No.6 went through major changes in the past five years. No longer a totalitarian government. Most of the oppressors died five years ago. Leaving mostly citizens after the fall, No. 6 citizens Started to question the way they lived. understanding that it was a cruel environment. After a few years, a strange boy with white hair suggested an idea of cooperation rather than competition among citizens. The group of people looked at him in confusion but the few from other Numbers who came to help understood the boy and helped to establish a socialistic government. Not everyone was accepting of this new concept. especially loyal citizens and a few who were governing during the totalitarian government, however, they seemed to disappear. No.6 started to flourish once again and was able to be called a utopia. It had been five years since he had last seen him. At the very least he got a few letters here and there, but it was nothing to be happy about. He missed him, however, that didn't stop him from becoming a doctor; after studying at No.4 for three years, he was certified. opening his clinic in West Town. West town wasn't the same after the fall of the wall. At first, there were a few raids, but soon the people put a stop to them and cooperated. He studied a few veterinarian techniques and taught them to Inukashi to help her family. The little child Mirai had grown up to be a kind yet stubborn girl who was taken in by an inukashi and raised by dogs. Her name came from a hope for a better future and that was an inukashi's wish for the girl. To which she protected but still let her experience the cruelty of this world, so she wouldn't be so naïve as someone else she knows


No.1 is known as the traveling city. It has various walks of life upon the makeshift boats connecting creating its Unique colony. Has a port they doc at to deliver goods of the sea and to fix up their ships. Have their unique community. Can travel to a different city if a port is an available Export: Fish and metal.

No.2:An ever bountiful forest with a tropical climate, specializing in agriculture to preserve the forests from over-harvesting. Those who are born in this city are drawn to protect the forest and seem to have a deep connection to the forest they protect. It seems to be a rural area however they choose it to be that way even though they are advanced in technology. Main export wood and fruit.

No.3: known as a neutral environment that never gets involved with the other cities unless necessary. Has unique scenic hills, rich farmland, and the main export of dairy products and coal.

No.4: Rich in land and soil created kingdoms each with a unique culture and ruler. It is recognized for its unique architecture and designs for palaces, a truly serene area filled with beautiful scenery. The three dynasties don't always see eye to eye, which can lead to fights and separation. However, in times of turmoil are willing to lend a helping hand to each other. Main export: rice and silk fabric

No.5 is very different from its counterpart No.6. It's a place filled with Enrichment for academic purposes. A place where everyone is treated with respect and strives for knowledge. Art and knowledge flow like the streams they have running through the city. an importer of goods and has the best university.

No.6 is no longer the Utopian dream it once was. No.6 is now looking for a new leader who will unite the people amid troubling times. Was self-sufficient now an importer of most goods

No.7: A Desert Filled with life. rich in culture with various cities but at the heart of it all lies a temple dedicated to the different gods and bringing offerings. It is often left a line by the outsiders, living in a world of their own. Main export: spices and dye

/ hello Arthur here I will be adding on to more of the cities as the story progresses but here's just a summary of what they are and kinda how I created them to be. give them their unique characteristics however you might find some surprisingly similar places in the world. I will not get every culture in there but I will well more than likely generalize it but it will still have its unique flares. more I wanted the areas to be diverse bc I think it'll add a better Di mentioned in the world the original creator created. More freedom to explore the world No.5 and No. 6 are the only two cities that are canon but I love world-building. If u guys have any ideas let me know. Also if you have problems picturing the cities and I'll give examples.

I might create another city kinda based on the Hispanic culture but idk let me know if you'd all like that /