When Jess woke up she looked around her surroundings. She was still in the living room lying on the couch. Her eyes fluttered to adjust to the morning sunlight that peer through the windows. She made an attempt to move her body off the couch but it was hard to when Nick's arm was wrapped around her waist. They were both lying down with a pillow supporting their heads and their bodies so close. OH MY GOSH! Nick is spooning me. Should I tell him? No I'll get up slowly. Wait, then I'll wake him up. Jessica Day, move! The hand that was under her head slid down until she lifted up on her elbow. Nick's left arm was still gently wrapped over her waist. She traced her hand over the back of his arm until she took hold of his hand and removed it from around her body. He squirmed and little against her. Jess looked behind he to make sure that she hadn't awoke him. She took one big deep breath and swung one foot over the edge of the couch. As Jess was slowly getting up she really didn't get too far because Nick's arm hooked right back around her, pulling her in even closer to him. Her body stilled at his sleeping actions. Jess knew that he was sleeping but they were in such an uncompromising position that is became impossible to not think so hard about it. What is going on. His warm breath trickled over the skin. His face in the crook in her neck. The scruff on his face bushed against her cheek. His finger spread wide over her stomach.

Nick's hands were so warm. Soon her body relaxed into him, enjoying the comfort. This is awkward. But it's so early I don't want to like ruin the morning sleep. We stayed up all night watching the Golden Girls and later we had a few night snacks. I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay for about ten more minutes; I need a little shut eye too. Jess is this seriously a real excuse for me staying here? Please be realistic with yourself right now. You, you actually like it, but not like you want this- I mean because like we're friends so like- oh my did he just.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Nick hips pressed forward into her backside. She froze. Nick was right; sleeping Nick is a whole different person. Is he even sleep? Jess raised her hand and snapped right in his ear three times. He stirred but didn't open his eyes. Yup, Nick Miller is out for sure. This time she had to get up even if she woke him, it was about time she had to go. Both of her legs moved off the couch and she stood up immediately making his arms release her. Nick sat up quickly. He rubbed his eyes and yarned loudly. Jess stood there not sure weather she should tell him or ignore this situation. Her arms were folded in front of her.

" Jess, you okay?" He asked moving off the couch.

" Yeah. I need to go and get ready for work." she lied.

" But it's Sunday."

" I know. I meant like I want to pick out clothes with Cece for work."

Since when she so bad at lying that it is super obvious? " Jess seriously what's the problem? Did I do something, say something?"

" No Nick, it's not you I'm just really still thinking about last night with Jeremy..." Her words began to slow down and drift off.

" I understand. Well I'm about to head over to see Alice. I hope you work things out with Jeremy and tell Cece I said hi." Jess shook her head as he patted her arm and walked pass her. She didn't want to make things awkward. And she really needed to see Cece.

" Jess please tell me what's going on with you and Jeremy." Jess and Cece were sitting in the living on Cece's couch. She needed to see her friend and get any advice she could.

" Jeremy was being a jerk last night because he invited his boss and his boss's wife to dinner."

" I thought last night was dinner with just the two of you?"

" I thought that too." Her head hung low. This relationship will not succeed if both of them can't come together and be one.

" listen babe, if he can't let you be you and agree with you or even tell you the next move he is making it's not right. I say take a break from him, clear your mind, and when you're ready reconnect with him." Cece was right. She needed a break from Jeremy. He need to realize that his ways are causing them to drift apart. Pulling her purse up on top of her lap she reached inside and took out her phone. " I need to call him." Her thumb scrolled through her phone finding his name. She finally found it. Her thumb hovered over it hesitating a little. Jess pressed it and placed to her ear.

Nick made his way over to Alice house. On the way over there he dropped by a pizza place and picked up a Hawaiian pizza, Alice's favorite. Personally he did not like it but it was for her so anything really. Alice buzzed him in from the first floor. She lived in a nice condo with with her two dogs. Nick made it to the door with the pizza and a liter of Orange pop. " Hey Nick." Alice greeting him taking the pizza. She sat it on the kitchen counter. " you ready to get things started?" Alice asked in a cheery voice. " yeah, let me pour out a glass of pop, and you can get the pizza out for us." After the two finished with getting everything prepared they sat down on the couch enjoying the meal.

