"MOM" Shion cried as he ran to hug her.

She looked over to where she heard a familiar voice "SHION!" she called out. Only instead it was a young man with white hair and red marks visible on his cheek and neck. As she approached him, she caught a glance of a BABY!? "S...Shion" She stuttered and opened up for a hug for her heart knew that the man that was standing before her was her son.

"Mom!" He responded in a delightful tone, embracing his mother in a quick and warm hug, trying not to disturb the child in his arms. He felt a sense of relief rush over as she recognized him he thought. In all honesty, he missed her, and was exactly the comfort he needed. Shion then asked, "How did you know it was me?"

His mother gave a sincere smile, tears Trickled down her face "A mother never forgets! Silly" she gave a soft giggle and hit him on the head.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"I WAS So WORRIED! You are lucky that Nezumi sent a little messenger to keep in contact with me. Where is he anyway Shion? I'd thought he would be with you." she looked glanced around the crowd trying to spot him.

Suddenly a sense of agony rushed over Shion as he winced in at the thought of Nezumi. Touching his lips, he recalled the kiss Nezumi had given to him.

She could tell it was a painful subject to him, as it was almost identical to hers. To Which she spoke, "Shion I can tell you care deeply for him."

"I do," he said softly his mind still lingering in thought.

She gave a motherly smile and said " If he loves you, the way you love him. In time he will return maybe not now but he will come back to you just as he has done before. You just need to be patient. Nezumi will come back shion."

"Yeah, you're right! let's go home!" he said eagerly. Though he did believe in his mother's words a tiny twinge of doubt plagued the back of his mind

"Let's." his mother took him by the arm and tugged him along.

"So tell me what's Rat like? What are you doing with a child? Where is safu anyway? I thought she'd be with you."

Shion didn't know where to start. " Well, I saved him during a manhunt. Rat is a talented actor with the voice of an angel! Mom, you would have loved him!" He spoke with a little step in his voice. It was semi-sweet to remember sufu. He stood silently for a moment then found the power to say "safu...She. Didn't make it mom. I do know or at least believe that she is at peace, she even saved us mom..." his tone of voice was bittersweet as he knew that she will always live on in his heart.

The news of Safu did come as a surprise to her, all she could do was hug her son and say "Shion, I'm so sorry. I loved Safu like my own, she is in a better place. We should honor her memory by smiling for everyone who served and living on. That's what she would want for us"

Though it was difficult to process the loss, she was happy the last memory she had of her was of a kind cheerful girl. She would thank Safu if she could for protecting the boys. Most of all she was ecstatic that Nezumi had kept his promise to bring him back safe and was happy to be reunited with her son.

Shion looked up at his mother tight in her embrace, his eyes tearing up " Your right mom she would want that" he gave a genuine smile.

For the rest of the time, she listened intently to Shion as he told her about how they ended up in this Predicament.

_few hours later_

"Hey, mom do you have a Piece of paper and a pencil?" Shion asked.

"I do but what for?" she asked getting out her notebook and pencil from her apron.

"I need to deliver this baby back to his mom," he said taking the pencil and notepad he gave a small laugh since he felt like a stork.

"And who would that be?" she asked

Shion gave a kind smile "A friend." He gave out a whistle and a brown dog came. he took one of his old blankets, then wrapped the baby in the blanket and sent the baby to see inukashi.

_later that night_

When his mom was sound asleep he took this opportunity to give nature his last message and it read " Nezumi promise me you'll come back After all that wasn't a goodbye kiss."

He wrapped it in the capsule and gave it to Macbeth to give to the rat.

Macbeth squeaked understanding her job and scurried away to find Nezumi.

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