Rated M: for… language and pure smut. Plot? What plot?

Slightly non-consensual moments, but generally consensual over all (Not rape!). I'm not sure if this is a one-shot or if I will add chapters. I guess that's up to you to advise, so please let me know.

After high school Kyle was working to earn money for college at a local grocery store, his parents told him he needed to learn responsibility so they would not help him pay for school. Unfortunately Kyle's parents also made too much money for him to get any financial aid, so he was working and applying for scholarships until he had enough to start. He would probably have to work his way through college too.

It was a typical day at the grocery, mopping up spilt milk and pushing carts out of the parking lot fucking lazy shoppers. Kenny's brother Kevin had just been fired for stealing cigarettes and sodas from work, so Kyle was the only 'courtesy clerk' left, all the crippled old ladies and fat people got to stay at the registers because they couldn't be bothered to do any real work.

"New trainee tomorrow, mind showing him around?" Kyle's boss asked, when he traipsed into the employee lounge at the end of his shift.

"Fabulous." Kyle replied in a dull sarcastic manner. He just wanted to get out of here so he could go to Stan's house and play video games until he passed out. Stan was lucky, he'd gotten a football scholarship. Maybe I should have been more into sports Kyle thought.

Stan's dirty old pick-up truck rolled into the parking lot to pick him up. No, Kyle's parents had not helped him get any type of automobile either. "Hey, how was work? Nice outfit, you're gonna charm the pants off everyone." His friend grinned out the driver's window.

"Fuck you." Kyle grumbled, climbing into the metal beast.

Craig had not planned on going to college; he didn't see the point. How many people had earned college degrees to just end up working minimum wage anyways? He wasn't willing to get his hopes up. So here he was, putting on the stupid uniform for his new job. Black slacks, obnoxious too-big red polo and a cheap little plastic name tag. He'd changed his last name to read 'Fucker' with a sharpie. At least he was warning the customers that he was a real fucker and not to mess with him.

He braved the long walk to work, puffing on a cigarette. When he arrived he was greeted with a dismal sight, his trainer was fucking Marsh's day walker friend. They both huffed in frustration upon seeing one another. The boss glanced at Craig's name tag and sighed.

"Alright bitch, show me how to skillfully make thirteen cents a minute." Craig smirked at his trainer.

Kyle laughed, "Don't try to make it sound glamorous or anything." Craig followed Kyle to the parking lot where he showed him how to hook carts together for retrieval. "Since you're new, this is your job any day you're here." Craig frowned.

"Why don't you fucking do it?" He growled through his teeth.

"Because you have to do what I say, I make two cents a minute more than you." He grinned in Craig's direction.

They ran around the lot doing all the menial work, not that it was hard at all, Craig found stocking shelves to be kind of zen. While Kyle was dutifully showing him how to take inventory in the freezer Craig realized he was going to be insanely bored every day, and stuck with this fucking perfectionist book worm. How to make work a point of amusement 101. He quietly snuck up behind the redhead and grabbed one of his ass cheeks with his hand and gave it a quick hard squeeze.

"What the fuck?!" Kyle yelled, turning too fast and knocking over several items in the freezer room.

"Nice ass." Craig said in his rather boring voice.

"Fuck you." Kyle leaned over to pick up the items he had knocked over. Craig sprung his hips towards that ass, god he was just asking for it bending over like that! Kyle squeaked in shock and stood up, hitting his head on the shelf. "What's your goddamn problem?" He shouted at Craig, a severe blush on his face.

"I'm horny." Craig answered shrugging.

"Then jerk off in the bathroom on your break." Kyle mumbled, shuffling out of the freezer as quickly as possible while keeping his backside faced away from Craig.

"You wanna watch?" Craig grinned.

Kyle had trouble concentrating all day, Stupid jerk! He also couldn't remove the blush from his face, it felt like he was on fire. Craig noticed his predicament and kept shooting evil glances in his direction. His mind had also started to wander which didn't help the blush, not that it was intentional. He kind of looks like Stan, like a pale thug Stan, kind of hot… NO… Fuck! Craig was NOT Stan, he was a total asshole from school he thought he'd never have to deal with again. But he did have a pretty nice body… NO!

Thank the powers that be that Craig couldn't hear Kyle's inner monologue, but he could see the physical turmoil on Kyle's face. Oh yeah, he's totally DTF, he's just a prude. That can and will be rectified. Craig mused in his head.

The next morning went by in a blur, Kyle was over the bullshit from the previous day and back to his normal routine, along with avoiding Craig. Craig was just waiting for an opportunity, and was overjoyed to see Kyle walk into the bathroom at lunch time. Time to play.

Kyle slowly pushed a stall door open, he liked to pee in private, fuck urinals to hell (especially with Craig lurking around the corner just waiting to take a peek. Before he could close the door behind him a pressure stopped the door from closing. Craig pushed violently into Kyle's stall and locked the door.

"Get the fuck out!" Kyle yelled.

"Sorry, did I interrupt your shit?" Craig chuckled.

"I wasn't …" Craig cut him off by pushing him up against the stall wall. He pressed his lips harshly against Kyle's to the point their teeth clashed together painfully. He aligned his body right up against the other's so their cocks were only separated by their polyester work pants. Kyle tried to push Craig away at first, "Get off me you pervert!" but slowly started to relax when Craig rolled his hips and bit Kyle's freckly neck gently, god he smelled so clean. Craig was pleased when the boy he towered over began responding with small harsh breathing sounds and a noticeable boner.

"I'll get off." Craig moaned, rolling his hips suggestively again.

Kyle turned his head to the side in embarrassment, but he didn't protest or push him away this time. Craig took this submission as a go-ahead and reached between them to quickly unbutton both of their slacks. He pressed their partially naked groins together, grabbing onto both of their organs with one large hand. Kyle remained silent save for his shallow breathing. Craig began to kiss and nip at the other boy's neck again, since Kyle still had his face turned away. He pumped them both in a dizzying rhythm.

It was faster and harder than Kyle's masturbation sessions and he could feel himself getting too close too quickly. After only an embarrassing five minutes of Craig's movements Kyle was spilling over Craig's hand and cock. Craig released his hold on Kyle and tugged at himself quickly. Kyle couldn't help but glance down at the scene, he watched Craig finish, he enjoyed watching it, he also felt a little disgusted with himself for thinking about Stan the whole time.

Kyle was a mess all afternoon at work again. When Stan came to pick him up that night he had difficulty looking his friend in the eye. He couldn't and wouldn't tell him about what happened at work, especially that he had thought of his best friend while doing it. He could only hope Craig would keep quiet.

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