And with that, Arc One comes to a close. That leaves two or three, depending on what I choose in the future, Arcs remaining in the overall story. I still have a lot left in my tank, and I'm not stopping after Arc One. I might just a be a little ambitious, but I want to expand my universe, build up on my characters, and introduce new ideas, new places, and new adventures.

Arc Two will be coming soon, but I will be posting two or three In-Between the Arcs Chapters which will detail the lives of Hiccup, Toothless, and maybe a few others as the two dragons as they dragons become married, and become mates for life, so it might be a few weeks before Arc 2 starts, so deal with the filler chapters for now. On another note, as you've may have seen, I've been updating weekly now, which is my upload schedul now. I have school and other responsibilities that prevent me uploading like I used to, so bear with me. Also, telling me to hurry up and update isn't helping either, it just aggrivates me more because I've already explained why I can't upload, and those people have chosen to ignore it anyway.

Now thats out of the way, on with the Q&A

Now, I'd like to do a Q&A (Question and Answer) for anyone out there who might have some questions about the story as it stands. You can me about the characters, about certian events, really anything you can think of. Ask the characters themselves if you want to, just keep it moderately clean. ;)

Now, in order have a question answered, just post a review and start if off with the statement:

Q&A Question:

And then state your question.

You can also send me a private message if you'd rather not have your username known.

When I get enough questions, I'll edit this chapter and post the questions and answer below this explanation, so I hope you all will participate and get your quesitions answered!

For now, re-read the story if you want, get caught up on the events leading up to now, and be sure to stick around, Arc 2 is coming soon.



Will Hiccup ever be able to invent again?


I think in arc 2 or 3 I'll have him inventing some new gadgets that could have an impact on the story.. Since he'll be more used to his dragon body, he'll be able to draw and design once again.


will you bring in new night fury's ?


Actually, I had planned to implement a female Night Fury in the first arc, but quickly decided against it. The first arc is about the bond that grows between Hiccup and Toothless and I needed that to be the main focus. In the second arc, they will be mates and will have to overcome obstacles as they go along. In the future, quite possibly the second arc, I will include another Night Fury, maybe even more than that, to test the dragon's love.


Will arcs 2 and 3 be posted in this story, or will you make separate ones?


I've been debating on whether or not to continue it on this story or make a second one. It all really boils down to changing the story name. I don't really know if The Curse of the Gods can really fit the theme anymore. That was more or less the idea of the first arc, turning a curse into a gift. If I do make another story for the next arc, then I'd have to decide a new name, preferably The Gift of the Gods, but I'm not quite sure. I'm just worried that if I make the next arc into another story, that followers I have on here will not see it, or it won't be as successful. Another thing I'm worried about is the length this story would have. If I keep going, then this story will be ridiculously long and I may lose people and new readers because of that. I think in the end, I'll move it to another story, and I'll leave a few links to it at the ending of this arc, the Q&A, and the final chapter of this story for people to follow and continue on. I hope this answer's your question!


Yay, there is still more story to be had!

Q&A Question: What happened to the kid (his name slips my mind) who caused Hiccup and Toothless to fall off the cliff? Is he still running around somewhere?


His name is Destin, and yes he is alive and well, running around. He's still very relevant and I'm trying to decide if I want to use him in the next arc, the third, or give him his own. I think I might wait and put him in the third arc, but you never know, I may change my mind midway through the second and have him pop up somewhere. He's alive, he's still running around, and he's still just as insane.


Will hiccup and toothless be able to have to have a baby?


I've actually given this some thought and that really depends on how the third arc plays out and if I include other Night Furies. They could end up adopting a kid along the way, maybe a child Night Fury who was lost or abandoned, but if you meant a child of their own, biologically speaking, two males cannot have a child. I apologize to anyone who wanted Hiccup to become pregnant or any of that stuff, but mpreg isn't in this story. But in the future, they might just adopt a kid. Hope this answers your question since I really don't know myself.


Excuse me, but will there be anymore antagonists like Dagur in Arc 2 and/or 3?


Yes, actually. In each Arc, there will be a specific antagonist(s) that the characters will have to face. There will be a mixture of cannon, and non-cannon enemies who will cause trouble in the viking world. I'm trying to structure each antagonist's personality differently so that they are, in a sense, an antagonist, but are unique, terrifying, and great villains in their own way. I portrayed Dagur as a strong, insane viking with little moral boundaries. He went about in a calm mood that created a dead atmosphere as he went along. A strong, mentally troubled villain who was calm and cool-headed. Now, the next antagonist could be very different from Dagur, or share some similarities while still maintaining their own persona. As the story goes along, however, our characters will be getting stronger, more independent, and ready to face anything their foes have to throw at them. Hope this answered your question, with a little more of a ramble on my part.