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Orihime Inoue wasn't feeling well. She wasn't feeling well at all. Why wasn't she feeling well? Ichigo Kurosaki, the love of her life, had been spotted with Rangiku Matsumoto. On a date?

Of course, that was the information her best friend, Tatsuki Arisawa, had shared with her just minutes ago.

The young woman of seventeen years was previously feeling confident that she and Ichigo were growing closer, as they had been out on quite a few dates. Hot dates, mind you.

However, after hearing this news, her heart had suffered the worst shattering that was humanely plausible. Sure, she hadn't divulged to the young man that she'd forever been in love with him - but damn it, couldn't he tell?

The hot kisses?

The blushing?

The subtle touching ...?

Maybe she meant nothing to him. Oh, Orihime certainly didn't want to confront or dare face that reality, however, what other possibility could exist?

This couldn't be happening.

The beautiful burnt-orange haired healer merely desired to go home right at this very moment and seal herself inside her bedroom, isolating herself from the world to cry until there was nothing left.

... Rangiku Matsumoto, the woman with whom she grew to admire and wished to emulate, was enjoying dinner - with her soon-to-be boyfriend.


To say rage, jealousy and betrayal didn't accompany the sadness in her heart would be the understatement of the year in her eyes.

With a small whimper, Orihime ran away, not bothering to say goodbye to Tatsuki. Her friend called after her, though, with a billion thoughts and fears running rampant through the teenager's mind, Tatsuki may as well had been invisible.

Orihime Inoue, the gentlest of spirits, was crumbling intensely, thoroughly, to the pain of a broken heart.


The young healer made it to her apartment in a flash, sprinting up the stairs with authority and tears beginning to drop from her eyes. She opened and slammed the door behind her. Her backside slid down the length of the door and, from there, Orihime let out a loud cry and commenced sobbing hysterically.

"Why? Why am I not good enough for him? Am I not pretty enough? Do I talk about aliens too much? Is my cooking horrible? Did I not put out soon enough?

"Whatever it is, I'll change. For him, I'll do anything. I really wish this was a bad nightmare that I'm going through. I just can't take watching him - or hearing him - be with another woman. Truly, I can't. I want to be happy for him ... and for Rangiku, but I just love him so much ..."

The seventeen-year-old originally thought Rukia was her only competition for Ichigo but, when she discovered the raven-haired beauty queen of a soul reaper only viewed him like a little brother, Orihime felt relieved and figured no one else stood in her way.

How misguided she was ...

Misguided was too kind a word. S.O.S. (Stuck On Stupid) would classify as a much better term.

Orihime continued bawling her dreamy grey eyes out until sleep consumed her, thinking solely of love that got away ...


The lieutenant of squad ten was assigned to Karakura Town for the time being, so she made it her priority to relish in the various intricacies of the human realm. The buxom blonde wouldn't be able to explain with absolute conviction what fascinated her about this world, but she knew she liked it ... more than the Soul Society.

Rangiku and Ichigo finished their dinner, both grinning as the latter walked the former to her home. Everyone who passed them on the street gazed at them keenly. If they'd actually paid the onlookers any mind, they'd probably notice that with the rapport they possessed, they themselves appeared to be a couple. And though neither were allowed to admit it, they did look good together. The two had dated in the past but, as Lieutenant Matsumoto's guilt of knowing how Orihime felt in regards to Ichigo had inundated her, Rangiku broke it off with him.

At first, she'd used the 'soul reapers can't fraternize with civilians' excuse, but being the truthful person she prided herself in being, the blonde shared the truth with him. To say the truth shocked Ichigo was underwhelming. While he hadn't much of a moment to process this new intel, Rangiku then made him promise her two things prior to kissing him goodbye:

One.) Make certain to not reveal their past relationship to Orihime. Ever.

Two.) Ask the burnt-orange haired healer on a date.

Well, actually, she'd more or less demandedit - or she'd permanently detach his scrotum from his penis. That, and inadvertently disclose that the teenager "played for the other team." Not that she found it objectionable, of course. Still, imagine his reputation taking a nose dive ...

Ichigo was a man of his word, that was partly why Rangiku had grown to like him herself. Too bad she loved Orihime like a little sister to the point she wanted the healer's happiness over her own.

She'd asked the substitute soul reaper out in order to grill him about the status of Orihime and himself. Rangiku had grown curious, as from what she gathered from her little sister, the young man in question was moving things too damn slow. God, it infuriated Lieutenant Matsumoto to learn he was acting like a pussy.

All of the work she put in to teaching him that a man should take charge with a woman.

Leading her.

Being her rock.

