Fairy Tail Dialogue

Christopher Dragkrow: Hey there guys what is up

Natsu Dragneel: Sup people

Christopher Dragkrow: So this is the epilogue that everyone was hoping for.

Natsu Dragneel: Wow it has been a long time since I had been here.

Christopher Dragkrow: Yeah so how's Chelia?

Natsu Dragneel: Yeah she's fine thanks for asking.

Christopher Dragkrow: Yes in this final chapter Natsu and Chelia's life will change forever.

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Epilogue Chapter

Chelia's POV

" Yup from tomorrow onwards I am a Fairy Tail wizard."

Natsu happy about what he heard pressed his lips into Chelia's and they kissed for a few minutes as the sakura petals flew around them

" I Love You, Chelia"

" I Love You too, Natsu"

It has been three whole years since the cooperation between the two guilds, Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale, it was three whole years since Natsu and I were chosen as partners, it has been three whole years since the incident with Sebastian and his dark guild and it also has been three years since I joined Fairy Tail and started my relationship with Natsu.

" Hey Chelia" a voice called out to me and I saw my boyfriend, Natsu Dragneel, looking at me with worry in his eyes.

" What is it Natsu?" I asked him.

" I called you two times but you didn't answer, are you alright?" Natsu asked with worry in his tone.

I then smiled at him lovingly.

In the three years of our relationship, Natsu was very overprotective of me.

He would worry if I had even hurt myself a little, he would glare at any guys that would stare at me and he even followed me everywhere I go.

" Don't worry Natsu, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something" I responded to him but that didn't decrease his worry even a little.

" Are you sure you're okay? I don't want anything to happen to you" Natsu said as he quickly hugged me.

I then smiled as I rested my head on his broad shoulder; I always seemed to enjoy his intoxicating scent and the warmth that emitted from his body.

" Believe me Natsu, I'm fine. And even if I weren't fine, you'll be the first to know" I said to him as I never left my head from his shoulder.

" If you say so" Natsu said as he suddenly rested his head on top of mine.

The two of us were currently in our house.

Ever since we got together, Natsu and Happy worked together in order to make a much bigger house for us to stay in. Although I told them that they didn't need to, they told me it was alright and continued in building the house.

When it was complete, I was shocked to say the least.

I had never expected that Natsu and Happy were able to build such a big house that could probably fit more than 4 people.

" So what do you want to do today?" Natsu asked me which broke my thought.

" How about we go to the guild?" I suggested as Natsu then kissed my forehead as he smiled.

" That's a great idea" Natsu said as we then separated which cause me to pout but I understood his reasons.

In the three years that passed, Natsu had grown much taller, his body had started growing and since he had started fighting from young, he developed a perfect sized body which reveals his muscles. On his chest was a giant scar which showed the fight between him and Sebastian. His hair had grown longer as well as it had grown all the way to his back, though it managed to maintain the spikiness after all this time.

Natsu not only grew physically but also mentally, he had become more mature and even rarely fights with Gray in the guild; which made Erza and Master Makarov cry tears of joy. But the two still had duels with one another outside of Magnolia to see which one is better.

In the span of three years, I grew as well, I had grown much taller and although I had been training for a long time, I didn't have muscles but my arms didn't exactly look so soft. My hair had grown longer all the way to my back as I had to tie it up in a ponytail instead of tying it up in pigtails. My body had grown amazingly that even " Sorcerer Weekly" had even asked me to pose for a few swimsuit pictures.

But of course my overprotective boyfriend told them "No!" since he doesn't want me to show off my body to anyone else.

" Hey Chelia" Natsu called out to me as I turned my head at him.

" What is it, Natsu?" I asked him.

" Before going to the guild, want to eat something first?" Natsu asked sheepishly as his stomach then growled to prove his point.

I then sighed before giggling.

Even after two years, Natsu's stomach had not grown at all.

" Alright then" I agreed as we managed to reach the town.

" Hey there Natsu, Chelia!"

" Good morning Natsu! Chelia!"

" Good to see you Natsu, Chelia!"

Natsu and I just smiled and waved at the townspeople. After two years of living in Magnolia, I became one of the most popular faces in the city.

We then headed to a small café in the middle of town. It was actually the café where we headed to every day for breakfast.

" Oh welcome Natsu-kun, Chelia-san" a voice said as we turned our heads and saw our friend that worked in this café, Caroline.

" Good morning Caroline" I said to her.

" Sup Caroline" Natsu greeted as the two of us then sat at our usual spot which was at the far back of the café where there was no noise.

" So what would the two of you like today?" Caroline asked as she then handed two menus at us.

" I'll have the usual" Natsu said as he then stretched his hands as he then placed them at the back of his head.

" I'll have the usual as well then" I said as I handed the menus to Caroline.

