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"Hey Bart, did you know it's Cay's birthday in three days?"

Bart's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yeah, but don't tell her I told you. She'd Be pissed."

"How old is she going to be?"Bart asked. Guess he should start looking for a birthday present.

"She's going to be 17. She's getting old." June said.

"Really?" June nodded.

"Bruce has a party planned for her already." June continued.


"Of course," June said in a 'duh' voice. "I can't wait!"

Bart slid an arm around her. "What does she want?"

"Well, she likes to watch movies and draw. I think she's running out of caligraphy pens, I'm gonna get her some more. You can get her a new sketchpad, she's running low on paper." June said.

"Got it. Does she want a specific kind?" Bart asked.

"No just any sketch book as long as it has a lot of paper and is in good shape." June replied. Bart nodded.

"So do you think Jaime knows?"

"I have no idea. I don't think anyone told him." A second later Bart's phone buzzed. He received a text from Jaime.

"Jaime wants to know what kind of jewelry Caitlin likes." Bart told her as he showed her the text.

"She likes bracelets and necklaces." June said. Bart started to type and sent the text.

Bart's arms wrapped around her waist, "So, you know what next week is?"

June looked at him blankly.

"Six month anniversary."

June's eyes widened. "Oh good lord..." She groaned, "I completely forgot-"

"It's fine, June," Bart waved it aside, "I just wanted to let you know to make no plans that night. We are going out."

"Hm, direct, aren't you?"

"It's why you love me."

"Of course," June kissed him on the cheek.

With Caitlin and Jaime

"So..." Jaime said. Caitlin looked at him.
"Anything special planned for your birthday?" He asked as he put his arm around her. Caitlin and Jaime left the living room and went to Jaime's room in the mourain.
"Don't remind me. I just plan on staying home and watch TV that's it." She said as she laid her head on his shoulder.
"You don't like your birthday?"
"It's never been much of a big deal for me. I mean, we always celebrated June's birthday. She loved the presents and cake and music and dancing, but I never was one for that stuff."
"I cant tell." Jaime smiled. "How do you feel about... you know..."
"Honestly," Caitlin said quietly, "Horrible. I've known Wally since we were kids... it was almost yesterday that I was trying to break his arm for trying to take my sketchbook."
"Really?" Jaime couldn't help but chuckle. Just the thought of Caitlin trying to break Wally's arm. Caitlin moved sideways and put her legs on Jaime's lap. He wrapped his arms around her.
"When I met him I thought he was like flash but worse." Jaime said. Caitlin smiled.
"Yeah when I met him I thought he was very annoying. He always called me and June demons because we were so evil." She said. Caitlin smiled at the memories.

