(Not) easily love

Little Pete gets involved

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Astrid and Caine were sitting on the grass in the town plaza. It was two weeks since they were at the beach and Caine and Sam got injured. Caine hadn´t been able to come to her house the two latest weekends, so it was nice to be with him again.

She had just introduced him to her autistic brother, and now they were playing with him. But they weren´t playing one of the games she used to teach him, they were pushing a ball between them while talking.

Sam was walking down the road. He and Quinn had a fight a few days ago over the fact that Sam hardly hung out with Quinn anymore. They hung out, but not so much as before. Sam knew that Quinn was growing suspicious on what Sam was doing, but he couldn´t tell him.

Like, how crazy doesn´t Well, I´m busy because I´m stalking someone, so, yea, I can´t go surfing right now… sound?! And, of course was it Astrid he was stalking. Most people didn´t know how much information you could get out of Facebook.

So he just kept walking, kicking empty cans, small stones and generally all things that came in his feet´s reach. He was angry, but also confused. Earlier that day, he had done something he never had imagined himself doing, -he had opened the little metal box and read who his father was.

Name: Samuel Smith Mother: Constance Temple Father: Taegan Smith

Date of birth: November the twenty-second Time of birth: ten twelve p.m.

Sierra Vista Regional Medical

Sam wasn´t the brightest one, he admitted that, but even he knew that his mother had changed his last name when his father stepped out of her life, if he even did. Maybe they still had contact, maybe not, but the thing that really shocked him: It wasn´t just his birth certificate that was laying there.

So he had stomped out of the house, right after almost burning through the closet and the wall of her bedroom.

Quinn was also 'enjoying' a walk. He had a strong feeling of numbness. He wanted to go surfing in this weather, but his parents didn´t want him to go get wet in the case of getting sick before a wedding they were attending to the next day.

It wouldn´t have been so funny anyway, because Sam wasn´t there.

If he was totally honest with himself, he really missed surfing with Sam, but Sam kept saying no, and they hadn´t surfed in a week! So life sucked right now.

He turned in the middle of the sidewalk and right into the plaza. He looked at the ground and almost suffered a minor heart attack as he suddenly stumbled into someone, and they went down.

Astrid looked up to answer the question her boyfriend (she still loved to call him that) had asked. "They do. People can be cruel. They call him retarded and come up with nicknames like Petard."

Caine gave her a comforting look. She continued. "They are calling him something he isn´t. He isn´t retarded, he is autistic, and he has a normal IQ for a four year old, maybe even higher!"

She didn´t lose control, but her voice was raising and Little Pete was turning his head from side to side, as if trying to look for the source of the noise.

Instead of Caine comforting her, she comforted her little brother, he was starting to get worked up. "Window seat, Little Pete. Window seat…" She started rooking him from side to side. When he was completely calm (it didn´t take long, she had started comforting him before it became something big) she turned back to Caine.

He smiled at her, but it got whipped off all too soon when a sound came from behind them that wasn´t the other Ellison.

The sound was of two people colliding followed by muffed curses and grumbles. The two boys scrambled to their fetes, and stared at one another, then at her and Caine. And of course, one of them had to be Sam.

She disliked Sam. Sam was never leaving her alone. He always tried to start a conversation between them in the hallways of the school and the minute she logged on Facebook he would bug her, asking if she wanted to 'hang out' with him.

The other one was Quinn. She didn´t have specific feelings for him, not dislike, nor a liking, just a blur of almost, but not quite, nothing.

Caine sent Sam a dirty look when no one was looking. Ugh, Sam, he thought. It wasn't just the fact that Sam had a powerful power, that he had hurt him and that he always brewed after Astrid (yes, he had seen it), but he just resented Sam generally. He had an urge to use the power he owned on Sam, -the only problem being that other people were there.

"Heeyyy, so, t'sup?" Quinn said. Caine raised an eyebrow at them. Of all things you could do to break the thick tension of feelings that was like flaming ice, that was surprisingly the best one.

He coughed to get attention, then said: "Well, we were sitting here talking, when you two…" idiots "…came along." Quinn blushed but it was Sam who spoke. "Yea, sorry for that." There was bitterness in his voice.

Little Pete suddenly busted out crying. It was unexpected and loud, making them all hold their hands over their ears. Astrid was the first one to remove her hands and placing her little brother at her lap. Caine guessed she was cringing 'window seat' over and over again.

It didn´t stop the crying though, then a voice broke through. "Can you make that fucking retard stop?!" It was Quinn who had shouted it. The little trembling four year old cried even louder, if that's even possible. No one would've guessed that it was space for so much air in the little lungs.

Astrid stood up with the cry-ball still in her arms. "He is no a retard! And you're just making it WORSE!" Quinn looked sorry for a moment, then he shook it off like noting.

Sam walked over to Astrid and tried to lay his arm around her to help with Petey, but Astrid just walked from him and into Caine's open arms. Sam's eyes were glowing with anger. "Why are you even with him?!" He pointed an accusing finger in Caine's direction.

"Seriously! He goes to Coates! He is for sure a psychopath! He must have done something to end up there!"

Astrid froze in Caine's arms. He hadn't told her the reason he was sent to Coates, she had just guessed. She looked up at him. "What can I say, my parents are spoiled assholes!" he managed to say (not scream) over Little Pete.

