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2103-2150: The Start of a Dynasty

In the year 2103, the first colony on Mars is Lowell City and with it the company known as Ace Shipping and Transport came into existence. The first route that it made was from the Terran (Earth) city of London to Lowell City, the cargo was 500 tons of food items, livestock's, and 23 passengers. With the first route it enshared that AST will be able to by another starship to transport with an 4 and a half years.

2110 is view as a mile stone to the company known as Ace Shipping and Transport for a number of reasons. The first one is that they reach the 1.3 Trillion dollars that their had set for themselves so their could expand into different industries beside Shipping and Transportation. The second reason was because they started a mining station in the asteroid belt, to mine for Iron, Uranium, Lithium, and other metals. And the third reason is because they bought their tenth ship for their company that was used for capturing and mining of asteroids.

In the year 2130, Ace Shipping and Transport starts researching in the cloning process, creation of an AI, and construction. The first Human clone they had created was name Kan Suuta in honor of Ace Suuta heritage, the founder of AST, but the clone died after 5 years. While the cloning process had some breakthroughs the AI creation was stuck until the year 2140 when they created a VI program that was close as they got to an AI. And in the construction part of their business they first started to build Apartments so they could have a steady income but in the year 2132 they started a project called SPIVF's or known as Self Powered Indoor Vertical Farms.

The year 2132 was the start of Project SPIVF, which stands for Self Powered Indoor Vertical Farms. What that means is that those farms don't relay on the city/plant grid to power itself, not to mention that it is far more efficient to grow compared with growing it with 10 acres worth of land on one acre on multiple levels. June is the start of the first building that will be the prototype of the SPIVF's that is 10 stories tall, the next stage will be doing 20 floors and then doubling it till it reaches the maximum height of the construction technology of that period.

The year 2137 is the year that the Eldfell-Ashland Energy Corporation demonstrates helium-3 fuel extraction from the atmosphere of Saturn. In the next year AST will be a compator in the Helium-3 fuel industry.

In the year 2140 AST starts the construction of a Colony class ship, this class of ships are meant to colonize of planets while giving the colonies a economy before the the colony itself can get an economy up and running, but it will take 11 years to finish because of the discovery of Element Zero. On the 1st day of April AST put on hold on trying to create a true AI because they couldn't figure it out and that the tech they needed was no in existent, yet, but they did create the first version of VI's and the first version name was Miko because of her looking like a shrine maiden. IN related news AST starts the project that will be know as Quantum Act. The Project Quantum Act, main mission is to create the first Quantum Computer and program, with this they believe they could probably create the first true AI's.

2148 is a landmark in Human history, because of the discover of Prothean ruins at Promethei Planum on Mars. With its discover came a wave of shock, excitement, and histyria from the majority of people. The cloning process by AST is getting better so far their been able to make a clone live a little bit over 12 years and the first one to do so was named Tenpi Uta, it will take many more years if not decades to make a truly stable clone.

2149 Partial Translation of the Prothean data leads humans to the uses of Element Zero and because of this the Colony class ships that AST is currently building is stop to slightly redesign it for the use of E-zero. In October full translation of the Prothean archives leads humans to discover that Charon is a Mass Relay and because of this the System Alliance is founded to coordinate exploration and colonization of extra-solar worlds by Mass Relays. By November the System Alliance started construction of two ships the SA Enterprise and SA Harmony, the two first ships were of the class Voyager. The Voyage class ships are only 78 meters in length and was design more for speed and mobility then anything else and what comes secondly was detection capabilities.

2150 The first ships to pass the Charon Relay are the SA Enterprise and SA Harmony, their mission is to map out the other side and to green flag worlds that can be colonize easily.

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