Summary: Ga eul just got in the most prestigious school, Shinhwa, along with her best friend, Jan Di. Can she survive to this nightmare? Most importantly, can she survive to the F4 and someone in particular?

This story is going to be different from the drama. Maybe some parts will be related to the show.

Disclaimer: In my dreams I own them, but in reality is just a mere fantasy. I do not own Boys Over Flowers and/or the characters.

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Shinhwa school, the unattainable dream for commoners. Only the wealthiest people could get in to the most prestigious school in Korea, but that would exclude two young and poor girls; Geum Jan Di and Chu Ga Eul.

It was a nightmare to even think about the possibility to be surrounded by those obnoxious people who didn't have to worry about what they were going to eat, live, or work the next day. Even though the hatred could be felt from miles away, their parents were more enthusiastic knowing that their girls could assist to a place where they could never in their life pay.

The remorseful thought of saving that suicidal kid while working appeared in their minds. Repentant of accompany that day her best friend to work she was, and now the only thing left was to suffer along with her friend the years of school they had left.

The Geum family celebrated inside their house while the Chu family gave instructions to their daughter of how she had to act in school. The day was coming. One more peaceful night and their nightmare will begin for the rest of their school years.

The sun rose to the sky as it was going to be a new day. People getting ready to work for their daily food, kids dressing up for school and... two girls who cried their hearts out looking for approval of their disapproval to go to Shinhwa school. Unfortunately, their parents did not care and were more proud to show to their neighbors and, in general, the poor people, that their girls were attending a place where they could never step foot.

"Please, don't do this to me" Ga Eul begged to her parents while pushing her to get in the car. Her effort seemed vain. "Why do I have to go?" it was more like an exclamation but her father responded back "You are going to get better studies there" he started the engine and slowly drove. "But I like my old school" she crossed her arms and kept looking at the driveway. "I don't want to hear anymore" her dad wore a serious gaze while getting near their destination. She leaned back, arms still crossed hoping that something could stop her before.

After ten minutes passed they finally arrived. Her father slowly drove so he could admire the huge structures that were surrounding them. A sudden car got in his way and had to put the brake on. Speechless, and with wide eyes kept staring at the orange Loctus Elise who quickly parked. "Yah... who do he thinks he is?" Ga eul got angry about what that person did without caring if they would had an accident. "I'm going to leave you here" her father only said with an emotionless face. His daughter only stared at him in disbelief that he wasn't going to do something about it. She opened the door and slowly closed it while looking at her father.

It was obvious that he acted this way. Even though Ga eul was disappointed for his non-action, it was a wise decision to leave the situation alone. It was not necessary to complain to someone who possessed a lot of power and could do anything to you. Complaining will make him look like a fool; being angry because his car almost got hit by a new and expensive car didn't seem to be right.

After he was out of there, Ga eul was still mad of that person's action. She turned around and saw that the person who owned the car was getting out of it. She walked very decided to him "Yah... you!" she screamed and pointed at his direction. The boy turned and with a careless expression looked at her. "Why you did that?" she kept talking loud since she was still far from him.

He just looked at her one more time and flashed a smile. Ga eul stopped, still with her hand pointing at him, shocked of how he smiled at her. It felt like a wall, a wall that couldn't let her walk anymore, like if he bewitched her. Even though the boy was no longer there, at her sight, she kept replaying in her mind his smile.

"Ga eul!" a female voice called her from behind. It was her best friend, Jan Di. Apparently, she still couldn't move, speechless. Jan Di tapped her shoulder and stared at her gaze, she looked to the direction where she was still looking at. "Did something happened?" the girl with short hair asked a bit confused. Ga eul woke up from her trance and saw that her friend was waiting for an answer. "" she tried to sound normal. "Let's get inside" her best friend recommended.

It was a huge place. Their eyes traveled to the big structures that wore fine colors, classrooms that could be compared to their house, people who wore the most exclusive accessories. It definitely was going to be hard to find their classroom, and this time they no longer were classmates. The two girls were never this separated at school. Jan Di felt preoccupied of her best friend. Ga eul was so quiet and good that people would take advantage of that. She was always there to help her, to defend her like a sister. It was different now. They had to take different paths.