" Alright then your orders are a flaming meat set and fresh salad set. I'll have your order in about ten minutes" Caroline said with a bow before she then left.

" So, what do you want to do today, Natsu?" I asked curiously.

" I don't know, I'm not in the mood for any jobs right now, so I guess we'll just hang out in the guild or something" Natsu said.

I then giggled like I had just heard a joke.

" What's so funny?" Natsu asked me curiously.

" It's just funny to hear that you're not in the mood to go on any missions today when you're usually taking jobs everyday" I teased him as he then blushed a little before looking offended.

" Are you saying that I can't keep cool for even a day? I feel offended" Natsu said as he placed a hand on his heart.

I giggled before placing a kiss on his cheek.

" Of course I know you can keep cool for a day, I was just teasing you" I said to him as he smiled before placing a hand on my waist, pushing me closer to him.

He then placed his hot lips on mine as I placed my hands behind his neck to push him closer to me.

" Ahem, sorry to be the one interrupting your moment" a voice said as we quickly turned to see Caroline holding our orders with a blush on her face.

The two of us quickly separated with blushes on our faces.

" Uh sorry about that Caroline" Natsu said as he looked away from her gaze. I couldn't look at Caroline as well so I don't blame him for looking away.

" N-no it's alright, The two of you are in a relationship after all, it's fine" Caroline said as she placed our orders on the table and I could still see the tint of pink on her face. She then bowed at us once more before she left in quite a hurry.

We then looked at each other before we started chuckling.

" Caroline is very innocent" Chelia said as Natsu just nodded his head.

With that, the two of us then started eating our food.

After the meal

Natsu then paid for our meal as we make our way to the guild.

As we walked in the town, I took notice of females in the corner taking glances at Natsu and blushed when they took a look at him.

I twitched my eyebrows in jealousy, although the whole of Fiore knows about my relationship with Natsu, there are still girls eyeing him like he is some piece of candy.

Natsu was well known all around Fiore for his fighting skills and the Council had even offered him the title of the " Ten Wizard Saints" two years ago.

Although everyone had expected him to accept the offer, to everyone's shock, he rejected the offer.

I still remembered what he told the Council that day.


" Sorry but I reject the offer" Natsu said as he looked at Gran Doma.

" But why?! You should be grateful that we even thought about offering you this chance! And you choose to reject it?!" Gran Doma yelled out in rage as he slammed his fist to the table.

" Gran Doma! Please calm down!" another member of the Magic Council, Org said.

Gran Doma then reluctantly sat back down as his glare was still sent towards Natsu.

" So why is it that you would reject our offer, Mr. Dragneel?" Org asked calmly as Natsu smiled before looking at me.

" First of all, I don't feel comfortable at being under the control of the Magic Council, second of all, I doubt I am strong enough to be a Wizard Saint" Natsu said honestly as he looked at the Council members.

Everyone looked at the pink haired Dragon Slayer in shock.

" But you defeated Sebastian, doesn't that feat proves that you are a strong mage?" Michello asked.

" First of all, I didn't defeat Sebastian, my girlfriend, Chelia Blendy did, I could only injure him badly that she could finish him off in one shot. Second of all, I got lucky that I was able to reach a point of my power that I normally couldn't during the battle and it caught him by surprise. I didn't defeat him all by myself" Natsu explained.

" But you did fought him all the way until he can easily be beaten, and this was even a very dangerous criminal that was on the same level as a Wizard Saint, you deserve this title, Mr. Dragneel" Org said as a small smile fell on his lips.

Natsu then frowned as his bangs then covered his eyes.

" Normally when people tell me that, I would be overjoyed, but now that I think about it, it's not true" Natsu said shocking everyone in the room.

" What do you mean?" Org asked.

" Sure I fought someone that has the same strength as a Wizard Saint, sure I fought toe and toe with him but it's all because I had something to protect at that time" Natsu said with a smile on his face.

" You had something to protect?" Org asked.

" That's right, there was someone with me while we were doing that mission and because of her I found my hidden strength, I fought on because I wanted to protect her, because of her I could take his hits." Natsu said as I blushed, knowing who that person was.

" And is that why you chose to reject our offer?" Org asked as Natsu nodded his head.

" Last time, when I heard about the Wizard Saints, it was actually my dream to be a one, to be known from all across as one of the strongest mage but as I grew older, I realized that it was just a title and nothing more, sure I'll get fame but that's it. And if I was defeated, no one would remember me, I'll no longer have my fame. Titles are merely given but you can never hold onto it, it can be shattered easily." Natsu explained as he then breathe in some air.

" That's why I'll just hold onto what I have, the things I care about the most" Natsu said as he then placed a fist on his chest.

" Things can be easily replaced but the bonds that you have with the people you care about can't be replaced. It's is the most important thing a person could have" Natsu said with a smile on his face.

