Davy came aaa roses field and saw Scarecrow Peter, singing to the birds. Peter walked up to him. "Excuse me but did I hear you you signing?"

Peter turned around, hai shirt stuffed with straw and matching his strawberry blond hair. "Possibly?"

"I've never hear of a scarecrow singing to birds. I've heard of them scaring birds away "

"Is much prefer to sing to than scare birds away," Peter replied.

"Don't they bother you?"

"Not if I sing, then they turn into an easy crowd," Peter smiled.

"Right I see... Do you want to cod with me to se the Wizard for oz?"

"Sure, I just help me out by getting that nail on my behind, there."

Davy got the nail out and Peter got down, rubbing his behind. "Thanks that was a pain in the arse. Haha get it?" They started walking down the path until they came to a jungle. They heard a drum sound before Micky kings out, a lion mane around his face , matching his curly hair. Peter jumps back and Davy yawns. "Did scare you? How about now?" Micky plays an off beat rhythm on his drums.

Davy and Peter cover their ears. "Make it stop!" Peter cries.

"We're going to see the Wizard of oz, want to come along?" Davy asks.

"Ooh can I can I?!" Micky jumps around.

"As long as you don't play that beat again or we're dripping you back in the jungle!" Peter promised.

"Oaky groovy!" Micky smiles with a cool expression. But looks back fearfully. "I don't ever want to hear a jungle beat again, man!"

They skipped along the path , linking arms, until they came across a cave. They saw a tin figure standing there. "What is that?" Micky asked.

"I think it's a soda vender," Peter answered. "Which is good because I'm thirsty!" He walked up to try to put his change in it.

"It's not working!"

"Let me try!" Micky banged on it.

"Guys I don't think it's a soda vending machine," Davy spoke up.

"Cut that out will you! I don't want your change and I don't have any soda for you !" Mike the tin figure grumbled, turning around a little. "I'm the tin man!"

"What are you doing here looking like a vending machine?" Davy asked.

"I'm stuck after I rusted in the rain. Could you help a fella out by fetching me that oil can to oil me with?"

Davy took the oil can poured it over Mike. "Thanks, how can I repay you?" Mike stretched and walked over to them.

"Come with us to see the wizard of oz."

"Sure," Mike linked his arm with theirs and swung it around. "I could use some exercise."