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He wakes up with a heavy feeling on his chest. As he opens his eyes, he is greeted with a bush of brown hair. Somehow last night, Kazuya had managed to get onto the bed in his room when he certainly said that he wanted to sleep alone tonight. Looking at the night stand, he smiled. The culprit for this event stands right on the side table, a bottle of champagne that's half full. He feels a bit sore and tired but he couldn't help the feeling of being angry for a long time. He moves a bit, making Kazuya's head placed on his stomach instead of the chest. Slowly he kissed the brown locks, caressing it gently with his fingers. Looking back at the clock, it's eight in the morning. Lazily he slid of the bed leaving Kazuya alone to take a bath.

He wonders what he should make for breakfast today. After finishing the bath he dressed himself comfortably and walked into the kitchen. He begin rummaging the package inside the fridge, ever since both of them move in together, the contents inside the fridge somehow doubled.

Looking back at the past, he still remembers when Kazuya asked him to move in together after high school. During that time many difficulties arise and it took a lot of effort to overcome each one of them. He still remembers when Kazuya asked his hand in marriage, he's a bit shocked because in this country homosexual marriage isn't allowed. That man swears that he will marry him even if they had to do it outside the country. But due to Eijun's words and their status as collage students at the moment, they settled with an unofficial marriage instead. He remembers when they exchanged their vows in front of a few of their friends, it was embarrassing, not to mention that idiot senpai (Kuramochi Youichi) had laugh like a madman that day.

Remembering this entire thing makes him happy and a big smile curve its way on Eijun's lip. Suddenly he feels a hot breath on his neck.

"Morning honey, what's for breakfast?"

Eijun kissed him on the cheeks as he did on his forehead.

"Some fruit sandwich and chamomile tea"

As soon as he reaches for the teacup to pour down the tea, Kazuya hugged him from behind.

"How about I had you for breakfast, Eijun…"

He purred right beside Eijun's ear. Gently Eijun released himself and took something that he had been saving for a while out before smacking Kazuya's head with it. A glimpse of white could be seen before the ex-catcher yelled out his pain.

"OUCH, honey, what's that for"

He asked rather innocently before receiving another blow from what could be identified as slapstick in Eijun's possession.

"You had been naughty last night"

A thick tick mark appeared on Eijun's head.

"But you enjoy it too..."

He whines, trying to divert Eijun's attention.

"No, Kazuya, you had classes today and I had my part time job"

Eijun placed the plate and cup on the table and he sat down at one end while Kazuya sat on the other end sulking…

"But if you behave… I might let you have your way tonight"

He said to him, looking at Kazuya's reaction the condition seems fit somehow… After all that guy is like an old man if he should described it, perverted to the point of making him boiled in frustration. But he knew, as perverted as Miyuki Kazuya, he only done it in front of his love….

After finishing breakfast, Kazuya dressed up to go to classes while Eijun washing the dishes.

"See you in the evening, Love"

He said as he run down the staircase before pecking Eijun's on the cheek and gone out of the house. Eijun sighed, looking at the clock, it's nearly eight thirty already and he had to punch in before nine. Quickly he grabbed his things and gone to his workplace, a flower shop.


On the other hand, the other ex-Seidou's members all had excelled in their own path. Kuramochi Youichi had gone to university studying Economics, while Furuya Satoru and the Kominato siblings had their name on the game board for every league. The other seniors also had been successful in their life.

Meanwhile the juniors whom still in Seidou are doing great when Kaoru is nominated as captain, all of them are aiming for Koshien. The manager Yoshikawa Haruno had a very successful streak as she managed to control her clumsiness and became one of the top models in Japan.


Walking down the memories lane as he watches the children run about carrying soccer balls, baseball bats and others make him wonders if he does not do baseball in the first place would he met his lover or would he ended up with another person. The fresh fragrance of newly bloom flowers fill the surrounding of his work place. He had been managing the shop as a branch manager when his boss decided to open another store at a different continent.

"Excuse me can you wrap me a bouquet of carnations…"

The sound of the jingling bells of the shop brings back memories….


Miyuki Kazuya walked down the pavement leading him to the large building where he's studying. He had managed to get into a medical based university. Well at first he never dreams of being a medical student. But considering what had happened when he's in high school he made it clear to himself that he needs to do it. It is for his love one benefits, he doesn't want the same thing happened twice, he couldn't bear to face the situation for a second time, and much more he couldn't bear to lose Eijun.

He look upon the sky, the glistening color of azure blue painted the view. Well, he should be thinking about it after all, the date is coming near and he wouldn't want to miss it.


He wrapped down a bouquet of bright colored cosmos that he ordered separately for this occasion. After that he went downtown searching for a record that meant especially for his beloved. It is a special day and he doesn't want to spoil it. He walked and walked till the end, looking for a perfect present that will last forever….


In the end it just took a bouquet of flowers, an old records and a kiss for them to be happy…

And it takes only a warm hugs and meaningful words for them to end up in the bed together…


New story prelude….

The Songs- sound of water dripping from the tap making him feeling a bit sleepy. The harmonious sound making a rhythmic figure as Miyuki Kazuya stand up and grab a pen trying to write the notes down…

Back into the past, Maji de- well, the Vongola Decimo is appreciating his unexpected vacation, but he doesn't know that all of this will created a chain of event that he couldn't describe by words alone…