Flashback End

And ever since that day, Natsu has become more famous since he was being recorded that day and his words had inspired kids to start learning magic. He had become so famous that his fan base has been growing every day.

Natsu then placed a hand over my shoulders as I was then greeted with his ever so cheerful face.

I then smiled at him as I rested my head on his chest as the two of us continued walking to the guild.

A few minutes later, the two of us managed to reach the guild as I then walked backwards, knowing what Natsu would do.

Natsu then smirked as he then kicked the door, breaking the door as it was then crashed in the guild.

" Hey there everyone!" Natsu greeted cheerfully as everyone was glaring at him.

" That door nearly crushed me you asshole!"

" Don't you think it's too early for that!"

" Natsu! That's not manly!"

The guild members then started at Natsu who started laughing as I quickly walked away to the counter where I was greeted by my best friend, Wendy Marvell.

In the past three years, Wendy had grown considerably well. Her hair looked silkier than before, her body had developed especially in the chest area.

" Good morning Chelia-san" she greeted me with a smile as I smiled back at her.

" Good morning Wendy" I greeted her back as I sat beside her.

" So how was your mission?' I asked her as she then flopped on the table.

" It was extremely tiring, I barely had any sleep because I had to guard this rich lady for a whole day because the attackers would not stop coming. But I did get a good amount of jewels as I my reward" Wendy said as she stretched her hands.

" Ah, good morning Chelia, Wendy" a voice said as I turned my head to see Mirajane Strauss or Mira for short.

Mirajane has grown up to be a very beautiful and gorgeous woman in the last three years. Her white hair looked even silkier than before and was much longer that it reached all the way to her butt. Her body had grown as well as her chest area and other parts as well.

Mira was currently dating with Laxus Dreyar, the grandson of the Guild master.

" Ah, good morning Mira-san" Wendy and I greeted the white haired female.

" Isn't it a little early for Natsu to be causing trouble?" Mira asked me as I blushed.

" It's not like I could do anything about it" I muttered as both Mira and Wendy giggled at me.

" What's so funny?" a voice asked as I turned around to see none other than Gray Fullbuster.

Gray has actually become a full grown man. His body was more fit in the last three years, and his magic had grown as well. His hair has gotten longer as well as his bangs were covering his left eye.

Gray was currently dating Juvia Lockser. After he lost a bet to the Water Mage, he was forced to take her out on a date before he realized his feelings for her.

" We're talking about how Natsu managed to create such a ruckus so early in the morning" Mira said as Gray sighed.

" Yeah although he did mature a bit, he's still the same goofball inside" Gray said.

" I heard that, Ice Princess" Natsu said as he walked towards us.

Natsu and Gray then looked at each other before they both smirked and shared a fist bump.

" Morning, Charcoal Breath"

" Morning, Ice Breath"

The two of them then sat on the chair.

" Hey there Mira" Natsu greeted.

" Good morning Natsu" Mira greeted back as she poured a glass of whiskey before she handed it to both Natsu and Gray.

" Thanks" Natsu and Gray said to Mira as they then took a sip of their drinks.

" Hey Chelia, wanna go on a date tonight?" Natsu asked me as I placed a hand on my chin.

" Sure, why not?" I smiled as he gave me his toothy grin as he placed a kiss on my forehead.

" Where are we going?" I asked.

" You know " Pacifica Whitey"?" Natsu asked me as my eyes widened.

" You got a reservation at the most expensive restaurant in Magnolia?!" I asked in shock as he smiled at me and nodded his head.

" Yeah, the owner of the restaurant was actually my previous client, and when I asked for a reservation he instantly said yes" Natsu explained.

" I see" I said as Wendy came up from behind me.

" Hey Chelia why don't we go get you some nice clothes, for your date?" Wendy asked as I smiled and nodded my head.

The two of us then walked outside the guild as I took one more glance at Natsu and saw him talking with both Gray and Mira.

Natsu POV

" So are you really going to do it?" Gray asked me as I nodded my head as I placed a hand in my pocket; I then took out a small black box from my pocket.

" Kyaa! I can't wait for that!" Mira squealed as I blushed.

" Mira can you not speak so loud, I don't want people to know about I yet" I said softly but I'm sure that the both of them heard what I said.

" But you should invite everyone in the guild! It's a big moment for you Natsu!" Mira said.

" I don't know" I said as I lowered my head.

" I didn't expect you to be such a wimp, Salamander" a voice said as I turned around to see my fellow Dragon Slayer, Gajeel Redfox.

Gajeel had also grown over the past three years, his body grew much more fit in the last three years. His spiky hair had grown too long, so he had to tie his hair in a pony tail.

" What you say to me, Black Steel?" I growled at him.