"The F4 is here!" a girl screamed and announced in excitement while Geum Jan Di was still lost in her thoughts. Girls even pushed them to get a view of something, or someone. Ga eul grabbed the arm of her friend and pulled her to see what was going on. The doors opened and four figures came in sight. For a moment it could not be seen who were since the light was very bright. After a few seconds, four males walked inside the school and all females began to scream like crazy while the boys looked terrified. Even if they hated to admit it, Jan Di and Ga eul could not stop staring at them and their charms. What seemed to be the leader of the group, raised his hand and everyone went quiet. The only sound that could be heard was their footsteps. Each time he got closer to someone, that student would shake of fear. The two girls were still looking at them from far. The leader of the group, a tall guy with black curly hair traveled his eyes to a certain boy. He stepped in front of him and looked at his necktie "You have three seconds to take it off" he warned him with a serious glare while one of the other boys who came with him gave him a soda. The boy was still in shock and fear that he did not do as he was told. The male with curly hair slowly raised the drink and soaked his shirt with soda. Everyone opened their mouth in surprise. The boy simply stood there looking to the floor embarrassed.

Afte that, a girl offered him a cake in sign that she wanted to give him her love. He stared at the white cake for a second and took it. You could hear the girls getting jealous, but then he did something no one could believe; he slowly put the cake on her face. Everyone laughed at her while he just looked in disgust.

Jan Di and Ga eul could not believe that this boy just commit that. They asked themselves how could it be possible that everyone treat them like gods when they had just humiliated them. They were sure that those boys were handsome, but they didn't have any right to treat others like that. "Who do they think they are?" Jan Di said with disgust as she saw how everyone backed off as they continue to walk.

Three girls approached to Ga eul and Jan Di in disbelief. "What did you just said?" one of them asked. The two of them didn't even expect someone to talk to them and were a bit confused. "You don't know who they are?" another girl of the three questioned. The best friends shook their heads aware that something could happen to them by the expression the girls were giving them. "Do you even know who we are?" yet another asked and once again they received a no with their head. The girls were shocked and looked like they were about to faint. Before the trio could say something else, Jan Di and Ga eul left as soon as possible.

The bell rang announcing that classes were about to start. The two best friends looked at each other with a sad gaze. "You are going to be fine" Jan Di caressed her friend's shoulder and left for her class.

Ga eul sighed and begin searching for her classroom until she finally found it. The hours went slow and she could not bare being there for a minute longer. Everyone kept staring at her and murmur to each other hurtful words of the poor girl seated in the middle of the classroom, surrounded by people who just couldn't understand how such a poor and silly girl could be around them, in the school.

The only thing that had entertained Ga eul was the memory of the boy with the lovely smile. She wondered who he was and where he was. Even when he did something that made her angry, she kept thinking about him. A flashback of the four guys she previously saw came into her mind. One of them seemed familiar with the boy she saw this morning. Could it be?, Ga eul thought. She shook her head and tried to pay attention to the class.

Finally it was lunch time. The girls agreed to meet at the lunchroom. "Ga eul, here!" her only friend called her. They were sitting in the corner of the room while they eat the food their family had prepared for them. The scent of the food could be smell from far away. No one dare to get near them nor the food.

Ga eul saw the stares and put her chopsticks down. "Aren't you going to eat anymore?" her friend asked her while she cleaned her mouth with her arm. "I'm not hungry" she put away her food bowl and just stared in space, hands supporting her cheeks.

"The F4!" A girl shouted and everyone left their food and ran to the entrance. "What it is so good of them!" Jan Di tried to say, food still in her mouth. The four boys entered, and while they were serving their food, Ga eul noticed one of them. She kept staring at him until he got the strange feeling someone was looking at him. Even though every girl were sending him glares, he felt this one different. He looked to the corner of the room and saw how the girl stared at him. Ga eul quickly fixed her eyes to the wall embarrassed that he had caught her. She was blushing and felt nervous for a second. The boy turned to face his food that was all ready and smiled to himself.

After that, they left the room with their foods. "It is him" she murmured to herself but Jan Di still heard her. "Who is who?" Ga eul turned to see her friend's expression, she was still putting in her mouth more food. Jan Di was a bottomless pit, but she liked that about her. It was so impressive how could she eat a lot and never gain any weight.

