A.N. This will take place in season two after Darken Rahl gets into Walter's body and Richard forces Rahl to go on a brotherly road trip.

(Kahlan's POV)

As Zedd, Cara and I travel through the forest we see a girl running toward us. She runs into Cara and she tries to get away but then says "Cara? Is that you?"

"Izora what are you doing out in these woods?" Cara asks.

"It's kind of a long story. But… Wait a minute is that the Seekers Confessor and Wizard?" The girl asks "Where is the Seeker?"

The girl, Izora, Has long raven black hair that goes to the middle of her back in soft curls. It is a little tangled. Her irises are liquid gold. She has pale skin that is almost transparent. She is lean and looks about 5'6.

"Cara who is she?" I ask Cara.

"Kahlan, Zedd I would like you to meet Princess Izora Calla Rahl. Daughter of Katarina and Darken Rahl." Cara says to us.

I look at Zedd and he looks at her in surprise and then at me.

Izora smiles a kind, loving, smile and says "It's very nice to meet you First Wizard," she looks at Zedd "Mother Confessor it is very nice to be in your presence."

(Richard's POV)

"We need to get you to Zedd now." Rahl's slash in his arm has gotten worse. If Zedd doesn't heal him soon, he'll die and be sent back to the Keeper.

Once we find the campsite we found Zedd and with a lot of convincing he healed Rahl.

I then ask "Zedd where's Kahlan and Cara?"

He looks at Rahl and says "Well they went to go collect firewood with… Oh there they are." He looks behind us and I turn around.

I see there is a girl with them. She has long raven black hair and liquid gold eyes with very pale skin. She looks a little like Darken Rahl.

Rahl looks at the girl and for the first time since I have been with him, he looks relived to see her. She looks at him and her eyes widen in fear and relief as well.

She drops her wood that she had in her arms and says "F-f-father." Before fainting.