" I said when did you start being a wimp? She's your mate isn't she? So why are you worrying so much about it?" Gajeel asked as my eyes went wide.

" You're right" I said softly as he smirked.

" You better invite me and Levy to the dinner as well as everyone in this guild" Gajeel said before he walked away.

I then felt determination fill through me as I then stood up.

" Hey everyone!" I shouted which caught their attention.

" Listen up!" I smirked.

A few hours later

Normal POV

Chelia was walking with Wendy around the mall area in Magnolia with the both of them holding one plastic bag in their hand.

" How do you have so much jewels on you, Chelia?" Wendy asked as Chelia then smiled.

" Well Natsu gives me half of what he earns after every mission, and he usually takes missions that has a lot of fighting while it gives a good pay as well" the pink haired female said.

" Wow, I imagine you to have a lot of jewels with you?" Wendy asked as Chelia nodded her head.

" Man, I'm jealous Chelia-san" a voice said from behind the two of them as they turned around and saw a woman with blonde hair.

" Ah good morning Lucy-san" Wendy greeted as she bowed her head.

" Good morning Lucy" Chelia greeted.

" Good morning to you two" Lucy greeted back.

Lucy is a gorgeous looking female with long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail, she has brown hazel eyes. Her body had grown as well as her chest area and other parts as well.

" So how was your mission?" Chelia asked as Lucy smiled.

" Well I managed to complete it and I was able to pay my rent and still kept almost half of my reward" Lucy said happily.

Chelia and Wendy both sweat dropped, already knowing what she would use her money on.

" So anyways, what are you two doing here?" Lucy asked.

" Well we're here because we wanted to get Chelia-san some clothes for tonight" Wendy replied.

" Tonight? What's happening tonight?" Lucy asked curiously.

" Natsu asked Chelia-san on a date at " Pacifica Whitey" tonight!" Wendy squealed as Chelia blushed.

" At " Pacifica Whitey"? Really Chelia, is Natsu taking you out on a date at " Pacifica Whitey"?" Lucy asked as she looked at the pink haired female who nodded her head slowly.

" Wow, you have such a great relationship with Natsu, I'm actually kind of jealous" Lucy said.

" But you shouldn't be jealous, princess" a voice said as Lucy was then carried bridal style.

" Loke! Let me down!" Lucy shouted as she blushed heavily.

Loke, like humans was able t grow in the Celestial World, he now had longer spiky hair that reached all the way to his waist. He looked stronger with all of his muscles showing.

" Good morning Loke-san" Wendy greeted as she bowed her head at him.

" Good morning, Loke" Chelia greeted to the Celestial Spirit who smiled at them.

" Good morning you two" Loke greeted back.

" Loke put me down, now!" Lucy screamed as Loke chuckled.

" Now don't be like that Lucy, you know you like it" Loke said as Lucy blushed even more.

" Well, we'll see you later" Loke said as he walked away with Lucy in his arms.

Wendy and Chelia then sweat dropped at the scene that had just unfolded before them.

" Well that was interesting I guess" Wendy said as she looked at Chelia.

" Yeah, interesting…" Chelia added as the two just shrugged it off before they walked away, continuing their shopping.

In the guild

With Natsu

" Wow, I got to admit that is a good plan" Gray said as he laid down on the counter.

" Yeah, I'll need to invite Caroline, so I better run there" I said as I got out of my seat and started running before the door opened and I saw Loke carrying Lucy.

" Oh hello there, Natsu" Loke greeted.

" Sup, Loke" I greeted back.

" Hey there, Natsu" Lucy greeted to me.

" Hey there Luce" I greeted her.

" So is it true from what I have heard from Wendy and Chelia?" Lucy asked me.

" Is it about the date I asked her tonight?' I questioned as she nodded her head.

" Alright, well there's more to that and-" I then explained the plan to them as they nodded their heads.

" Interesting plan you got there, Natsu" Loke praised me as I smirked.

" Alright well I need to tell Caroline as well" I said before I started running away to the café.

With Chelia

Normal POV

Chelia and Wendy continued walking as they took a break on a small bench in the middle of town.

" * sigh * I'm tired" Chelia said as she rubbed her aching legs.

" Well at least it's worth it, right?" Wendy asked as Chelia smiled tiredly at her.

" Yeah, you're right" Chelia agreed.

" Well it's nice to see the two of you" a voice said as Chelia and Wendy turned around to see a mop of scarlet hair.

" Hello there, Erza-san" Wendy greeted her.

" Hello Erza-san" Chelia greeted.

Erza has grown up to be a very beautiful and gorgeous woman in the last three years. Her scarlet hair looked even silkier than before and was much longer that it reached all the way to her waist. Her body had grown as well as her chest area and other parts as well but it couldn't really be told since she still wears her armor everywhere.

" Hello you two, it looks like you two did some shopping?" Erza asked as Chelia nodded her head.

