Peace and cake are lies! Chapter Four

Raru stares in disbelief, "What? How? Why?"

"Tut tut, so many questions..." the Dark Jedi lookalike of Raru chides "The Senate deemed Elias to much of a risk to keep around, so when he was taken as a hostage they did not send anyone to help." The yellow eyes flash for a moment "Then the Jedi back them up, forbidding you from helping him." She smiles malignantly. "Your desire to help your friends drove you down the path to the Dark Side! Once you gave into the Darkness, look at the wonders that happened. The Senate and the Jedi can't disagree on anything."

"I am not like you at all. I won't become you ever or at all." Raru denies.

"That might have worked on the other two illusions, but that won't effect me. know why?" she taunts "Because I AM you! You can deny me all you want, but that changes nothing you know the darkness in your heart. I will always exist."

"No" a third voice answers. "Her denial might not work, but her friends can provide proof that she is not like you at all"

"You lie! There is no way to effect me! I am a part of her"

"Then allow me to escort you out" Raru focuses her energy inwards focusing on purging the darkness out. her first attempt fails

"See? You are too weak to flush me out! The Dark Side will always be a part of you."

The third voice speaks from seemingly nowhere, Elias walks out from the wall in a ghost form "She might be weak but I am not. Remember Raru I can help you." he pauses to think for a moment. "This will sound like madness but it is the only way to be rid of this chain. You will need to use a Dark Side method to remove her."

Raru looks at him like he is mad. "How could that possibly work?"

"Look at me I am at peace, You can achieve peace using this method. Repeat after me, 'Peace is a lie there is only passion'." Elias suggests.

"I am a Jedi not a Sith." Raru raises an eyebrow.

"There is no light or dark side. There is only the Force" Elias counters. "The terms Light Side and Dark Side are applied depending on how you use the Force. Once your chains are broken you can choose to stay and only use the light side. I am not trying to make you into a Sith here." Elias mentions.

Raru closes her eye and focuses. She sees in her mind a dark chain wrapped around her. She focuses all of her force energy available on breaking that chain. After about thirty second of focusing the chain starts to crack in places. Soon the whole chain shatters. She slowly slides her eyes open. "You know you really need to learn to follow instructions." Elias mutters "Well I am out of time for now, I did my part." This ghostly form of Elias vanishes.

"Well time to face the Sekkari." She muses as she walks into the next room the sight of it is breath taking. Huge crystal radiating the Force are imbedded into the walls casting an eerie glow around the cavern.

"Who are you?" a plastic voice questions her. "Why have you come to the Sanctuary of the Sekkari."

"To bring you peace," She feels a nudge from the force, turns to her left and walks into the next room. A schematic pops up from a hologram projector. Wait are those the force centers that Marec detected?

"Indeed they are." The Sekkari behind her informs. "We can communicate through the force and thoughts but there is also the option of talking aloud."

"I see. So each of these spots are like this one?"

"Yes. We managed to get enough of the people into the Seed carriers. But some were consumed by the Darkness and became those monsters you fought earlier." The being pauses "Our leader was consumed as well so even though we managed to get to the carries none of them could be launched. Since I am only the hologram of a Sekkari, I can't launch these pods. So I ask of you, Jedi Apprentice Raru Kymari, launch our fleet to the stars and free us. Give us peace."

"Very well where are the controls for ignition?" Raru asks.

"It was worth a shot…" the Sekkari hologram looks t the floor downcast before snapping its head up "Wait. You are actually willing to help us?"

"Of course! I am a Jedi, it is my job to help you ." Raru assures. "Now point me to the ignition controls"

"Thank you Jedi." The Sekkari bows and walks towards an ancient control panel. "This button is for launching the shuttles."

Raru primes the engines and opens the silos and press the ignition button launching the Sekkari seed pods to the stars never to be seen again for centuries.

Instantly the restless dead collapse their souls released from the evil that held them in existence. Raru walks out of the chamber only to see the Icarus right there, Huh it seems the test caverns were only an illusion...

"Good to see you again in the land of the living, Raru!" Elias jokes. He flips in the air above his hands his Lightsaber. He smirks as she collapse from the strain that cave put on her. "Time to fly out of here, eh?"

"Yes indeed." She confirms before slumping over and falling asleep in her chair. The ship takes off and flies into the void of space toward the nearest hyperspace route. Upon reaching the route, the ship enter hyperspace. Elias studies the elaborately wrap handle of the Lightsaber. He recalls the difficulty in wrapping the ribbon of cloth around the handle. Even with the force it took me AGES to finally get it down.

