Hello to everyone!

I have been thinking where to start.

Seven years…

I can't believe it has been seven years since the very first chapter of this story was posted. To my surprise and happiness, notifications keep coming in my email of the comments and favorites this story receives. Seven years ago, my knowledge of the english language wasn't so good, and it still isn't. Readers had to struggle and endure all the grammar errors throughout the chapters, but it was really warming how many tried to ignore it just to enjoy what my imagination wanted to share with you. Your understanding and friendly comments made me keep going until it was finished. I will forever be grateful for that. Thanks for appreciating and liking my story.

Now, I would like to address something.

Many readers have requested updates for stories like "Keep Fighting" and "Monkeys before Mafia". It would be a lie to say that they will receive updates. The stories are discontinued. Apologies are offered since years ago my word was another. There was no balance between being realistic and having optimism. Optimism weighed more and that's what lead to words that could not be fulfilled. Sorry for creating the illusion that the stories were going to be finished. My adult life was beginning and my time was limited. Now, after all these years, reading the stories where they were left, my mind is unable to see or imagine where my teenage self wanted to lead the story on. For that and many other reasons the stories are officially discontinued. Hope all of you readers can understand.

Once again, I am very grateful for all the love you have given to this story. I hope one day I can make another story as wonderful as this, or that I can take the time to correct the grammar of each and every chapter of this story. BUT, as I have learned, I won't promise anything. For now, thanks for all of those who have read my story. Also, hope this update helps those who haven't read it to give it a try.

Have a wonderful day or night!
Sending lots of love.