" Yeah, I'm helping Chelia-san get ready for tonight" Wendy answered.

" Tonight? What's happening tonight?" Erza asked curiously.

" Natsu-san asked Chelia-san on a date tonight" Wendy explained as Erza just nodded her head.

" I see, alright then, have a good date then, also tell me if Natsu hurt you then I'll beat him up" Erza said before she left as Chelia chuckled uneasily as Wendy giggled.

" Classic Erza" Wendy said as Chelia nodded her head in agreement.

In the guild

With Natsu

Natsu had talked to Caroline and managed to run back to the guild.

" Man I'm exhausted" Natsu said as he slumped on the counter.

Mira then giggled as she then hands him a cup of whiskey.

" It's your fault for running Natsu" Mira said as Natsu groaned and took the drink.

Natsu then felt as if someone was missing.

"Hey where's Gray?" Natsu asked as he looked around the guild but couldn't find his rival.

" Oh he went back home to pick up Juvia and buy some clothes for tonight" Mirajane said.

Natsu then snorted at that.

" What's the point, he'll lose his clothes eventually" Natsu grumbled as Mira giggled.

" Come on, Natsu don't be like that" Mira teased as Natsu just stretched his body.

" What time is it now by the way?" Natsu asked the white haired female.

" Oh it's 2.30 right now" Mirajane said as she looked at the hand watch that she was wearing.

" Ah thanks" Natsu said as he then heard the door opened and turned around to see scarlet hair.

" Ah Erza, welcome back!" Mira greeted with a smile

" Sup Erza!" Natsu greeted with a wave as Erza walked to the counter.

" Good to see you, Mira and Natsu" Erza said as she sat down on the chair.

" So Natsu, I heard that you're taking Chelia on a date tonight" Erza said as Natsu nodded his head.

" Yeah I am, but there's something that I didn't tell her" Natsu said as Erza was confused.

" What is it?" Erza asked as Natsu began explaining to her.

Erza then nodded her head.

" I see, well how long have you two been dating again?" Erza asked.

" Around three years or more" Natsu told as Erza smiled.

" I see, well don't worry I'll definitely come for sure" Erza said as she then walked away.

Natsu then sighed as he slumped on the counter.

" Are you okay, Natsu?" Mira asked.

" Yeah, but I better go and get something nice to wear for tonight but I don't know what to wear" Natsu groaned.

" Don't worry Natsu, I'll help you" Mira said as Natsu's head quickly shot up.

" Really, Mira?" Natsu asked with hope in his voice as Mira then smiled at him.

" Of course, now let's go" Mira said as she then walked towards the door.

Natsu then got up and followed her.

With Chelia

Chelia was currently walking with Wendy to the guild after they had dropped their things at their respective houses.

" So why do you think Natsu would ask me on a date at such an expensive place?" Chelia asked curiously as Wendy looked at her.

" I don't know maybe he just wants to light up the romantic mood?" Wendy said as Chelia then placed a hand on her chin.

" Maybe" Chelia said as she suddenly stopped.

" Chelia, what's wrong?" Wendy asked as she then looked at where Chelia was looking at as her eyes went wide.

They were watching Mirajane pulling Natsu as they entered a clothing store.

Wendy then turned to her friend as she noticed that the pink haired female was trying her best not to cry.

" I'm going to go home for a while" Chelia said as she then turned back as she ran towards the other direction, ignoring Wendy's cries.

Wendy then walked towards the clothe store in rage as she was going to murder a certain Dragon Slayer.

With Chelia

Chelia then reached her house as she slammed the door before she jumped on the bed as tears started falling down her face.

' How could Natsu do something like that? Is he cheating on me? He's not the type to cheat, but Mira is more beautiful, has a bigger chest and more attractive than me and to top it all off, she knew him longer than me.' Chelia thought sadly before she then fell asleep.

A few hours later

" Hey Chelia wake up" Chelia then stirred in her sleep as Natsu then had a mischievous look on his face.

" Alright then, you asked for it" Natsu said as Natsu then jumped on the bed as he held the pink haired female's hands as he then bent down to lick her neck.

In her sleep, Chelia moaned as Natsu smirked.

Chelia then opened one of her eyes and was greeted by her boyfriend's toothy grin.

" Enjoyed that, eh?" Natsu asked with a smirk as Chelia blushed a bright crimson red.

" That was you?!" Chelia screamed out as Natsu got up.

" You know after this we can just go even further" Natsu said in seductive tone as Chelia blushed before she was wondering about what he said.

" After this?" Chelia asked as Natsu frowned.

" You forgot all about our date already?'" Natsu asked in a frown as Chelia then took notice of Natsu's clothes.

He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white undershirt, a red tie and black jeans.

Chelia then blushed at the sight of her boyfriend.