(A/n: Warning: Flashback approaching!)


"No you need to wrap it like so." the instructor informs the class. "Remember the tighter you make the knots and the closer to the centre the knots are, the more defined the diamonds will look on the final product.

Elias focuses on trying to make the knots as tight and neat as possible And then prompty messes up "oh great."

End flashback

Elias laughs mentally in memory of his younger self trying to wrap the hilt of his lightsaber's hilt like the Katana used by the army of his planet. He he he good old days. Before my idiot brother ran off, joined the Jedi and got himself killed. Elias walks off to find a pack of rations. Having found one and prepared the food he mows down on it and eats like he hasn't seen food in ages. He walks back to his seat and joins Raru and Marec in a nap.

"We are approaching Coruscant, Raru." Fyra wakes the apprentice from her nap.

"Thanks for the heads up Fyra." she sits up an rubs her eyes a bit.

Marec stretches his arm wide and yawns "Man we really could use some sleeping quarters on this beauty."

"Well I couldn't afford the extensions to allow for sleeping quarters..." Fyra rubs her eyes and yawns a bit.

"Fyra take a nap why don't you? the rest of us slept for a bit now it is your turn" Elias also walks up hearing the exchange. The craft lands on a landing pad not far from the Jedi Temple. A small speeder flies by and picks the four up and takes them to the Entrance of the Temple. Fyra looks absolutely exhausted. Marec holds himself upright despite any exhaustion he might have.

A golden protocol droid greets the group "Hello! I am C-3PO human cyborg relations. How may I be of service?"

"Well you can show the pilot there to her quarters she has missed a lot of sleep due to her being the pilot on our mission." Raru recommends before walking into the elevator practically dragging Elias after her.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!" he asks having been released from her iron grip.

"Reporting time." She casually replies. Walking into the High Council, they notice all the Jedi masters are assembled in the room at once, a rarity for this time of war.

"Welcome Jedi Apprentice Raru and Elias. I offer you congratulations on the success of your mission to Sekkari." Mace Windu congratulates the Apprentice.

"Offer you the title Jedi knight, this council does. Accept it do you?" Yoda question.

"Yes I accept the rank of Jedi knight."she holds her back up straight.

"And what to say have you, Sith Lord, hmm?" Yoda turns to the other new person.

"Nah I am not changing my stance." He turns down the offer.

"Pshaw he'll be Jedi before he knows it!" Raru guesses.

"I would not be so quick to change." Elias counters.

"Regardless, you realize you have to lead an army of clones now?" Obi-wan questions

"Actually I have an idea, give us a squad of like two to four clones." Elias strategizes. "Allow us to fill the ranks of our squad with non-clones. This way we get a broader range of skills and abilities outside of what the clones are taught. I don't want to just be on the frontlines, that and the Icarus is crowded enough."

"We could refurbish it and expand it to allow for more. How much bigger are you expecting ?"

"Big enough to hold ten to twenty people." Elias explains "That way if our group expands we will have plenty of space."

"Very well you are both dismissed. And Elias, stay out of trouble."

"Yes sir" Elias mock salutes and walks over to the elevator. Seeing the protocol droid still standing there Elias calls out "Yo bright gold and shiny! Where are the sleeping quarters?"

"Oh right this way sir!" C-3PO directs him to his quarters unchanged from when he left.

"Thank you." Elias closes the door and lies down on his sleeping mat and falls asleep. In his dream his envisions a galaxy completely at war. The Jedi temple reduced to rubble Raru dead he feels in the force. The force takes him back a bit in time a legion of clones march up steps to an unknown place. It could be the Jedi temple, it could be the Senate. Until it actually happens he won't know.

A young man holding a green Lightsaber and wearing dark robes fights a menacing figure with nothing more than a mask. The dark side cascades off this figure, though this cascade is nothing compared to the other presence of the dark side in that room. The Emperor no doubt. Though the face is hidden by the cowl covering the Sith's face with shadows. The figure draws back his hood to reveal a face well-known to the Republic.

His eyes snap open with the knowledge that a well-respected member of society might be the Emperor. Elias rises from his mat and looks out the window. The Jedi won't believe me, they'll interpret it as an attempt to get him killed. The city bustles with activity despite how early in the day it is. He turns and picks up his weapon and readies himself for the day.

He almost walks into Raru walking out into the hallway "Sorry." He apologizes.

"Its nothing," Raru accepts his apology, "Anyways it is time to inspect the soldiers the Republic has gathered for us."

To be continued...

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