Melani, or mel to her friends, was walking home after she got off her bus. When she got home and walked inside, a bright light appeared coming from her room. Melani wal into the room and saw an egg along with a note and a weird device.

She grabbed the note and it said," dear melani . The device you have received along with your digiegg is called a digivice. You are now a digidestined. To hatch your egg, just rub it gently. From geni."

Melani put the note on her desk, then grabbed the egg and started rubbing. Soon the egg hatched into punimon. Melani put punimon onto her bed and said," now you stay right here. I am going to get you some food cause I know you must be hungry." She went to the kitchen, grabbed 5 pieces of kings bread and went back to her room.

Melani feed punimon and soon he started shaking and he said," PUNIMON DIGIVOLVE TO...DARKNESSMON!" Melani was surprised that he digivolved so fast.

Darknessmon looked at her direction and said," Hi i`m darknessmon and who are you?"

Melani said," I am melani tadsudo young darknessmon." Soon she heard a doorknob opening and she hurried and hid darknessmon in her bed. Soon she had dinner and went to bed.

melani woke up and saw her partner sleeping next to her. She woke him up and got him something to eat. Soon melani was putting on her black shirt, her white skirt, her boots that were red, and her favorite gloves that were green. She grabbed her d-3 and pointed at her computer, while holding darknessmon, and said," DIGIPORT OPEN!"