" Well hurry up and change, I saw some of the clothes you bought and I can't wait to see you in them" Natsu said with his eyes filled with lust as Chelia blushed at his lusty gaze.

" Then get out!" Chelia shouted as she used her Sky God's Bellow to send Natsu flying through the room.

" Geez you could have just said so" Natsu mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head.

A few minutes later

Natsu then waited patiently for his girlfriend as the door opened as his eyes went wide as he saw Chelia.

Chelia was wearing a light blue dress that reaches all the way to her knees, her hair was no longer tied in a ponytail which allowed her hair to fall back as it reached her back. And she didn't wear any makeup which made her beauty natural.

Chelia then saw Natsu's gaze on her as she then blushed and looked away.

Natsu then walked over to her and guided her face to meet his.

" Don't hide your beauty from me, or I'll be sad" Natsu said as Chelia blushed.

" H-how do I look?" Chelia asked as Natsu smiled at her.

" You look like the most beautiful woman that has ever stepped foot on this planet" Natsu said with honesty in his voice as Chelia blushed even harder.

" C-can we just go!" Chelia said as Natsu smiled at her.

" Alright then, let's go" Natsu said as the two of them then exited the house.

The two of them walked to the restaurant as they chat with one another.

Once they reached the restaurant, Natsu then opened the door for Chelia to enter as she blushed.

When Chelia entered the restaurant she was shocked to see all of Fairy Tail members and some others such as Caroline in the restaurant, eating and chatting.

" Wait what's going on?" Chelia asked.

" Chelia!" a voice called out her name as she turned around to see Wendy in a light blue dress.

" Wendy! What are you doing here?" Chelia asked confusedly.

Wendy then flashed a smile at her.

" Natsu managed to book the whole restaurant and invited the whole Fairy Tail guild here" Wendy said as Chelia's eyes widened in shock.

" Natsu did that?" Chelia asked in shock.

" Yeah" Wendy said as Chelia noticed Natsu walking over to Gray and Juvia.

" Why would he do that though?" Chelia asked as Wendy just smiled at her.

" I don't know, maybe you'll know by tonight?" Wendy said as she left.

Natsu then walked over to Chelia and flashed a smile at her.

" Well shall we take our seat?" Natsu asked as Chelia could only nod her head.

As they walked to their seat, Chelia had a lot of questions that she wanted to ask but she just kept quiet.

But the one question in her mind was…

Why on Earthland does Natsu look nervous?

This was one of the few times she had saw him so nervous.

When they reached their table he helped her with her chair by pulling it allowing her to seat.

Natsu then sat at their table and she noticed that the two of them were the only ones sitting on the table as everyone else was sitting in a group. Even Happy was not sitting with him which was a shocker to her.

Chelia then noticed a lot of familiar faces around her such as Lucy, Wendy, Erza, Gray, Juvia, Mira, Elfman, Lisanna, Loke and even Jellal.

But when Chelia was about to comment about something, she saw Natsu looking away.

Chelia then turned her head to see who he was looking at.

And her eyes widened in shock when she saw Natsu looking at Mira, and said female was looking back at him.

Chelia felt like she wanted to cry.

She now knows why Natsu reserved the whole restaurant and invited the whole of Fairy Tail.

He wanted to break up with her in front of everyone and start his relationship with Mira.

' Of course, why would he stay with me when he has someone like Mira' Chelia thought sadly.

The food then arrived which snapped Chelia back to reality.

" Well let's dig in!" Natsu said happily as Chelia couldn't help but giggle at Natsu.

' Well if this is our last date, I just wished I would have cared and fought for Natsu more' Chelia thought as she began to eat her food.

And during the meal she kept seeing Natsu looking at Mira during the whole night and she had to fight back the tears the whole time.

After everyone had finished their meal, Natsu then got off his chair to catch everyone's attention.

" Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this glorious night" Natsu started as everyone started clapping their hands.

Natsu then silenced everyone.

" Now there is a reason why I would even use up my jewels to book such an expensive restaurant and the reason is…. Chelia Blendy" Natsu said as everyone started clapping while others started whistling. Natsu then walked towards Chelia as he helped her up.

" Chelia is the best thing that ever happened to me, I never understood the meaning of love until she showed me. She's the reason I am the person I am today, and I owe her everything" Natsu said with honesty in his voice as Chelia could cry tears of joy because of what Natsu said.

" Chelia we have been dating for three years already and I want you to know that I love you, you are the only female in this world that I will say these words to" Natsu said as Chelia blushed at what he said.

" That's why I have a very important question for you" Natsu said as he walked around her and got down on one knee and reached out for his pocket as he revealed a black velvet box to everyone. He then opened the box with his thumb, revealing a sparkling diamond ring in the box.