" I love this pizza! Where did you get this one from?" Alice mouth closed over the pizza chewing and smacking away. " Pete's Pizza on Margret Drive."

" then I think you should take me there every time I'm craving pizza?"

" sure, sure." He took another bit into the pizza. Alice had about five pieces. Nick only had two. It was one of those nights where they sat on the couch talking to each other and spending time since it was both their night off work.

"aye Alice, I wanted to say sorry for the way I've been acting. I haven't been spending and making a lot of time for you but I really want to be serious."

" Nick that is so sweet of you." Alice put down her plate of pizza and took hold of Nick's hand. He turned it so that they could intertwine their fingers.

" Alice I wanna be committed to this."

" Then mean what you say because I'm serious too. it's just- it's that-..." Alice mumbled words lowering her head not looking at his face anymore. Now Nick was concerned. He ducked him head low to meet her eyes again. " what Alice?" She lifted up again straightening out her back. " it's the fact that you spend so much time with Jess."

" Jess is my roommate, my friend. Alice, don't. I know you don't like Jess for whatever reason, but it's not fair to me or her. Are you asking me not to spend time with her because she is a very good friend of mine?" Nick was beginning to feel upset now. What else did she want. " Nick, all I'm asking is that you spend more time with me and not her!" She started raising her voice. This is unbelievable. I come over here to apologize for not making time for her and when I'm doing it she turns it into an argument.

He moved in closer to her wrapping an arm around her , pulling her into his side. She rested her head on his shoulder as he brought his down resting it on top of hers. " what I can promise you is that I will spend more time with you, but Jess is my friend Alice. Just like Winston and Schmidt. I can't just stop talking to her. Alice I don't know what you want me to do but she is my friend." Alice lifted her head from his shoulder, pushing him away. She shook his arm from around her and stood up. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her face was heated. What did he say this time. " Nick let's be honest here for a second. How much do you like her?" His face froze. What? He was too dumbfounded by this question that answering it right away was not in any shape or form going to happen. " Nick, answer me! How much do you like her?" Alice nostrils were flaring so hard. Her temper once again rising. This was not the night to do all this.

" Alice I don't know what you're talking about!" Then he started to raise his voice. He got up from the couch moving his body towards her.

" Nick, you don't have to fucking lie all the time. I know you. The first time I met you you were behind the bar and guess who you were talking to laughing and giggling with? Jess. I walked up to you for a drink and it took you at least 2 minutes to realize who I was talking to. You had a different look in your eyes that when you turned to me it I didn't see that look anymore. You were late for our dinner and wasted my time because you were 'helping' Jess clean up. You were in a rush to go back home when we were at the art show. You went to a carnival with her. And to let you know, I know you two were alone one time thanks to Winston who said that Jess had a little surprise and Nick was the alone one who wanted to stay." She was furious and out of breath. Tears began to stream down her face because everything she said felt like it came from months of built up anger. Nick stood there. Hands in pocket, eyes to the floor.

So this is what it has come to. The reason she didn't like Jess is because she knew something maybe going on

but it wasn't. They are just good friends and she was letting jealousy get to her.

" Please leave." She said avoiding his still confused stared. " Get out Nick."

" What; you're breaking up with me?"

" no, I need at least a few days away from you but for now you have to go." Nick nodded his head. He grabbed his keys from him pocket and headed for the door. His feet shuffled against the hard wooden floors. He took smaller, longer, slower steps to the door. Alice was tapping her finger on the side of her leg. He unlocked the door and twisted the knob.

"Alice- "

" Nick leave." Alice's voice got shaky trying to hide her emotion. He opened the door all the way and slammed the door behind him.

He got in his car and put the key In the ignition but didn't turn it. He sat there. Thinking, asking himself question. Now it does make sense why Alice doesn't like Jess. it's because I do. I can't keep lying to myself or Alice. I don't feel some way about Jess but she is with someone else and I can't keep doing this. I- I don't know. I don't what im saying or what I doing anymore. I pray I understand soon. He turned the key starting up the car. He had to do something. But what?