Roxy Goth here, thank you for the positive reviews for 'Donatello's death.' Feel free to check out my other stories.

Anyway I pulled this together while I was bored in a lesson at college, enjoy.

Bored, bored, I have nothing to do.

My darling brothers have decided to 'take charge of my health' by confiscating my laptop. They've banned me from my lab and are taking charge of all the appliances that need fixing. Yeah, like that's going to work.

So I am now currently in my lab reading a book. I've read it before. 5 times in fact, I can practically quote every bloody word.

10, 11, 12 o clock. Leo's fixing the toaster. I would have had it fixed by now. Raph's helping him. I'm surprised the lair hasn't blown up. I mean if it wasn't Leo getting a wire wrong, it'd be him and Raph arguing. Although it's been quiet.

I'm in the dojo. I find that ironic. If Raph and Leo needed, 'chill out' the last place on earth you'd put them is the dojo, within 20 seconds, Raph would be attacking the punching bag, and Leo would be meditating.

I can hear Mikey. He's annoyed because he's lost to one of his video games. What I'd give to be playing with him, I don't even like video games, but it'd give me something to do.

The reason I'm bored? I collapsed during training. Master Splinter nearly had a heart attack. It wasn't my fault; I missed my morning coffee. The reason for that being because Raph and Mikey were fighting and accidently smashed into it.

I don't think I've ever raised my voice that loud before.

So anyway, Master Splinter put me on time out. Leo, Raph and Mikey have confiscated everything that keeps me occupied. At this rate I might actually have to do some training. Master Splinter would think he was hallucinating, the only time I go in the dojo is group training and, if they're in the dojo, to talk to one of my brothers.

I'd go to Leatherhead, but there's no way Raph would let me out the door.

1:00, I bang my head aginst the wall, the pain takes my mind of the boredom.

The door opens, Mikey comes in. "Don-a-tel-lo! Whoa! Dude? You alright?"

I stop. "Board."

"What a bummer, dude. Well tell you what, why don't you play a game with me?

I considered. "What sort of game?"

"Well, I was thinking a video game, but I could attempt chess again, if it suits you."

God, no. "I thought I was on time-out."

"It's been 3 hours. Why were you banging your head against the wall? You know, you didn't have to come in here, right?"

"With everything else confiscated, reading was the only thing I thought to do."

"Well, how about a little family interaction? I can grab Leo and Raph; we can play chess, although I don't know if it'll work in a four way. How a video game championship? You verse the winner and Leo verses the loser? Me and Raph will start."

I deliberated, that sounded tempting. Seeing Raph lose his temper as Mikey beats him, and then Leo and Raph facing of – I couldn't miss that.

And at least I wouldn't be bored.