them back up slowly, allowing his vision to quickly adjust to Hiccup's face.

"I understand that you're worried about this," Toothless said softly, "Dragon's usually mate for life, and I still remember the last time we tried this sort of thing. I feel like I lost a part of you that day...the trust on that level of our relationship was damaged." Toothless could easily see Hiccup trying his hardest to avoid direct eye contact, pretty much confirming that lack of trust. It was strange to Toothless, for everything else, Hiccup would readily trust him, but did he really screw it up that badly the first time? Did he really scare and hurt him that much? Surely he couldn't have...right?

"Did...did I hurt you that much?" Toothless asked softly, "Did I scare you so much that can't trust me on an intimate level anymore?" Almost immediately, Hiccup's eyes snapped up and he shook his head wildly.

"No!" Hiccup nearly yelled, "I mean...just, no. I'm just a little worried it won't go like you want it. For me, the ceremony was all I needed, but for you, this ceremony is all you need. I'm just...scared I'll do something wrong or I won't fulfill my duty your mate." Hiccup's words trailed off into a worried silence as his little confession came to a close. Toothless shook his head, smiling in the process. The larger dragon pulled his counterpart into a warm embrace, holding him closely.

"Hic, don't worry about that kind of stuff," Toothless said, "I don't care if it doesn't go as plan, as long as its you and me...thats really all I need. Besides, we'll have time to improve in the future." The dragon said his last few words in a more seductive and low tone, causing Hiccup to blush madly. The smaller dragon buried his face into Toothless to avoid eye contact and to hide his blushing face.

Hiccup stood on the furs thinking back to those moments, blushing just thinking of the situation. The dragon looked around him, impressed with how well the caved looked and felt. Toothless took it upon himself to make the cave as comfortable as possible, lining the floor with soft furs, covering the entrace with a think piece of cloth, and lighting a few candles here and there. Hiccup had hard time believing the dragon did this all by himself, but if he said he did, then he would believe him.

The young Night Fury sat alone in the cave, waiting patiently for Toothless to return. Outside the comfortable cave was the cove where Hiccup and Toothless forged their friendship all those months ago, faced a new challenge when Hiccup first changed, and shared their first intimate moments.

"It's weird to think that next week will be one year," Hiccup thought to himself. The dragon readied a smile when he saw the cloth covering the entrance move, thinking Toothless had returned. The movements subsided and then returned slowly, making the dragon realize it was just the strong winds pushing against the cloth. Feeling slightly disappointed, Hiccup curled up on the furs, letting himself get comfortable.

"He said he forgot something," Hiccup muttered to himself, "but didn't think it'd take this long, otherwise I would've gone with him." As he said those last few words, he felt a knot form in his stomach. He hoped it would go away like earlier, but this one persisted. Hiccup couldn't help but think of what was about to happen. It wasn't just sex, it was a ritual that binded two dragons together for life. He truthfully was very happy about that, but he couldn't help but feel so nervous about it too. Toothless never explained what was going to happen, just that it would be the two of them.

"Just be happy its something that doesn't need a witness," Hiccup thought to himself, covering his face with his paws, hoping to forget the thought.

"Am I interrupting something?" A soothing voice called out. Hiccup brought a paw down from his face, seeing Toothless pushing his way into the cave. Soft winds blew in flakes of snow that slowly drifted to the floor and melted into the furs. The makeshift cloth door slowly fell back into place as Toothless' tail slipped through. The dragon stood there, raising a brow questioningly at his companion, waiting for a response. Hiccup smiled awkwardly and shook his head in response.

"Should I ask what took so long?" Hiccup asked cautiously. Toothless walked over to the left side of the cave and slipped a bag off his shoulder.

"Of course," Toothless said with a soft smile, "If you're worried your doing something wrong, don't be Hic. Astrid was back home, and since we didn't really want anyone to know what we were doing, I had to be more careful getting the things we need. Would've been a lot simpler if I didn't space out earlier while fixing this place up." Toothless reached into the bag, trying to make use of his claws. Lately, the two dragons had been trying to utilized their claws in place of fingers, seeing how it would make both their lives much easier. So far, its been going slow, specifically for Toothless. As Toothless grabbed onto a bottle, he struggle to properly grip it and it slipped through his claws and back into the bag with a soft thud.

Hiccup couldn't help but restrain some soft laughter seeing his love struggle so much with a relatively simple task. The smaller dragon came up behind Toothless and ran his paw along his arm, ending with Hiccup's paw on top of Toothless' larger paw. Hiccup guided Toothless' paw back into the back and gripped onto the bottle once again. The smaller dragon's claws slowly increased pressure onto the larger's as they slowly pulled up the bottle. Hiccup slowly released his paw, letting Toothless manage on his own, setting the bottle down next to him.

