(Not) easy love

Almost according to plan

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Caine´s POV:

Astrid. Diana. Astrid…Diana… That was the only thoughts that were going through Caine´s mind as he walked with the little group towards what Sam and this Quinn-guy called 'the best surf-place in Pedido'.

Sam and Emma were holding hands, as were he and Astrid, but Sam was talking with Quinn and Emma was talking with Astrid. Caine wasn´t paying attention to any of the conversations, he was in deep thoughts.

Diana and Astrid were the total opposite of one another, the only thing they had in common was the good looks, but Diana knew how to use them. Astrid was sweet and actually showed him some feelings, while Diana was a challenge. He liked that.

But sometimes it was tiresome, although he didn´t show it. Boy, he had problems. It was okay for him to like Diana while dating someone (for the most it was an act), but at their date, he had forgotten to act, and just opened up to the blonde one.

It didn´t matter who you were, if you did that in Coates, you were sure to end up as a pile of shit within the next twenty-four hours! It was social suicide.

For the first time in many years, he was confused as to which one to pick. He was so deep in thoughts that he almost didn´t notice when Astrid squeezed his hand and asked if he had surfed before.

He looked over at them. "A few times," he said while snugging. Sam and Quinn looked at him strangely. "Would you like to try again?" Sam asked. There was a badly hidden challenging tone in those few words. Inwardly, Caine smiled.

That was a challenge he would accept, because he would never back down from a challenge, which was a part in why he didn´t give up on Diana.

But what Sam didn´t know, was that in those few times his parents had made him go to a surfing lesson on a holyday (it was just to get rid of him), he had learned quite a few things. Especially since he always had been athletic and a fast learner, and the fact that the lessons were private and lasted for hours also helped.

"Yea, I would love to," he answered happily, but at the same time he sent Sam the same challenging look.

He felt Astrid leaning in closer as they continued to walk on the cooling sand.

Astrid´s POV:

While the sun slowly sank into the water, the boys got tired of keeping the contest up between them.

She herself, was sitting next to Emma on a towel talking. And it just had to be about the boys, not that it bothered her to talk about Caine. "They are good," Emma commented. She was right.

Astrid also thought they were good. Sam and Quinn were better, but they were always surfing, the whole school knew, but Caine was very good even though he just had had a few trainings one time when he was in the Caribbean.

"Yes," she answered. Emma looked at her. "So, are you and Caine together?" The question came out of the blue. She looked Emma back directly in her eyes. "Yes, and what about you and Sam?" She snugged. "We have been on a date and chatted a little, but I think we´re still in the dating area."

Astrid nodded knowingly, she had felt the same with Caine, but they had kissed, she wasn´t sure if Sam and Emma had.

"Hm," was all she said as the boys (finally) came up to them, all wet. "We should get something to light a fire with so we don´t get a cold," Quinn suggested. They all nodded in agreement, and as soon as they had enough twigs, branches and driftwood, they lit a fire, but not easily.

Quinn had a lighter, and he tried to light the fire, but soon enough found out that it wasn´t an easy task. After a little time, Sam offered some help and tried himself. But as soon as one twig caught a flame, it went out.

Then Caine offered to try himself, and Astrid started thinking that they all were going to try, but Sam said that he just needed to try again. And a fire soon light up. They all settled around, and began talking.

After they had talked about surfing to the infinity, Quinn came up with the most casual (aka: stupid) question ever.

"How is it up the hill?"

Sam´s POV:

Caine´s eyes flicked to Astrid before he answered. "It´s okay. But it´s really strange to have the teachers around you twenty-four/seven." Quinn laughed. "I can´t image having them around me, it must be hell when they´re always asking if you have done your homework." That made smiles appear on all their faces.

The fire was slowly dying down and the sun disappeared in the horizon. "Yea, and they are always watching you and writing down notes even after school has ended," Caine said. "Uhh," Sam said, "and isn´t there a curfew or something?"

"Yep. You don´t know how many times I have got away without them noticing." Astrid sent him a questioning look. "Let's just say that when they always walk the same route every night, it isn´t hard to avoid them."

Sam looked back to the fire. Now it was so small that the darkness surrounding them slowly crept closer. He didn´t like darkness, so he stood up. "Maybe we should find more twigs to keep the fire going?" Astrid was about to say something when her boyfriend spoke up.

"Sure, I can go with you, Sam." That made Astrid shut up and the two boys started to walk deeper into the darkness, Quinn´s eyes burning into Sam´s back.

It wasn´t out of nowhere Sam had wanted to go with Caine to find twigs, he wanted to confront the Coates-kid, alone. And it happened almost according to plan, but this was better because Caine had come willingly.

They walked in silence until they came behind an out spring of the cliff. Sam didn´t waste time, but turned around to the silhouette of the other male.

"You stay away from Astrid." A moment of silence. "Excuse me? Who are you to decide what I´m going to do?" was the reply. Sam took a threatening step forward. "You heard me, stay away from her." Caine also took a step forward crossing his arms. "And why would I do that?"

Sam even hated the way Caine talked. So well-formed, he was practically doing it so he was talking down to him!

"Because she deserves better than you." "Oh, I see," Caine said, "you mean like yourself. You are in love with her and are just using your little friend as a cloak to get closer to Astrid." The calm voice he had while speaking also irritated Sam.

But what Caine had just said was unbelievable. He had gotten a little piece of information and guessed himself right to the answer! And the worst part, he had guessed hundred percent right. Oh, so Sam hated him.

"Where did you get that idea?!" If it had been lighter, you could have seen how red Sam was in the face. "Oh, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy…" Sam HATED to be called that! "…I´m right, ain´t I? Oh poor Emma, was that her name? You are just using her, and I´m not good enough? No Sammy-boy, it´s you who aren´t good enough for Astrid, and just think that you can do something so horrible to another human being," Caine said mockingly. "Tsk, tsk, t-" He never got to finish his tsk-ing, because a green light shoot out of Sam´s palm.

It was the same light that had burned Tom´s had off, but Caine was luckier. The powerful light hit his left leg and burned the flesh. Caine roared in fury and pain, while he stretched his hands out.

Then, a gust of wind, and Sam felt unbelievable pain in his back, but his lungs hurt too. He felt it like a giant foot was pressing him flat into the ground, only that the ground was the cliff, and the foot more like a hand.

He gasped for air and struggled, but it was no use. He took some seconds to look around, and saw that Caine had his hands outstretched towards him. It only took a few seconds for this to progress and for Sam to realize the truth. Caine also had powers!

A sound cut through the lighthead-ness and reached Sam. The sound was of running feet's, several of them.

The hand let go, and the next thing he knew, Quinn was supporting him. Someone had a flashlight and was pointing it in an angle so they all could see each other. Astrid was helping Caine standing, his leg was burned and a little black.

"What happened?!" Emma screamed panicky. Sam looked at Caine, desperately trying to figure out something to say. Caine looked back directly in Sam´s eyes as he spoke.

"Oh, we were just walking then clumsy Sam here tripped over and hit something. So I decided to light a fire, but, it, kinda caught on my leg and I was too late into the water…" He looked at Astrid in a way that even made Sam look at him with pity.

Astrid shook her head, then started walking, still supporting Caine. "We should get you two to the hospital," Astrid said, but her voice had something in it, like she didn´t concentrate fully on what she was saying, like her thought were somewhere else…

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