So here's a little random one shot that popped into my head. Its sorta-kinda based off a fic I saw were Father Winter, Jack's dad, grounded Jack for something. I don't remember the name of the fic, but kudos to you Mister/Misses author person. No, I'm not giving up on my other story, I just try to write and get all sad when the number of reviews stays at 6 for weeks, I get all sad and just read angsty stuff, so yeah. Enjoy!

The guardians were sitting in the lounge of the north pole for there yearly meeting. It had been 5 years since Pitch's defeat, but they still had the meetings, even if only to chat about (or argue about in North and Bunny's case) their work. While the rest were chatting away, Jack just sat in his usual spot (farthest from the fire), looking distantly, as if pondering something he did, and not sure about whether or not it was a good idea.


With every word Jack's eyes widened in fear There was a big burst of flame as jack whispered


The guardians were too in shock to do anything as they watched a girl with flame-red shoulder length hair and a death glare in her forest green eyes directed quite of obviously at a very frightened Jack.

"DO YOU EVEN REALIZE WHAT YOU DID!? MOM IS SO GONNA KILL YOU!" said the thoroughly pissed red head.

"It's not that bad." Jack said nervously.

"Not that bad? NOT. THAT. BAD! Its not even winter yet there!" she exclaimed. Jack hung his head.

"Its October. That's almost winter." Jack said pleadingly.

The red-headed girl sighed as she tried to calm herself down. After a few seconds she spoke through gritted teeth, her index finger and thumb pinching the bridge of her nose.


She sighed.

"Well come on. Mom sent me to get you after all, not yell at you. That's what she's gonna do when we get home."

Jack sighed and mumbled something as the girl grabbed his wrist, and with a burst of flame, they were gone.

The guardians just stared at the spot the pair had stood, to shocked to do anything. Finally Bunny broke the silence.

"Who the hell was that?"

"I do not know Bunny. But she does not seem like threat. Seems more like big sister, da?" North said

"Wha- Big sist-" Bunny stuttered. "She bloody kidnapped 'im!"

"I think North is right Bunny. She was talking more like a big sister scolding a little brother than an enemy. And he obvioiusly knows her." Said Tooth.

Before anyone else could say anything, a burst of flame appeared as it had before, with the strange girl appearing. Without Jack.

"Mom said you guys probably want to know what all that was about, since Jack never tells anyone anything unless he has to. So, if you have any questions, shoot."

At first nobody could speak, but the four eldest guardians quickly recovered. North spoke first.

"As you say, we would like to know what that was all about."

"Includin who you are shiela, if ya don't mind" Bunny said.

The girl just smirked.

"Well, North's question will make more sense if I answer Bunny's question first. I'm Maria Blaze, seasonal of summer and Jack's older sister."

"Told you" North whispered to Bunny. He just rolled his eyes.

"Our mom is Mother Nature. We have two older siblings, Jenny, the spring seasonal, and Adam, the fall seasonal and our oldest sibling. Jack started a blizzard, in Israel of all places, and I was sent to get him. Usually Adam gets him, since he can, more or less, stand the frozen places Jack likes to hang out in. But since Adam and Jenny are spreading the seasons in the Northern and southern hemi-spheres, respectively, I had to go find him, Not exactly the funnest thing in the world for a summer spirit."

"Find him for what? Is he okay?" Tooth inquired.

Maria rolled her eyes. "I think he'll be fine. He just grounded."

The guardians eyes widened a little.

"How can you get the boy to stay in one place to even be grounded?" North said. The others were wondering that themselves, as they all knew Jack was not one to stay in one place for very long. Maria just smiled at there reactions.

"I cannot. Mother, however, can. She's pretty much the only on he listens to. He'll be stuck in his room an Mothers Palace for at least a week." she said.

"What do ya mean at least a week?" said Bunny. Maria smirked.

"You know, I think Jack's wrong. You can't be a Kangaroo, they're much smarter than Bunny's, and that question doesn't exactly promote intellect."

"Yep. They're related." Bunny grumbled.

"If he hasn't stashed enough stuff in his room to keep him occupied, he'll end up getting in trouble in some insane way and being grounded longer. But he'll probably stop being grounded around November 17th, that's pretty much the longest Mom can let Adam extend autumn. Well, I should probably go help Adam deal with the blizzard. See ya."

After that day, the guardians finally understood why Jack would suddenly 'disappear' after strange occurrences in weather. And honestly, they were all very glad for the break.

Hope you enjoyed! Reviews are extremely appreciated