Chelia gasped in shocked as everyone already knew this was about to happen since the beginning.

" Chelia Blendy, will you marry me?" Natsu asked.

Chelia then covered her mouth with both of her hands as tears started flowing down her face. She couldn't believe it, she thought Natsu was dating Mira but here he was in front of her, asking for her hand in marriage.

" Yes" Chelia whispered.

" Yes, yes, yes! Yes Natsu! Of course I'll marry you!" Chelia shouted out happily. Natsu then took the ring out of the box and slipped the ring into her ring finger.

Natsu then cupped her face as he wiped her tears away as his face looked like he was about to cry as well.

" You just made me the happiest man in the world, Chelia" Natsu whispered as Chelia then leaned forward as Natsu quickly captured her lips as everyone started clapping their hands as they cheered for the newly engaged couple.

A few months later

Today in the city of Magnolia, in the Kardia Cathedral a large bell was ringing loudly as it was surrounded by pink balloons and flowers.

Today was a day that was anticipated by everyone in Fairy Tail.

This day is very important because two members of the guild were about to live with each other forever.

It was the wedding of Natsu Dragneel and Chelia Blendy.

The cathedral was filled to the brim with Fairy Tail members, the people of Magnolia, and even friends and acquaintances from other guilds such as Sabertooth, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus. It was such a joyous event and anyone who knew the couple made sure they could attend.

Natsu was standing at the altar, fidgeting excitedly where he stood. He wore a black suit with a light red button down shirt and a fierce red tie. His pink spiky hair was flatten as his bangs were covering his eye.

The Dragon Slayer had undergo an makeover after he was forced by Sherry to make sure that her cousin's marriage was perfect, so he had cut his hair and had his hair flatten . His onyx eyes were wide with joy and he had his signature large grin on his face.

" My dear boy," the archbishop said to Natsu in a whisper

you should try to calm down before you exhaust yourself."

" I am calm," Natsu said, his eyes fixed on the door at the far end of the hall. He just couldn't wait to see Chelia.

Suddenly, the door opened and it took every ounce of self-control Natsu had to not bolt down the aisle, take Chelia into his arms, and swing her around. Music began playing from the orchestra that sat hidden off to the side.

As soon as the music started, so did the ceremony.

Gray and Sherry were the first two to walk down the aisle. Gray was thankfully fully clothed, mainly because of the several death threats that Mira and Sherry had made to him if he ruined Natsu's and Chelia's wedding day. The two both smiled as they walked towards the altar and made their way to their positions.

Elfman and Mira were the next two to walk down the aisle. Elfman was in tears, rubbing his eyes with his free large arm. Mira smiled as she clung to the large boy's other arm. They walked down the aisle and assumed their roles beside Gray and Sherry.

Wendy began walking down the aisle with Happy, Natsu's Best Man, in her arms. Both of them were smiling and tearing up. They walked up the aisle and took their places. Happy leapt out of Wendy's arms and stood beside Natsu.

He smiled up at him and Natsu returned the smile with an even bigger one.

The music paused slightly as the music changed. Everyone turned to see Chelia walking slowly up the aisle, holding the hand of a proud Makarov. Her white and pink bouquet was in her left hand and through her veil her sparkling blue coloured eyes were fixed on Natsu.

Seeing him like this, at their wedding, made her heart pound.

They stopped just before the altar and faced each other.

Makarov kissed her hand and whispered, "I'm so happy for you, Chelia, and I'm sure your cousin is as well" He then took his seat and Chelia walked over to the altar.

She handed her bouquet to Wendy and stood beside her while facing Natsu.

" Chelia…." Natsu breathed.

" You're so beautiful." Natsu said as Chelia smiled

The two smiled at each other before facing the archbishop. The music stopped, the archbishop cleared his throat, and the ceremony began. "Friends, family, neighbors, loved ones. We are gathered here today to bear witness to a most joyous occasion; the forging of a bond of love and union between Natsu and Chelia."

The entire time he was speaking, Natsu was fighting the urge to kiss Chelia.

She was so close to him. All he had to do was reach out a little bit and he could feel her creamy skin beneath his fingertips. Hell, he would settle for just holding her hand.

But he was determined to control himself for the sake of Chelia's happiness and their perfect day.

Of course, Chelia was having just as hard a time as Natsu.

She loved the feeling of his touch and to be so close yet unable to touch him was worse than torture. Her body ached to hold him. It felt like ages even though it was only yesterday since they were last together. But she steeled her resolve and stood firm, smiling as the archbishop spoke. She wanted this day to be perfect not just for her, but for Natsu as well. She waited for him a long time before. She could hold out until the end of the ceremony.

The archbishop turned to Happy.

" Do you have a ring for Natsu?"

Happy nodded with tears in his eyes.

"Aye, sir!"

" May I have the ring?" the archbishop asked.