When Jan Di was miraculously full, there was still time before entering once again to class. The girls decided to go outside and admire the courtyard Shinhwa school has. It was covered with beautiful flowers from all kinds you could imagine, the bushes were cut into different geometrical shapes, and a big fountain that was placed in the centre, so everyone could admire from any angle.

The girls were still holding in their hands the leftovers from their lunch. "Yah, Ga eul" Jan Di smiled to her and continue "let's race to that tree" but before her friend could decline that offer Jan Di was already running towards the tree. "Wait!" Ga eul ran too, and she got close to Jan Di. The tree was only feets away when she suddenly look behind to see where Ga eul was, and before she could even look again to the front, she crashed into someone and fell to the ground. "Jan Di!"her friend exclaimed and ran more faster to get to her. The girl was still on the ground and finally opened her eyes. A male shoes covered with all her leftover was standing in front of her eyes. She slowly raised her face to see the boy with curly hair she saw before. Her friend helped her get up. "I'm sorry" Jan Di nicely said while looking at his face who was turning red. "Yah!... look at what you did" he screamed at her while his friend stared at the two girls. "I said I'm sorry" she once again apologized. "If everything works out by saying sorry, then why would there be laws and police in the world?"

Jan Di stared at him with disgust and disbelief. Ga eul didn't know what to do, she was so used to be quiet and those things only happened to her and not Jan Di.

"Are you really sorry?" he asked once again. She slightly nodded.

"If you are, then I guess it won't be a problem to clean it" his gaze continue to stare at her deathly serious. The other three smirked since they knew him, and knew what was he going to make her do. Jan Di nodded once again believing that he would give her his shoes, and go clean them at her house.

"Lick it" he gave a devilish smirk and tried not to laugh.

"What!" she exclaimed offended.

"If you are really sorry, you have to lick it and clean it" he looked to his shoes and pointed at them.

Geum Jan Di was about to explote of anger when Ga eul stepped in her way. "I will do it" she said with a determined face. The boys gave her a curious look. "Why would you do that? She is the one who did it" he asked her not taking away his grin. "That's what friends do, but obviously you don't know the meaning of 'friend' or 'friendship'". Even Jan Di was surprised for the words a quiet girl who never intend to do that, say. "Cure, you lick it" he once again pointed at his shoes.

Ga eul was about to kneel before Jan Di grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away.

"Yah!" she screamed while she kicked him in the ankle. The boy fell to the ground and cried out of pain while the two girls escape away.

"You think they would do something to us?" Ga eul asked a bit scared. "I dont know, but even if they do I will not let anything happen to us" she raised her first in signal that she was prepared for anything or anyone.

At the lounge of the F4, Yi Jeong and Woo Bin were playing pool, Ji Hoo was entertained reading a magazine, and Jun Pyo was throwing darts really angry.

"Excuse me" a boy entered the lounge and every eye fixed on him. " I discovered their names, Geum Jan Di and Chu Ga eul" with that said the boy quickly left.

Jun Pyo kept throwing darts furiously until he had no more.

"Poor him, no one has ever done that before to him" Yi Jeong smiled while he talked to Woo Bin about the situation. It was very clear his intention was to be heard by him.

"Most shameful is that it was a girl" Woo Bin followed his friend's game.

"Aish!" Jun Pyo threw something to the floor.

"What can I do to her?" he asked himself as lots of devilish ideas came into his mind.

"You know, you can always use our method. It has been a long time we haven't use it" Yi Jeong suggested while taking a sip of wine.

Jun Pyo's face changed all of sudden. An evil smile came across his face, giving a little chuckle.

The next day the girls were back to where they thought it was a nightmare. Since their arrival, everyone kept staring at them and murmur to themselves.

"Why I have the feeling something happened?" Chu Ga eul asked worried.

"What are they staring at?" Jan Di felt very uncomfortable being almost surrounded by people who kept following her and Ga eul around.

Their lockers were very close to each other. As they were about to opened them, the murmurs were more loud now.

As they slowly opened them, they saw something unusual, something they knew they haven't put there...

A Red Card.

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