To hear that he was failing miserably just didn't sit well with her. The buxom blonde had half a mind to lecture him big time but, seeing as he still knew how to maintain a good presence and show a woman a good time, she'd give him a pass ... this time. If he did it again, though, his ass was hers.

Everything wasn't all bad, however. Rangiku was elated that she could partake in some solace in the realization that while she indubitably despised him for not making things official or taken the healer to bed - something he did with her on a nightly basis after their first time - she was in jubilation after learning (following some divine manipulation) that the two lovebirds in question had been engaging in some heated make out sessions ...

... He wasn't a total wuss at least.

The duo continued their walk through the city streets, sharing stories about their former relationship and the up's and down's. It was nice to reminisce.


Orihime awakened from her nap, her heart throbbing beyond belief.

Why did love have to hurt so bad?

She couldn't take it anymore! How could Rangiku and Ichigo do this to her? Rangiku had knowledge of her love but apparently didn't care. Ichigo made her fall in love - with his handsome face, his full-of-life brown eyes, his delectable scent ...

... Sniffing the hoodie she was wearing, her heart turned flips.

Damn, he smelled good. So. Fucking. Good.

Perhaps, at this particular juncture she, in all probability, should've given him his sweatshirt back at the conclusion of the date. But, she hadn't wanted to part with it. The garment, with its thickness and the bright yellow, had captivated her. It felt so right on her silky skin, like it belonged to her forever and always. With pleading eyes, she politely asked him if she could hang onto it, to which he agreed with no resistance, saying that it was "no problem at all."

She was overjoyed. No, she was obsessed. So obsessed she'd worn his hooded top every single day to school and everywhere else she'd traveled to ...

... That was the final straw for Orihime. She had to be close to him. She had to confess her feelings. She had to go for broke. He might not want her right now, but she'd do whatever it took to alter his mind. Before she could do that, though, she had to get freshened up. In addition, she needed to change into something more womanly.


Rangiku and Ichigo arrived at her home following a couple of hours merely sightseeing and chatting. The two experienced an emotion of euphoria wash over them. Yup, this was just like old times. Except, there wouldn't be any sex.

"Well, Ichigo, I had a great time. I would invite you in but, I have a feeling you'd be all over me, you stud," the lieutenant lightly teased.

"Tch, whatever. You're the one who was always the freakin' pervert if I remember correctly ...," he joked right back.

Jiggling her breasts, Rangiku cackled, "Oh, really? Because I recall a certain somebody who'd beg for these after a little teasing ..."

"Fuck you," smugly replied Ichigo.

Cackling louder, the lieutenant replied, "You wish you could, hun; you wish you could."

The two shared a laugh before getting serious.

"Hey, Ichigo."

"Yeah, Ran'?"

"About Orihime, I think you should tell her how you feel. I'm sure she's waiting for you to make a move."

"Rangiku, you know I'm not in love with her. I care about her deeply, but I just don't feel it."

"Bullshit!" Lieutenant Matsumoto hollered, causing the substitute soul reaper to jump. "Quit being a coward and get your woman!"

In an instant, Ichigo pulled Rangiku into him, gazed into her eyes and promptly kissed her. Time seemed to freeze for the latter, as every fiber of her being wanted to stop him, but she found herself unable to fight the pleasure from the kiss. Their tongues joined together and danced, in-sync with every twist. All of this prompted the buxom blonde to moan. Not missing his window, the seventeen-year-old male hoisted the lieutenant, to which she submissively responded by wrapping her legs around his waist as he whisked her into the house.


Inside the kitchen, the blonde was placed on top of the counter by her young ex-boyfriend, his lips oh-so marvelous against hers. She felt his strong hands softly pulling at the shoulder straps of her sleeveless white blouse, getting them down with relative ease. Again, she wanted to stop him. Oh, she wanted to stop him.

This wasn't right.

It was so wrong.

And yet, it felt not-so-wrong.

He knew her and her body so well. She'd trained him well. Perhaps, a little toowell, as his lips soon left her lips to taste her in other ways ...

... She immediately groaned as she experienced the bliss of him feasting on her neck, "Y-You ... need ... to ... stop, Ichigo ..."

Rangiku recognized that it was a futile attempt on her part, but she knew she had to try. At least, this way she wouldn't feel so bad.

"You told me ... to 'quit being a coward and get my woman.' Now shut up and enjoy it," he stated amid a husky edge.

The lieutenant's core just dampened at his dominant tone and attitude. Damn it, she gushed when he took command. Of course, it wasn't the time to pat herself on the back, though, as this was still wrong.

What about Orihime? Why, oh why did Ichigo have to make her treasure ache with need at the worst possible time? And why had she given in so easily?

Rangiku doubted she'd ever come up with a decent answer.

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