No. Do not get excited. This is not a new chapter, sorry. Lol

It has been a long time since I have not come here, and let's not talk about me not writing or updating anything. The reason I remembered this page recently was for the mere fact that I still keep receiving e-mails from readers like you who have favorited or followed my stories. I'm eternally grateful for giving my stories the opportunity to be read by wonderful people like you. Even with grammatical errors and sentences that made no sense at all, you sticked around for so long. Since this is my first fanfiction, I wanted to do an update for those who haven't had the opportunity to read it, and in someway to conmemorate this loveable story.

Besides that, I wanted to make a little announcement through here. I decided I'm going to give it a try and end my other two stories; Keep Fighting! and Monkeys before Mafia.

Thanks for everything. Love you all!