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"Bingo! We have a match," Jo exclaimed as she spun round in her chair to face Lindsay.

"We do?" Lindsay replied with a small sigh of relief.

"Yes - another bullet was found from the same gun about two years ago and apparently, back then, the gun was registered to a Jimmy Grace."

"Does it say where we can find him?"

Jo had a quick look through the notes. "According to this, he lives in Arizona."

"So he lives in Arizona, yet both times he's used his gun and got caught, it's been here in New York City?" Lindsay frowned.

"It seems that way. I'll make a phone call to the Arizona police department and see if they can give Mr Grace a little call and see if he knows anything about this shooting"

"Sounds good," Lindsay agreed

"While I do that, why don't you head down for your break?" Jo suggested.

"Are you sure?

"Of course and then by the time we're both done, hopefully the hotel will have sent across their CCTV to Adam and we can help him go through it."

"Hopefully," Lindsay replied

Jo smiled. "Right, meet you in the AV lab in 20 minutes?"

Lindsay nodded as she left the evidence room and made her way to the break room.

"But Daddy, I want a Mummy cuddle before I go to sleep," Lucy pouted as she lay in bed, clutching her stuffed brown teddy bear.

"I know, sweetheart, but Mummy's having to work late. Go to sleep now, though, like a good girl and I'll make sure to send her up to give you a kiss and a cuddle when she gets home."

"Promise?" Lucy asked as she pulled her arm out from under the duvet and held out her small pinky finger to her father.

"I promise," Danny replied honestly as they hooked their fingers together.

"Okay," Lucy smiled. "I'll go to sleep now... but only if I can get one more cuddle?"

Danny laughed. Even at the age of three and a half, Lucy had him well and truly wrapped around her finger - literally. He lent forward and cuddled his little girl close. "Is that better?"

Lucy nodded. "But Bear said that he would like a cuddle too."

"Would he now?"

Lucy nodded with a giggle. "He said Daddy cuddles are the best."

"Oh well, in that case I'm going to have to give him one, aren't I?" Danny picked up the stuffed bear and hugged him close to his chest before passing him back to Lucy. He leant over and kissed Lucy's forehead. "Now, time for sleep - and remember, me and Mummy love you lots."

"I love you lots and lots too, Daddy!" Lucy grinned before rolling over and closing her eyes. She held bear tightly in her arms.

Danny got up and made his way to the door. "Night night, sleep tight."

"And don't let the bed bugs bite!" Lucy's muffled reply came from her bed. It was a routine they had been doing since Lucy could talk.

Danny switched off the bedroom light and then pulled the door to before making his way down stairs.

Lindsay had just finished off her apple when her cell phone began to buzz in her pocket. Pulling it out, she accepted the call and held it to her ear. "Messer."

"Hey baby, it's me. Are you free to talk?" Danny's thick New York accent said from the other end of the phone.

"I've got about five minutes left of my break, so we can have a quick chat. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah... I just put Lucy to bed so I just thought I'd ring you to see how you were getting on?"

Hearing Danny say the name 'Lucy' made Lindsay think of the young Jane Doe she had managed to clear from her head earlier. She knew she must find Sid later on, to ask how the autopsy went and to see if they had managed to ID her yet.


"Sorry... mind drifted. I guess it's been a long day," she replied apologetically.

"Come home then. You've worked way past the end of your shift, Linds; you don't need to stay there."

"I know but Jo and I have made some progress. I just need to go over some stuff with Adam and then I should be home."

"Okay, well, don't be too long - I can hear that pizza calling my name."

Lindsay laughed. "How was Lucy?"

"She was fine. Missing her Mummy, though."

"I miss her too," Lindsay replied, "but I'll head back to work now and I'll be home soon."

"Okay," Danny replied. "I love you."

"I love you too, Danny," Lindsay said with a smile before ending the call. Standing up, she slid her phone back into her pocket and picked up her apple core. She carried it over to the bin and chucked it in before heading off to find Adam and Jo in the AV lab.

Mac sat in Sid's small office with the items that Sid had shown him an hour earlier still in front of him. There was a mobile phone that had no battery and a credit card that belong to a Mr. J. Collins - who obviously wasn't the girl on the table, so had she stolen it? Was that the reason why she was now dead - because she had taken something that didn't belong to her? Mac didn't believe that. The girl didn't look like the sort who would steal but after working in this line of business for so long, he knew that people could surprise you.

Looking up, he could see Sid performing the autopsy on the young girl. He could just make out her long blonde hair that was draped over the side of the metal slab. Mac was determined to find out who this young girl was and what she was doing here in the city and that determination came from the last item lying in front of him on the table. A folder full of old newspaper clippings about a killer whose name was all too familiar.