Chapter 12: Ending

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It had been a week since Kyle had taken Craig to the diner and they were still on good terms. It had been nearly a month since they started 'dating' and they weren't sick of each other. Kyle started to see things in his boyfriend he'd never seen before, things he liked. Like the way he was always franticly cleaning his room when Kyle was coming over, or how he was obsessed with videotaping things, or how he was always seeking Kyle's approval of everything he did.

They were lounging on Clyde's couch, legs just barely touching. Clyde was sitting there too so they kept their hands to themselves for now. Clyde was watching some award show and cheering as if it mattered. Craig kept shooting wanton and seductive looks at Kyle, who would chuckle at the expressions, and Craig kept nodding his head toward the bedroom; Kyle shook his head amusedly.

"You guys wanna order some food? I'm famished!" Clyde said exasperatedly.

"Broke." Craig mumbled.

"Chinese?" Kyle suggested over Craig's annoyed voice, "I never get to eat it because it's not kosher and Stan hates it."

"Sounds edible." Clyde stood up and snatched an add out from under one of the kitchen magnets.

"Orange chicken if they have it." Kyle added, even though Clyde didn't ask.

Clyde started talking to the man on the phone in a poor Asian accept making Craig and Kyle both chuckle. "Can we get some shitty orange chicken, some shitty Beef, and a large order of shitty fried rice?... Thank you."

When the food arrived Kyle reveled in the smell of the forbidden food and sitting next to Craig the smell was combined with his very favorite one….

Clyde went to the bathroom and Kyle took the opportunity to blurt out, "You know I love you too right?" It sounded totally lame and Kyle silenced himself with some rice.

"You're such a fag." Craig mumbled.

"So are you!" They both laughed, but Kyle noted that Craig looked happy despite the un-witty come-back.

"Well… stop it. Aren't you going off to college or some shit?" Craig looked sad at the thought but Kyle was quick to ease his worry.

"Online, I can work more that way and not be in debt. I'm not going anywhere." Kyle said smoothly.

Craig's expression perked up but he tried to hide it. "When we're done eating Chinese food can I eat you?"

"What are you, a zombie?"

"Braaaaaains." Craig playfully lunged at Kyle.

"Get a room." Clyde sighed as he arrived back in the living room.

Eventually they did get a room, Craig's room. "No games tonight." Craig said immediately.

"huh? Aw, but I wanted to play twister." Kyle joked.

Craig smiled but stayed serious, "Just regular boring run-of-the-mill sex."

"If you insist." Kyle shrugged.

"I insist." Craig sat gently on the edge of his bed, he didn't attempt to throw Kyle around or tear his clothes off violently he just sat there and looked up at Kyle expectantly.

Kyle sighed, it wasn't like he was any kind of expert, and he never initiated sex, not really. Craig was staring hardcore so Kyle jokingly attempted to undress himself sexily. Craig started humming some old porno tune and grinning wickedly at Kyle. Once Kyle had all but his pants removed he glared at Craig, "This isn't fair." He said giving Craig a suggestive once-over. Craig smiled genuinely and stood up to start removing his own clothes and helping Kyle with the rest of his. He was being uncharacteristically gentle and Kyle wasn't quite sure if he liked that.

Kyle crawled up onto Craig's bed himself for once and Craig followed him, slowly climbing over Kyle to land a lax kiss against his mouth. Kyle grabbed the back of Craig's head and deepened the kiss with his usual fervor and Craig laughed softly against his mouth.

"Kiss me like you mean it, you fucker." Kyle nuzzled his face into Craig's neck and smelled him deeply, so good.

Craig's touches remained gentle throughout although Kyle would be a little rough from time to time, craving the passion of a violent tryst. Kyle was starting to get frustrated as Craig kept teasing him and pulling away, just being so un-Craig-like so he grabbed the other man and threw him down onto the bed. "You're trying my patience." Kyle growled.

"Then fuck me." Craig spat back, smiling up at the other boy. Ah, so that's what he wanted, for Kyle to be the aggressor for once.

Kyle swallowed a lump in his throat, Craig wanted to take Kyle's other virginity, and Kyle wondered if Craig had ever done this before… he probably had, he didn't look nervous at all as he positioned himself on his hands and knees. Craig knew Kyle didn't know what he was doing so he seductively prepped himself, it had been years since he'd done this, back when he used to sleep with older men and they always wanted to be on top. Kyle was transfixed on Craig as he stretched himself, it was strangely arousing but he was also worried.

Craig finally gestured for Kyle to move closer to him and the two melded together like a nail being slammed into a wall by a hammer. Craig cringed, Kyle was too eager but he'd kind of expected it and wriggled his hips to quicken getting used to the feeling. Kyle started panting when Craig had moved his hips and it made Craig smile in victory. Kyle was too overwhelmed to move but Craig quickly took care of that by moving himself forward and slamming back down on Kyle's dick, he could certainly fuck himself on that cock if Kyle couldn't bring himself to move, but the single thrust had motivated him to start ramming into Craig with a new-found frenzy.

Kyle was in awe as they finished and pulled their sweaty skin away from each other to catch their breath against the once-clean sheets of Craig's bed. "That was awesome." Kyle said, breathing so hard he could barely talk.

"It was alright." Craig grinned evilly at Kyle, that smile he used to hate but was growing to love.

"I love you." Kyle said for the second time that day, turning his sweaty face toward his boyfriend.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love you too." Craig rolled his eyes.

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