As Toothless rummaged through the bag again, Hiccup picked up the bottle, noticing the reddish liquid contained inside. It was an interesting red, one he'd definitely seen many times before, both in combat, and on his wedding day.

"Body paint?" Hiccup asked curiously. Toothless nodded his head, struggling to grip another bottle and bring it out.

"Okay, that isn't exactly part of the traditional ritual, but I thought it would be nice to add our own special touch to it," Toothless said with a smile, looking over to Hiccup. The smaller dragon smiled back, looking back down at the bottle and placing back where Toothless originally laid it. The larger dragon finally got a hold of the next bottle firmly, slowly pulled it out, and placed it next to the body paint. Hiccup picked the bottle up and looked at it, seeing the liquids inside swirl around as he twirled it between his claws.

"And this?" Hiccup asked, curiosity edging more and more into his mind with each object Toothless pulled out. Toothless stopped momentarily and glanced at the bottle before a smile spread upon his face.

"That's what you would call lubricant," Toothless said, "Or lube." Hiccup blushed at the words and quickly set bottle full of clear liquids down and sat a few feet away from Toothless, patiently waiting. His heart was beating quickly and his chest was tingling with anticipation.

Toothless glanced over his shoulder, seeing Hiccup fidget quietly, waiting for the time to come. The dragon placed the last bottle next to the two others and closed the bag. Toothless picked up the last bottle he placed down and held it carefully in his paw. The dragon walked over to Hiccup, holding the bottle delicately in his mouth.

Hiccup looked up, seeing a paw handing him a bottle full of a white liquid. The dragon cautiously took it from Toothless, curious as to what the substance was. It moved slowly in the bottle like it was thick and syrupy. He popped the top off the bottle and sniffed at it cautiously with an interesting smell hitting his sense. It wasn't bad so much as it wasn't good. It was almost odorless in a way, but still had something mixed in with it.

"What is it?" Hiccup asked, bringing the bottle closer to his eyes.

"Something you need to drink," Toothless said, tapping the top of the bottle, "It will help you relax. Only take a few sips of it, its pretty powerful stuff." Hiccup looked at him and down at the bottle again.

"Tooth...what is it?" Hiccup asked again, this time more concerned about what it really was. Hiccup was really worried about what it would do to him, more of what it was made out of.

"Its a mixture of plants and roots, something dragons use to..," Toothless trailed off for a moment, trying to find words to explain, "Relax, and..uh...get in the mood more easily...commonly used for mating..." For the first time, Hiccup saw a bit of blush tinge his dragon's face. The smaller dragon looked a little hesitant, but took a few small sips from the bottle. The taste was very peculiar at best containing what tasted like milk, honey, but also strongly sour, almost revoltingly so. Hiccup shook his head, swallowing many times to get the taste out of his mouth.

Toothless laughed a bit, seeing his love show his disdain for the strange drink. Taking the bottle from him, Toothless braced himself for the unusual taste and drank it swiftly. Dunking it down, he pushed past the taste quickly and set the bottle aside. Seeing Hiccup still shaking his head a bit, only this time with a bit of confusion in his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Toothless asked softly, bringing one paw up to his cheek comfortingly. Hiccup pressed against it, closing his eyes and feeling the heat his companion gave off.

"I feel warm all over, all tingly," Hiccup said, taking Toothless' paw and placing it on his chest, "Right here mostly." Toothless could feel Hiccup's heartbeat and soft, rhythmic breaths accompanied by the soft rumble of purrs. Also starting to feel the effects of the mixture, Toothless took a deep breath and pulled his paw away from Hiccup slowly. Walking over towards the body paint, he motioned Hiccup closer. Putting one claw in delicately, Toothless pulled out some of the red paint and turned towards his love. In a few delicate strokes, Toothless painted the symbols of protection Frey once gave to them. After a few minutes, both the dragon's were painted with each their respective markings.

"Why did you want to do this?" Hiccup asked, adding the final touches to Toothless' markings. The dragon looked down for a moment, then back up, staring into his love's eyes.

"I want these to be more than just symbols and markings of protection, I want them to represent us together," Toothless said with a slight smile, "They're one thing that ties us together, that shows our unity, our love." Hiccup stopped momentarily, hearing his final few words before continuing the touch ups. Once the markings were how Hiccup wanted them to look, he put the bottle of paint down and wiped his claw on one of the carpets. Looking back up, he quickly kissed Toothless, the two dragons falling onto their backs. Toothless felt warm lips pressed against his own and paws wrapped snugly around his neck. After a few moments, those warm lips were gone and were replaced with a soft voice.

