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Colossus's POV

I had just arrived to the Brotherhood's maincamp, I was so furious so I teared the door off it's hinges.

Magneto walked up to me and he didn't look happy over what I'd just done.

"Colossus, care to explain your actions?" Magneto said glaring at me.

"The X-men are impossible to reason with, my former friend provoked and attacked me." I said.

"See that's why they sees us like the enemy, they are too blinded to do things the right way so they point a finger at us." Magneto said.

"Then it's obvious what I have to do... destroy each and everyone of the X-Men." I said.

"Yes, but now we must be patient, we wait for our oportunity and then... WE WILL STRIKE AND ACHIVE VICTORY!" Magneto shouted and all of the brotherhood shouted a battle cry. "Now my children settle down, we will fight them, we will destroy then and we will take our right place in the would." Magneto said and everyone sat down. "Colossus, the X-men lied when they claimed to be your friends, they attacked you for doing what you wanted to do. We are the family you deserve." Magneto said. "The day we attack those assholes I want to be the tip of the spear." I said between my teeth as my anger for my former friends grew stronger by the second. "And that day will come soon enough."Magneto said and gestured me to follow him.

We walked into a room and in there where a few other mutants sitting around a table. "These are my most trusted allies, I trust them with my life and now you're one of them." Magneto said and offered me a seat. Pyro glared at me" What are you doing here Metal Man?!" He said as I sat down
"Unhappy because I broke your nose? GET OVER IT!" I said and Pyro stood up about to throw a fireball at me.
"PYRO, STAND DOWN." Magneto shouted and Pyro sat down.
"Colossus is now a member of this group if someone has a problem with that they can answer to me." Magneto said. "This is Psylocke, Callisto, Quicksliver, Multiple Man, Quill, Arclight, and you already know Pyro." Magneto said and gestured to everyone at the table.
We discussed a few plans on how to attack the X-men and then we left, I was still pissed about Bobby so I went to the woods to take out my remaining anger.
I started to smash trees and rocks over and over angain, I smached so much rocks and trees that I had to sit down, I was really tired I even changed into my human shape, I sat down on a stump and took a few deep breath.

"Yo Russia" I looked up to see that guy Quicksliver standing not too far away. He said" I thought you'd what to know that Magneto is doing one of his "We shall rule the world" speeches and maybe you'll get to speak directly to the X-Men. You in?" I grinned and nodded.

Raven's POV
Me and Bobby walked into the living room where Cyclops, Logan and Storm were watching the news, I sat down on a chair and Bobby took his seat on the couch.
The news reporter was talking about a presidential campaign or something I wasn't really paying attention to it, I was more focused on Bobby, he had lost his two best friends Jamie and Colossus and apparently Jamie's death was too much for him to handle.

Suddenly the TV got some interference's and the son of a bitch Magneto appeared on the TV again.
"My fellow mutants, you've been forced to hide in the shadows I promice you saftey, I promise you sancuary." Magneto said, I had believed him and that a.s.s.h.o.l.e. had repaid it by manipulating me to do his dirty deeds. Not to mention tried to kill me.

"Some of you thinks that humans and mutants can co-exist, but I assure you it's impossible." Magneto said and showed some horrifying pictures of mutants being tortured, I was in shock since one of the pictures was of me.
"You see violence is all that humanity has to offer us." Magneto said.
Lgan nudged me and said "Doesn't he ever shut up" I just shrugged as an answer.
Then Colossus walked in front of the camera and said " To the time we see each other I. Will. Rip. You. Apart" He looked pissed, it seemed like Magneto had fully poisoned his mind.
Bobby suddenly jumped up from the couch and walked to the TV just as he reached it he raised his fist about to smash it but suddenly he held his hands to his head and screamed in pain.

I knew what was happening, he heard Jamie again and this time it seemed worse than any other time.
"Bobby!" I rushed over to him and caught him as he fell. "Get help!" I shouted and Logan and Cyclops ran to get Jean or Charles while me and Storm stayed with Bobby hoping that he would regain conscious.

The professor put Bobby in a helmet/machine to monitor his brain waves and called the X-Men to tell them something.
We all gathered outside the medic room, Charles looked like something heavy was bothering him.
"What is it Chuck?" Logan asked.
"It's Bobby, I don't know how it's possible but Jamie's trying to take over his mind." Charles said.
"But that's impossible, she's dead." Cyclops said.
"That it might be, but she is somehow reaching out to him in his mind and it makes him lose control over it." Charles said and returned to the room where Bobby was, then he removed the helmet/machine from Bobby's head and placed his hands to the sides of Bobby's head.
"I'll try to speak through him" Charles said and started to use his powers to se if he could find a solution to Bobby's problem.

Charles was in Bobby'a mind trying to find out why he saw Jamie at times. I waited patiently until Charles, removed his hands and turned to us.
"Jamie knew the whole time that she was going to die, but she also knew that since she and Bobby were the same, she could attempt to take over his mind." Charles said.
"Is there a way to get her to... you know stop trying to take over Bobby?" I asked.
"I don't know, she is hard to reason with, but I will keep trying." Charles said and returned to Bobby's mind.
A few minutes passed by and nothing happened, but then from out of no where Bobby grabbed my wrist and opened his eyes, he looked around like he didn't knew where he was.
"Bobby?" I asked.
"It's not him, it's Jamie" Charles said.
Cyclops walked up to Bobby/Jamie and said. "Jamie, why are you doing this?"
"I'm doing this because I want to come back" Bobby said with Jamie's voice, He looked like a zombie.
"This isn't you, you're hurting Bobby." I said and Bobby/Jamie looked at the ground. "There is something you should know, Colossus has joined the brotherhood." I said not really sure why and Jamie/Bobby went down to his/her knees and shook his/her head in tears. Frost started to cover the room. "No, no, no, no ,no!" This can't be happening. Jamie/Bobby sobbed. Cyclops ran up to Jamie/Bobby and grabbed his/her shoulders. Cyclops franticly said" Look at me Jamie, we can help you, we can fix this, we can make it like it was. Stay with me!" Jamie through Bobby's voice said" Kill me"

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