Happy sniffed and nodded, lifting the ring in his small blue paw.

The archbishop took it and then faced Wendy.

" Do you have a ring for Chelia?"

Wendy nodded with tears in her eyes.

" Yes."

" May I have the ring?"

" Of course." Wendy replied while holding out the ring.

The archbishop took the ring.

" The couple has chosen to recite their own vows," he said and smiled at the couple while handing them their respective rings.

Natsu and Chelia then took the rings, faced each other, and took each other's hands.

Chelia decided to start first.

" Natsu, when I first joined Lamia Scale with my cousin, Sherry, I always wanted to be loved and wanted to meet my parents one day, but when I heard from the others that they died trying to protect me it saddened me to no end. Sherry was my only family and I decided to accept that. When we first had a real conversation at the guild, my heart started pounding whenever I was with you, when you nearly died, my heart felt as it was being crushed into a million pieces. When we became a couple I felt like I had gained everything in this world. We dated for three years and you treated me like no one else has treated me before. I'm very blessed that I get to spend my entire life with you."

She slipped the ring onto his left ring finger.

" With this ring, I seal my promise to be your faithful and loving wife." Chelia finished.

Natsu then started squeezing her hands.

"Chelia, when I was young, Igneel always told me about love and how I will find a mate one day and I should always love and care for her. At first I never understood what he meant until I met you, you changed me into the man I would have never become. You were my inspiration, my reason to get stronger but more importantly, you are my world, and if something would ever happen to you, I would be forever guilty and would never be worthy to be your mate. That is why I will love you and would care for you until my last breath. I love you with all of my heart and I can't wait to spend our lives together."

He then slipped the ring on her left ring finger.

" With this ring, I seal my promise to be your faithful and loving husband." Natsu said with a smile on her face.

The archbishop nodded. "Natsu, will you please repeat this vow to Chelia, saying after me; I Natsu…."

" I Natsu…"

" …take you Chelia…"

" …take you Chelia…"

" …to be my wife…"

" …to be my wife…"

" …to have and to hold from this day forward…"

" …to have and to hold from this day forward…"

" …for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health…"

" …for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health…"

" …I promise to love and cherish you."

" …I promise to love and cherish you." He leaned forward slightly as he placed a small kiss on her lips.

Chelia then giggled as the tears of joy were flowing steadily.

The archbishop nodded and turned to Chelia. " Chelia, will you please repeat this vow to Natsu, saying after me; I Chelia…."

" I Chelia…"

" …take you Natsu…"

" …take you Natsu…"

" …to be my husband…"

" …to be my husband…"

" …to have and to hold from this day forward…"

" …to have and to hold from this day forward…"

" …for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health…"

" …for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health…"

" …I promise to love and cherish you."

" …I promise to love and cherish you."

Natsu gave her a big grin.

" Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife," the archbishop announced.

" You may now kiss the bride."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Natsu's arms were around Chelia's waist, the veil was thrown from in front of her face, and he was pulling her against him and crashing his lips against hers for a passionate kiss.

Everyone leapt to their feet and roared in applause as the new married couple embraced.

They broke the kiss and smiled at each other before running down the aisle and towards the exit where the bright light of the sun was shining.

Their new lives together started today.

A few years later

In a small cottage lies two people in the living room.

One of them was a female who looked no older than 28 with long pink hair. She was wearing a long black dress that reaches all the way to her knees.

The other was a girl that looked no older than 7 years old with short pink hair, she is wearing a red top and blue skirt. She is also wearing a scaly looking scarf around her neck.

" Mommy, when is daddy coming back?" the girl whined as her mother smiled at her daughter.

" Soon dear, he'll come back soon I promise you Sora." the mother said with a smile as she heard the door started moving.

" And he's back" The mother said as the door revealed a man with spiky pink hair.

" Daddy!" the girl now revealed as Sora shouted in joy as she rushed to the man.

the man then smiled when he saw his daughter as he picked her up.

" Hey there, sweetie. How was your day?" the man asked.

" It was awesome Aunt Mira and the others played with me a lot today!" Sora said in glee as the man chuckled.

He then turned to his wife as he walked towards her and pecked her lips.

" How was your day love?" The man asked as Chelia sighed.

" It was kind of a troublesome mission but luckily Lucy was with me or it would have gotten worst" the woman sighed as the man placed the girl down on the floor.

" Is that so?" the man asked as the woman looked at her husband.

" And how was your mission?" the woman asked.

" It was kind of cool, I got to fight a lot of strong mages but they were not that strong" the man chuckled as the woman smiled before she hugged the man.

" At least you're home" the woman said as the man smiled.

The man then picked up his daughter as he placed a kiss on her head making his daughter giggle.

" Yeah, I'm home, and I wouldn't have change that" the man said.


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