"I love you so much," Hiccup said, putting his head against Toothless'. The larger dragon smiled and closed his eyes, enjoying the moment. The heat from the liquid had spread throughout each dragon's body, allowing them to feel at ease, and ready.

"I love you too, more than you may ever know," Toothless said in a near whisper. Rolling over, Toothless looked down at Hiccup and kissed him softly.

"Are you ready?" Toothless whispered. A few moments of silence went by before Hiccup responded.

"Yes," Hiccup responded, with a tinge of confidence lining his voice. Toothless slowly lowered himself, licking Hiccup softly as he went farther and farther down the dragons stomach until he reached his slit. A few quick licks sent shivers down Hiccup's spine as he struggled to suppress a moan. Hiccup's length quickly pushed its way out into the warm cave air. Toothless looked up at Hiccup, noticing the blush enveloping his face as he quickly brought his paws up to cover his face.

"D-don't look at me," Hiccup muttered out, embarrassed. Toothless smiled and looked back down, dragging his tongue along Hiccup's length. A soft, cute moan escaped the dragon's mouth, letting Toothless know he was doing well. In a quick movement, Toothless pushed his head forward, taking in Hiccup's entire length. Hiccup started to let out a loud moan before he cut himself off with his paws, yet his eyes still shone with ecstasy.

Toothless slowly bobbed his head up and down in a smooth rhythmic fashion. With each time the dragon went down, Hiccup suppressed another moan, failing half the time resulting in half moans, half squeaks making it through his paws.

"T-toothless," Hiccup said suddenly, "I-I'm getting close." Toothless slowly dragged his head up, letting Hiccup's length slowly fall out of his mouth. The dragon reached behind him, grabbing a bottle, albeit with a bit of struggle. Bringing it around, he popped the top off and poured some of the clear liquid on his claws.

Hiccup looked on with anticipation. He could see the clear liquid poor onto Toothless' claws, coated it and making it shine in the light of the candles. Toothless looked towards Hiccup before he set the bottle down.

"Are you ready?" Toothless asked softly. Hiccup could see the longing in his eyes, the want to mate with him written out in plain norse.

"Yes," Hiccup finally managed to say after what felt like an eternity. Toothless nodded in response and slowly brought one of his dull claws towards Hiccup's entrance. With a delicate and cautious movement, Toothless slowly slid it in, eliciting a slightly pained response from Hiccup. After a few slow movements, the pained grunts turned into pleasure filled moans.

"You enjoying yourself?" Toothless asked teasingly.

"S-shut up," Hiccup responded, blush taking over his face. When he felt Hiccup was adjusted well enough, Toothless inserted another dull claw and picked up the pace slightly, stretching out Hiccup's entrance well enough, but not as to hurt him. Hiccup panted in response, his length twitching against the warm air.

"Do you think you're ready?" Toothless asked softly, slowly pushing his dull claws in and out of his companion. Hiccup took a long breath and looked towards his love, and nodded his head in confirmation.

"Yes," Hiccup responded once again. Toothless reached back and fumbled for the bottle once again, finally grasping it in his claws. With a quick pour, Toothless coated his hand with lube, rubbing it over his already erect dragon member. Setting the bottle down, Toothless loomed over Hiccup, staring down into his loves eyes. The two locked eyes for a few short moments, panting into the air thick with anticipation. Slowly, Toothless brought his lips down and kissed Hiccup, soft and delicately.

Just as delicately as he kissed his love, Toothless slowly brought his length along Hiccup's entrance. Hiccup held his breath for a short moment before breathing out softly, closing his eyes and nodding his head slowly. Toothless slowly prodded at Hiccup's entrance before slowly pushing his length into his love, eliciting a mixture of pained and pleasured moans. Inch after inch plunged into Hiccup before Toothless had reached his end. The two laid there for a few moments, letting each other get adjusted to the new sensations.

"How are you doing?" Toothless whispered into Hiccup's ear. Hiccup squirmed slightly beneath his counterpart but stopped and relaxed his body as much as possible.

"F-fine, I'm doing fine," Hiccup finally managed to rasp out, clearly not used to the intrusion, but able to get adjusted more quickly this time around.

"You can...uh...start moving," Hiccup said softly, unable to make eye contact with Toothless. Toothless, however, remained motionless much to the confusion of Hiccup who still didn't want to make eye contact.

"Hiccup," Toothless said, "Please look at me, Hic." Hiccup slowly turned his gaze to Toothless, seeing the lust and love in his eyes. It was plainly written out on his face for all to see, just as he'd always been with his emotions.

