So I decided to make this a home to the random one-shot plot bunnies in my head. I'm really excited for this one because it is the first single chapter I've ever written thats over 1,00 words, so yay! Enjoy!

North, Bunny, Tooth, and Sandy were all sitting in North's lounge chatting about their work peacefully. Jack hadn't shown up for their monthly meeting, so they just figured he was grounded. Everything was calm and fine, until an unfamiliar wind swept through the window. Although the guardians were used to the icy northern winds carrying their newest member, Jack Frost, they were greeted by someone else, a boy who rode the western wind. The boy was similar to Jack in build, but several inches taller, and he had orange-brown hair and eyes that looked like a leaf in Autumn. But that wasn't the strangest thing about the scene. The strangest thing would be the frantic look in the boys eyes.

"Hi I'm Adam, Jacks older brother you haven't happened to have seen him in the past couple of hours, have you?" He said hurriedly, a slight desperation in his voice.

The more or less shell-shocked guardians shook there heads, causing Adam to curse silently under his breath.

"Why? Is something wrong with Jack?" asked Tooth.

"No, he's fine. That's not the problem." He said, then turned around and flew out the window. But before he jumped off the window sill, he gave them 5 words of warning they would not do well to forget.

"Never. Ever. Give Jack sugar."

A few months later

Jack was sitting in his usual no-where-close-to-the-fire-spot in North's office as he watched the large man work on his latest toy design. He gazed longingly at a near empty plate of cookies by the fire.

"North, why do you always keep them over there?" Jack asked.

North followed his gaze then smiled.

"I think you can get up off your behind to grab cookie, Jack."

Jack huffed.

"I would, 'cept you always keep them too close to the fire."

North nodded in realization, then grabbed the last cookie and handed it to Jack.

"Elves are very bothersome, but they make very good cookies, da?" North said as Jack devoured the cookie hungrily. Jacks eyes lit up as he finished the cookie.

"OhmygoshNorththatwasthebestthingeverwhydoesnooneeverletehaveanythisissogoodoohIjustgothtisgreatideatoplaywiththeelvesseeyabye" Jack said in a rush as he flew out the door (for those of you who couldn't understand that I will provide translation and will continue to do so in bold whenever Jack talks like this-Oh my gosh North that was the best thing ever why does no on ever let me have any this is so good ooh I just got this great idea to play with the elves see ya bye)

Norths eyes widened as he remembered the conversation he had a few months back with Jack's oldest sibling. It was time to call the others, because if another seasonal couldn't catch Jack around the world, North couldn't catch Jack in his workshop.

A few minutes later

Somehow the other guardians managed to arrive at exactly the same time, Tooth and Sandy flying in through a window and Bunny hopping out of one of his tunnels. Tooth was the first to speak.

"What's wrong North? Is Pitch back? O my gosh where's Jack? Is he okay?"

North smiled sheepishly

"No Toothy, Pitch isn't back, and about Jack well..."

Jack took this as an opportunity to fly in and unknowingly answer Tooth's question.

Ican'tbelieveMariaandAdamandJennywontletmehaveanythey'resogooddoyouguysknowwheretogetmoreohIknowthekitchen!" (Oh hi Tooth and Bunny and Sandy have you guys ever had cookies of course you have how could you not have there so good I've had just two and I've never tasted anything better there so delicious I can't believe Maria and Adam and Jenny won't let me have any they're so good do you guys know where to get more oh I know the kitchen!)

Sandy, Bunny, and Tooth's eyes widened as they realized that North gave him sugar. North just shrugged sheepishly and called for the yeti's to lock down the pole before Jack could escape to MiM knows where.

"I'll get Mother Nature you guys get Jack away from more cookies?" suggested Bunny. The others nodded in agreement and flew/walked/jumped-into-tunnels towards their various assignments.

With Bunny

Bunny hopped out of one of his tunnels into mother nature's beautiful garden. It was full of every plant that exists, that will exist, and has ever existed. In the center of the garden, there was a crystal clear lake with a young Women standing next to it. She had long, ankle-length black hair and bright teal eyes that shown with beauty and danger to any who hurt those close to her. She was none other than Mother Nature.

"Mother Nature! We really need your help!" exclaimed Bunny.

"Let me guess. You gave Jack sugar?" she asked

Bunnymund nodded and the young women sighed

"I've already sent for my other children. They're in the living room the four of them share to keep things they all own, like the table tennis table they're playing on"

Bunny was surprised that the strange people known as the '4 wilds of nature' were playing something like table tennis. Seeing his expression, Mother Nature explained that elemental table tennis was very different than normal table tennis. The 3 eldest seasonals flew into the room.

"Aster has given Jack cookies" Said Mother Nature

"For the recard, I didn' give 'im the cookie, North did." Bunny muttered.

Adam sighed

"How many?" He asked.

"Only two when I left." Bunny said "But 'e was also on 'is way to the kitchens when I lef' so who knows how many 'es eaten now."

"And the world is now doomed." Maria said under her breath. Jenny glared at her.

"Is the Pole secure?" Jenny inquired.

"Yeah, North pu' it inta lockdown mode after me an' the other guardians got there. We'll need to go through mah tunnels ta get out" Bunny said.

Maria snorted. "We have ways to travel other than flying you know. Did you not see the bursts of flame and random appearing and disappearing when I first met you?"

"Bu- wel, um, then, why can't Jack?" Bunny stammered. Maria just rolled her eyes.

"He doesn't know how, his powers haven't completely developed yet. The kid is barely three hundred years old."

"Oh. Well, whatevah jus' come on." He said before disappearing into his tunnels.

Back at the Pole

Everyone winced when they heard the crash as they rushed to the Kitchen, knowing all too well who the culprit was. North, Tooth, and Sandy's eyes widened as they saw the remnants of the kitchen. Every thing was covered in mis-matched patterns of frost and cookie dough, the candy-cane colored oven was smoking. It was total chaos, Yetis trying to preserve order, Jack running around eating cookies and blasting things, while the elves. Well, no one knew what side the elves were on.

Jack saw them and flew up and over them, knowing he wouldn't get more delicious pastries if he was caught. And with his sugar-powered speed, they didn't stand a chance. Flying into the globe room with Tooth, Sandy and North right behind him, Jack made it just in time for his siblings and Bunny to appear.

ofcookiesIdon'tknowhowmanywhydoyouneverletmehaveanythey'resodeliciousohyournotgonnaletmrhaveanymoreareyouOOOOh!IDEA!" (Oh hi Maria hi Jenny hi Adam I wonder if the guardians know about that thing you know that thingy thing oh crap now they know theres a thingy ooh do you guys like cookies I had a bunch of trays of cookies I don't know how many why do you never let me have any they're so delicious oh your not gonna let me have any more are you OOOOh! IDEA!") Jack exclaimed as he sped off from his flabbergasted friends and family.

"Ho-how many did he have?" Jenny asked.

"4-" everyone sighed in relief. "-dozen." said North, giving everyone a terrified look in their eyes. Bunny was the first to speak.

"Were doomed"

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