The Fire Dragon and the Sky God

A/N: Yahoo my first fanfic story I'm pumped up. This will be a Natsu x Chelia pairing. A crack pairing and I will be the first or second person to do this pairing.

Summary: What if Fairy Tail starts a co-op mission with the Lamia Scale guild and they must all have a partner. What will happen if Natsu's partner was Chelia, and what will they find during their mission? An unexpected result. I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Chapter 1: Partners

Normal POV

It was a clear and bright, sunny day, it was a beautiful day as some of the residents of Magnolia may call it. The people were joyous and all had smiles on their faces. Why wouldn't they? The guild that resided in the town was renamed as the Strongest Guild of Fiore once again! If that wasn't a reason to be joyous then they didn't know what would,

Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail guild were celebrating their victory in the Grand Magic Games. Everyone was having a good time.

Some were drinking, some were laughing and some were talking to others. While everyone were enjoying having fun. Only two people decided to enjoy it by fighting each other.

"Is that all you can do Ice Princess? I thought you'd will hit harder than that!" a pink haired man taunted as a raven haired man attempted to hit him again but missed as the pinkette avoided him.

"And all you can do is talk! I bet you can't even throw a punch at me!" this time the raven haired man taunted in return in which angered the pinkette who growled at him.

"Alright then! Don't regret it!" the pink haired man then charged in for a punch but was stopped.

"Natsu! Gray! Both of you stop your childish games!" a scarlet haired female said in annoyance as she bashed the two's heads together.

"Ow! What's your deal, Erza?" Natsu moaned in pain as he rubbed his head in pain.

"The master wants to make an announcement so you two better stop goofing off, otherwise, I'll make sure to bring you two pain." Erza growled as the two then nodded their heads frantically.

It was definitely better to hang out with one another than experiencing the pain Erza promises.

Natsu's POV

After a few hours the Gramps had still had not arrived yet. And I was getting bored, I had no chance of fighting that stupid stripper since Erza keeps on watching us like a dragon. I swear, she's definitely the scariest person I've ever met in my life, and I met Acnologia before.

"*sighs* why does master want to make an announcement now? I'm so bored!" I complained, resting my head on the table.

"Will you stop your whining flame-brain? It's bad enough that I can't pummel you to the ground. I don't you're you to be annoying now!" Gray said in annoyance to me.

"What was that ice princess?" I growled at the raven haired mage.

"You heard me ash for brains." Gray growled back in retaliation. As I was about to counter back at him, Erza had to ruin our fun, yet again.

"Do I hear fighting?" Erza said to us while glaring at the both of us with a menacing aura surrounding her.

"N-no way Erza best friends don't fight, right Natsu?" Gray stuttered.

"You're right Gray! We've always been the best of friends!" I said to him as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder with him doing the same thing to seal the deal.

"*sigh* the return of Happy the second." my best friend Lucy sighed as Wendy giggled beside her.

"Nothing's wrong with a little bit of fun, Lucy-san." Wendy said to the blonde Celestial Mage.

"It is good to know that the two of you are learning to be the best of friends." Erza said to us. Which was obviously not true, I couldn't stand that stupid stripper, but I definitely didn't want her to know.

Immediately after that, the curtains opened revealing Gramps behind it.

"Fairy Tail I have a very important announcement to tell you all!" he said.

"Well spit it out already Gramps I'm bored of waiting!" I said to him as I placed my hands behind my head.

"Stop disturbing the master, Natsu". Erza said as she punched me in the head, causing a bruise to appear and I heard laughter coming from the Ice Princess so I punched him as well, causing him to growl at me but I didn't care, I was satisfied with my work.

"As I was saying, since the King of Fiore has said that guilds must start working together with each other. The Fairy Tail guild will be now having a co-op mission with one of the guild in Fiore, and by luck we have been paired up with Lamia Scale."

"So what is this about?" I asked.

"All of you will all have a partner for a mission with one of the Lamia Scale member. And in addition, you all have to go on missions with your partner for a whole week. Also, you are not allowed to go on missions without your partner." he said.

Gray then raised his hands.

"Yes Gray?" The master asked him.

"Are we have to pick ourselves or what?" Gray asked.

"We have already chosen a partner for all of you. The reason for the wait is to announce your partners today. The Lamia Scale Guild will be arriving tomorrow." he said.

"Ok then hurry up and tell us already." I said impatiently, I was already bored and just wanted this to end already!

"Very well then, the first team is Erza and Jura."

"WHAT!" The entire guild shouted.

'Two of the strongest wizards in the whole of Fiore are paired up together.' the whole guild thought.

"Is there a problem with the master's decision?" Erza said in a demonic voice while cracking her hands. A dark aura could be seen around her as the entire guild shuddered at the sight.

"N-no problem at all" the whole guild said not wanting to receive any beatings from the said female.

"Anyways let me continue, the next pairings are: Sherry, Lucy and Wendy, Tobi and Gajeel, Yuka and Laxus, Lyon and Gray." Gramps kept on going on, but I was still not called out yet.

"And finally, the last pairing is Natsu and Chelia." Gramps said.

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