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Miyuki P.O.V

Autumn passed as winter hit the corner at Seidou High. As crazy as it would sound, nobody had seem to notice the tense atmosphere develop by the Baseball team. It seems that the missing of a certain second- year team member. The new captain Miyuki Kazuya also couldn't help himself to be worried about him. Meanwhile, their manager keeps bombarding him with questions that he didn't have the answer to be given. He had been having terrible headache due to this event, nevertheless it would be sort of a crime if he neglected his duties.


Standing right behind him is their assistant manager of the team, Rei-chan.

"What is it, Rei-san?"

His glasses lay on the table, he looks utterly tired.

"Aren't you worried?"

She asked him, rather gentle, scared that she might hurt his feelings. As sadist as Miyuki Kazuya, he did have his soft spot.

"That idiot really crosses the line this time; I wouldn't really care if not for the sake of the team"

The beautiful assistant manager just smile at him, knowing that deep inside he really do care for him. After all she is like their match maker.

"If I told you I know where he is right now, do you want to go and look for him"

Miyuki looked at her quizzically.

"What did you mean?"


Kuramochi Youichi P.O.V

"That idiot, bastard, corpse breath he really did it this time"

Ever since their seniors leave the school, he had been hindering himself even from him. Hey, a kouhai should just act like one, not leave them with a major pain in the ass. Everybody had become a bit gloomy after his disappearance. Truth to be told, Youichi had missed him more because this time he had no one to tease. The once cheeky, over-confidence boy had changed so much in one year. Mostly during the last match that their seniors were in, his mistake had led their team to despair. Despite what everyone had said he still put the blames on himself.


Kominato Haruichi P.O.V

His best friend had been missing for a while. He misses his jokes and smiles, even more he misses him for being his friend. The whole team had been delving in a doom gloom mood and he does not like it. When he came back, Haruichi make a note to himself to smack him right on the head for being too dense to realized that it is not his fault.


Coach Kataoka P.O.V

"Rei, had you put on the notice for tryouts"
"Yes, I had is there anything else I can get you Kataoka-san"
"No, thank you Rei, you can go now"

He sighed as he saw her walked out of the door. Their team had been missing their precious pitcher for a while now; it's been about a few months that he had been avoiding everyone, now he had gone missing for about a week. They had tried to call his parents home, but he isn't there. His parents had gone worried and they had called him almost daily to get any news of their precious boy.


A certain first-year P.O.V

"Isn't that Sawamura-senpai, what's he's doing there?"

He knocked it off his mind as a common view, forgetting about a certain thing that he should remember.


Night come as the entire team filled in the dorm hall for dinner. All of them are chatting quietly about everything to get their mind of practice for a while. Suddenly the door swung opened and the coach step in.

"Everyone, the tryouts will be held in two days from now and I hope that all the members are ready mentally and physically and one last thing has any of you know anything about Sawamura whereabouts"

The members looked at each other trying to remember anything when they heard a gasp.

"What is it, Nishijima, something wrong"
"No, it's about Sawamura-senpai, I think I may have seen him somewhere…"

The whole team tensed up, mainly the regulars. They looked confused for a moment before every one of them went wide eyes. The coach looked stunt.

"Why didn't you tell us earlier?"

Miyuki asked him venomously.

"Well, I… I sort of forgotten about the thing"

All of them sighed after hearing the first year reason. After regaining his composure the coach quickly asked him the question that he had been longing to asked anyone.

"Where'd you seen him Nishijima"

He looked at them mournfully before saying something.

"Promise that you won't kill me first"

The team looked at him and they all agreed on the same thing.

"Okay, where is him?"

He looked down on his feet, and breathed in.

"He's at the hospital"

The team went silent for a moment before a chorused kind of scream flooded the entire hall.


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