She looked back to Sam, and noticed that Quinn also had a dark vibe in the look he gave his best friend. One thing floated from the back of her mind to the front: He is trying to split us up!

She forgot to comfort the boy in her arms, she actually forgot him all along (something she had promised herself never to do) as she put him down on the grass.

Peter 'Michell' Ellison felt like it was too much. He didn't have his Gameboy and the avatars were fighting, not just with one another, but also with themselves. Feelings where floating around him, like colors.

There were too many noises and colors!

The palm-tree was oozing of green and red. Most of it directed at the stone floating in middle air, but some red was creeping to the angel with golden hair. The stone replayed the red to the tree. Then it was the little slop of water that sent a big amount of red towards the tree.

But it wasn't just bad feelings, some were good too. A warming pink-ish color came from the stone to the flying woman and the other way around, while a thin stripe came from the palm too.

He could also feel Nestor, and Nestor was overwhelmed with yellow. Nestor was happy. The noise continued, but he didn't realize he was the cause of it.

So overwhelming, too much. Then the famous last straw came: A half sun, half tear, looking like it was sewed together, surrounded by sad blue and shocked purple, and it really attracted the other colors, including confused orange.

Connie was driving home from work. She had just had time to come there before she had to leave. In the back-seat she had a few things from her office, her former office. That was right, -she had just been fired.

On her way home she had thought about how she needed to find a new job, something that would be very difficult seeing it as she never had completed her education. But before she would go home and tell Sam, she had to stop at the hardware-store. She had to bring a defective drill inn and get the money back.

But she wasn´t entirely sure if she really needed the money back or if it just was a distraction so she could wait a little longer before she told Sam. Without the job, she wasn't sure if she could take care of Sam, and the thought of giving him up brought back the memories of David.

She didn't want to think of him, but fate was cruel. She heard a rattling sound of crying, and instantly started walking towards it. The sound was piercing and easy to follow. She wished she hadn´t done that, because she walked right on a discussion between a blonde girl, her son, his best friend and her abounded son.

"I´m not trying to split you two up!" Caine (aka: David) looked at him. "Oh, yea. What about the fact that you´re just using Emma?" Sam turned to him. Caine let go of Astrid. They were preparing for a fight.

A little boy was crawling away from them, even though he looked old enough to walk. You could call it motherly instincts, or you could say that she wanted the bawling to stop, either way, she picked up the boy, started comforting him, and said: "Sam! What are you doing?!" with a straight voice.

Everyone turned to her. The blonde girl saw the boy in Connie's arms and hurried to take him. "Can I have my little brother?" Connie nodded and passed him over.

Sam couldn´t believe that his mother was there. She should be at work, but he was kind of happy that she was there now, because: "Why didn't you tell me that I had a brother?!" He started walking towards his shocked mother. Good, let her be shocked that he had found out.

She looked at him with pleading eyes. "Sam, I couldn't tell you. You would be so hurt-" "So it's better that I found out this way?! What happened to him?" He swallowed, trying to wet his calk dry throat. "What happened to David?"

His mother shook her head. "Sam, listen to me. I had to do it, I couldn´t take care of bought of you." Sam's breathing started to rag. "S-so what happened t-to him and my father?" he asked in a soft tone.

"When your father died in the meteor crash at the power plant, I just hadn't enough strength to carry on. Therefore I gave up your fraternal twin." A small gasp came from almost everybody. Deep down, Sam was angry, he wanted to know why she never had told him that his father was dead, but a more important question kept popping into his mind.

"Do you know where h-he is?" She nodded. "Where?" Sam now had forming tears in his eyes, but still anger in them. Her eyes darted to everyone, stopping at one person for an extra second, and continued. Sam tried to see who it was, if that person knew, but her eyes had already moved.

"It's about I tell you." He felt like she was using the 'you', in plural. "Sam…" She forced him to turn around. "meet your fraternal twin." Chocolate met sea when Sam came face to face with the person that he hated.

It became too much

One minute they were all staring at one another, the next minute, they were gone. There. Gone. No 'poof'. No flash of light. No explosion.

All memories of things that had happened for the past 19 days, feelings and bonds made in that time period; gone.

Grace forgot that she had fired Connie for stealing a blood-sample.

Connie didn´t remember that she had told her sons about one another.

Sam had no idea that he had been on a date with Anna's sister, or that he had fought with his best friend, again.

Quinn couldn't call the memory of him hanging with other people than Sam, or anything of the sweet brunette forward.

Emma had not been on date with Sam Temple ever, it someone asked her.

Astrid never had a boyfriend, never kissed someone and never forgot about her little brother- that was what she thought.

Caine wanted no one other that Diana, because no one was even pretty compared to her.

Diana had never and would never admit that there was something charming about Caine's puppy love.

The only one that remembered a slightest thing, was Little Pete, just bad that he couldn't tell anyone even if he wanted. He could pronounce some sentences, not explain complicated scenarios that even his sister couldn't explain without her big words.

One and a half love destroyed. Two pairs given an un-wasted chance. One friendship given longer time. A mother given the chance to take the easy way. And least but not last: something causing a death rate a little over 40%.


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