Contest Nr 1

A/N: Okay, so this is my One -Shot (or, if u guys like it, the start of a story) for EvilOK´s contest, therefore the title. Just ignore writing fails. The first challenge is to make a Astrid/Caine one-shot (or story).

Summary: before Caine (he is 14) is sent to Coates, he and his "parents" are staying at Clifftopp a night, what happens?

(A little) INPORTANT: when the text is like this: Example, it´s metaphors. If you don´t get them, just read all the metaphors after each other. This is a "little" long. Not (to) fluffy, and Astrid maybe be a little OCC (did I use that right?) Hope you enjoy it!

I do not own GONE.

Mrs. Soren´s POV:

The rain was pounding outside the car, and she could barely see the road. "Don´t you think we should stop for the evening? It´s a hotel just a few minutes away," she asked her husband.

He looked in the mirror. "Maybe you are right, it´s late anyway." She nodded, and then turned her head to the backseat. Her adopted son was listening to music while staring out of the window.

When you looked at him, you never even thought that this boy could have done something wrong. When it came to Caine, you could NEVER trust your first impression.

Astrid´s POV:

"I will take care of him for a few hours," her mother said. Finally her mother took the responsibility.

Astrid was done with homework, house choruses, and taking care of her autistic brother. He was a burden, but she had to take care of him, while her father was at the nuclear-power plant and her mother was working around the house.

"I´m going out. I will be back in half an hour," she said, -then closed the front door. She felt like walking, even though it was raining cats and dogs.

She loved nature, and that was what brought her to the town square. The nearest nature that was not the forests or desert.

Her shoes were splashing in the mud, and she had a feeling of being watched, when her feet suddenly left the ground.

Caine´s POV:

"Where are you going?" his mother asked. "Out." He sent her a glance, like to say: and what can you do? Then he shut the door, and walked down the hall.

His mother couldn´t do a thing! If she didn´t want him to go out, then she would have to lock him up. And she couldn't blackmail or threaten him.

They were already sending him to Coates Academy, and they could not have the neighbors finding out that their son was sent to a military base. The Soren´s family image always needs to be perfect!

Technically, Caine had the overhand.

After a while walking, and memorizing the way back to the hotel, he ended up on a place he found out was the town square.

It was a water fountain there, and you could spot one block of flats from where he was standing. He also saw a figure (most likely a girl) walking away from him, less than five meters away.

He started wondering why somebody would go out at this time, and in this weather. He could think of many reasons, but that quickly left his mind as the girl slipped.

On instinct, he ran over, and catched her. A hand gripped his shoulder, and wet hair pressed against his chest.

The butterfly sees a beautiful, red flower. It flies towards it.

Astrid´s POV:

A person was holding her up.

She had expected the ground to be muddy, but not so much that she would fall. Would. If someone hadn't catched her.

She let her hand slide down, until it was just above the males heart. It was beating with powerful dunk´s. Steady, and, almost some kind of proud.

She looked upwards, expecting to see Sam´s blue, welcoming eyes. Instead, she saw deep brown eyes, -dark and mysterious.

The boy's face is surrounded by his hair, as dark (if not darker) as his eyes. The rain made it cling to his cheek-bones and chin.

It lands on the flower, but does not know it´s in danger.

The boy helped her into standing position, slowly.

It was a long silence. They were staring into each other's eyes. It was an awfully romantic situation.

The boy stretched his hand towards her, she took it, not afraid, like she normally would have done. "I´m Caine. Caine Soren," he introduced. She smiled. "Astrid," she answered.

Silence again. Astrid was thinking of ways to keep the conversation going. "So…I haven´t seen you around. Are you new at the school?" she asked, while nodding in the direction of the school.

He laughed a little, and smiled a smile just as beautiful as most girls would expect from him. "Um, no. I will be going to Coates Academy, we just stopped here so my parents could catch some sleep."

Her eyes expanded. How could a charming, sweet boy like him, be going to Coates? Maybe his parents just were- Wait! Charming, and sweet?

The flower closes around the butterfly. It fell in the trap.

"It´s late. I think I should go back to the hotel. Nice to meet you Astrid," Caine said. He let go of her hand (she hadn´t noticed it was still in his), and then left.

The next day


Astrid had a night full of dreams about Caine. Caine had a night where he was planning most of the time.

That morning, Astrid decided to go to Clifttopp, where Caine was, if he hadn´t left already. That thought made her palms sweaty.

When she stopped her bike, she saw that one car was there, ready to leave, and a family was standing in front of it. She was lucky.

The boy was standing on a little distance from his parents, and Astrid is reminded of how she thought that the only reason Caine is going to Coates, is that he has bad parents.

Caine turns towards her, and flashes a smile. He walks over.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" he asks. She lays her head to the side. "Oh, I just wanted to say goodbye." He shakes his head. This girl is almost drooling over him, just like all the girls are doing already.

"Bye," she says. He steps closer. "Bye, Astrid." Then, just to make his parents angry, he leans down and kisses her. On the lips.

Sure he has kissed girls before, but there is a little extra in this kiss. Strange. She tastes sweet, and smells like strawberry.

Astrid melts into the kiss. She barley kisses back, and doesn't fully know what to do. She never has been kissed before. But it feels good.

Who is really the victim?

He is a little taller than her, and he is a VERY good kisser. She starts finding the rhythm, but Caine´s parents interrupt.

They make an unpatented noise, and Caine unconnected their lips. He leans down and whispers: "I never got your after name."

His thumb strokes her cheek, and she mumbles softly: "Ellison." He smiles another one of his charming smiles, and then turns to the car where his parents are waiting.

The car drives out of the parking lot, and Astrid stands there, staring after it.