"The last thing I want is for you to feel uncomfortable with this," the dragon nearly whispered, "I want us to go into this together, both wanting this to happen." Hiccup looked into his lover's eyes and looked down for a moment, looking at the weird view before. He'd never really seen himself being penetrated and it was quite the unusual sight, at least for him. Bringing his view back up, Hiccup went in for a quick kiss and nodded his head.

"Alright," Hiccup said with slight confidence, "No awkward Hiccup." Toothless shook his head mildly and smiled down at him.

The larger dragon slowly pulled his length out, being met with a soft moan from his counterpart as he slowly pushed it back in. Toothless had a hard time containing himself, holding back loud moans as he slowly pushed and pulled in erratic yet somewhat rhythmic motions. With each thrust, Hiccup let out a soft moan, more of a squeak, in response, blush coating his face, and heat flourishing in his body.

"Go faster," Hiccup squeaked out, pushing against Toothless as he slowly pushed into him. The dragon quickly obliged and slowly thrusted faster and faster, being met with loud moans of ecstasy that echoed throughout the cave. Toothless let soft grunts and moans out, succumbing to his desire and letting his pleasure be known. Hiccup pushed harder against Toothless, wanting him to be pushed further and further into him, craving that feeling he felt once before. In a sudden thrust, Toothless rubbed against Hiccup's prostate which caused the dragon to loudly moan in pleasure, catching Toothless off guard.

"Are...are you okay?" Toothless asked through heavy breaths. Hiccup nodded his head quickly, trying to catching his breath.

"Please," Hiccup said with a soft intensity, "Please more...Tooth." The begging look on Hiccup's face.

"He is so sexy," Toothless thought to himself, feeling a lining of blush take over his place. The dragon couldn't help but be mesmerized by his love's innocent lust. Toothless nodded and pushed in, again hitting that special spot in Hiccup, taking him closer and closer towards the edge. Toothless himself could feel that feeling building up with each thrust.

Hiccup noticed the more aggressive and quick thrusts hitting against him, a little sting with a load of pleasure to accompany it. The smaller dragon looked down, seeing pre dribble down from his length and the aggressive thrusting of Toothless. Hiccup looked back up, seeing the look of pleasure on his love's face and knew he was going to cum soon.

"Toothless, I love you," Hiccup said in a seductive manner. Toothless didn't slow his thrusting, and looked down at Hiccup with lust filled eyes.

"I love you too," the dragon said, "so much." Hiccup pushed his head forward, locking lips with his love, feeling himself begin to build up. Breaking off the kiss, Hiccup wrapped his arms around Toothless' neck and pulled him into a tight embrace.

"Toothless!" Hiccup nearly shouted, feeling himself reaching his peak.

"Hiccup!" Toothless roared, thrusting all the way in, hitting Hiccup's prostate, sending both of them over the edge in a mess of moans and soft squeals of pleasure.

The two laid there in each other's presence, held together in a tight embrace. The air was dying down with the feelings of sex, lust, and baited breaths. Hiccup had laid his head on Toothless' chest, feeling his deep, strong breaths and might heartbeat under his thick skin. The candles were winding down to their final straws yet still provided the room with a beautifully dim atmosphere, just enough for the dragon's to see fine.

"Toothless?" Hiccup whispered out, hoping his love was still awake.

"Yeah?" the dragon whispered back. There was a momentary pause before any words were said. In that time, a thousand words were being said, a thousand different scenarios were being played out simultaneously.

"What does this mean?" Hiccup said softly. Silenced followed once again, only this time, it truly was silence.

"It may not seem like it," Toothless started off, "but we are mates now. Things won't be any different, but I hope we're closer after this. Normally it's difficult to tell when dragon's are mated, but then there are ones where you can just...tell. Their scent, the way they walk together, the way they talk. Just, the two of them, you can tell. I don't know if we're like that now...but I know that we'll be those dragons. Right now, let's just enjoy our first few moments as mates together." Toothless shifted lower and pulled Hiccup closer to him, feeling the warmth his love gave off, wanting no harm to ever come to him, though he knew deep down he wouldn't be able to stop it, but he'd be damn if he ever laid down and let it happen.

"Toothless," Hiccup said, feeling the dragon shift his head down in response, "I love you so much. Let's stay here for a little while...its getting dark out...lets just...sleep here tonight." Toothless nodded in response, licking his mate's head affectionately.

"Then we shall my beautiful mate," Toothless said softly. As the moments drifted on, and the light from the candles drifted lower and lower, Hiccup felt himself floating off into the dreamscape.

"Toothless," Hiccup said, nearly asleep, "Don't ever leave me..."

Toothless looked down at his love with a soft smile on his face, holding him closely.

"I'll never leave mate..."