Jaime laughed. "If you guys trolled him nonstop, I understand why."
"Of course. I remember I hated Zatanna when we first met."
"Really?" Jaime sounded incredulous. Caitlin and Zatanna had always talked as if they were good friends.
"Yeah. She was dating Nightwing, or Robin at the time."
"June loved everyone though. Except for mean people..." Caitlin mused
"Does she still?" Caitlin nodded. June has always hated mean people. Even when they say something bad about her family. Caitlin looked at Jaime.
"But anyways...why did you ask if I was doing anything special for my birthday?" She asked with a flirtatious look on her face.
Jaime suddenly looked flustered. "I- uh-I mean-..."
Caitlin laughed at his reaction.
"Bart said he's taking June out next week. Their six month anniversary or something..."
"Aw that's cute." Caitlin said with a smile.
"When's our anniversary?" Caitlin asked. Jaime lost the color on his face. Oh crap!
"Uhh...you see.." He tried to figure out how to say he forgot.
"You forgot didn't you?" She asked. Jaime nodded slowly with his bad poker face smile. Caitlin giggled.
"It's next Monday." She said with a smile.
"Yeah our five month anniversary." He said. He couldn't believe it. It felt like a year they have been together. He couldn't believe he had asked her out just five months ago.
"So are you planning anything?" She asked.
"Hmm..." Jaime began to think. Caitlin then leaned into his ear.
"I already got something planned." She whispered.
Jaime looked immensely relieved. "Oh, thank lord..." it wasn't until that monday he had realized the meaning behind Caitlin's words
"Alright, they've been in there way too long." Caitlin decided, pointing to the door where June and Bart were in.
She barged right in, quickly followed by Jaime.
She saw June and Bart sitting on the floor playing a board game with a bowl of popcorn near them. They both looked up and saw Caitlin and Jaime.
"Oh...you're playing a board game." Caitlin said sounding relieved.
"What did you think we were doing!?" June snapped. Caitlin quickly put her hands up in a 'I surrender' motion.
"Calm down June." Caitlin said.
"You can continue with your board game. And June make sure you win." Caitlin said. She walked out of the room and closed the door. She turned to Jaime and took his hand.
"Now come with me." She said as she led him towards her room.
"Jaime-" Caitlin began, but was cut off by Jaime, who kissed her as soon as she turned around.
Caitlin wrapped her arms around Jaime's neck, deepening the kiss. Jaime wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer.
Jaime started to run his fingers up the sides of Caitlin's shirt. She pulled away and unzipped his hoodie. Jaime pulled his fingers away and took the hoodie off. He then grabbed her by her waist and pulled her down onto the bed that was near them.
Jaime shifted in his position and pushed Caitlin off, now on top of her. Caitlin struggled, hoping to push him off as well. However, he was surprisingly stronger than she expected.

Caitlin pulled away from the kiss and looked at him.
"What?" He asked.
"Your surprisingly stronger than me."
"Haha well I am a guy who does have muscles." He said with a smile. He then started to rub his fingers up her shirt once again.

Caitlin smiled and slowly began to unbutton his shirt, mind whirling madly. Jaime shrugged his shirt off.
"Aren'f you worried about someone catching us? June and Bart in particular?" Jaime asked.
"... The door's locked." Caitlin shrugged

Jaime smiled and kissed her. He then grabbed the bottom of her shirt started to slide it off.
"Oh so you do wear lace bras." He said with a smile. Caitlin smiled.
"Yes now let's see if you can take it off."
"Alright challenge accepted." He said. Caitlin then began to take his belt off. While she was doing that, Jaime started to kiss her neck. She was then able to get his belt off.
2 hours later
Caitlin opened her eyes and felt someone's arm wrapped around her waist. She noticed that she was laying in bed. Caitlin turned her head and saw Jaime fast asleep.

Caitlin shifted her body and cuddled closer to him. That's when she noticed she wasn't wearing anything. A squeak of surprise escaped her lips and Jaime stirred.
She realized what they did. They slept together! She looks up at Jaime and saw that he was starting to wake up.
"Jaime! Wake up!" Caitlin said as she sat up while holding the blanket up to her chest. Jaime woke up and looked at her.
"Hey." He said.
"Jaime take a good look at yourself and tell me what happened." She said. Jaime looked down and saw he wasn't wearing anything, and he quickly looked back at Caitlin.
"Did we..?" Caitlin nodded and Jaime looked like he was going to pee himself.
"I'm dead aren't I?" He asked and Caitlin nodded again.
"What are we going to do?" Caitlin groaned.
"Uh, I don't know." He said, then looked around, "Why's it dark?"
Caitlin blinked, "I didn't realize it before... I don't know... holy shit, where are our clothes?"
Jaime blushed, "I think I found them... which one is your sweatshirt?"
"I think it's this one." Caitlin took a random piece of fabric and clumsily threw it over her head.
"... I think this is yours." Even in the dark, Caitlin could practically see Jaime's bright red face as he handed her her bra.
"Thanks." She squeaked out.

She quickly put her bra on as Jaime handed her another piece of fabric.
"And this is yours..." He said. Caitlin realized that it was her underwear he was holding!
"T-thanks." She said. She put her underwear on and found a piece of clothing on her side of the bed. It felt like Jaime's boxers.
"These are yours." She said as she handed them to him. Once he took them, Caitlin turned on the light that was on her nightstand. She looked at the clock and saw it was 1AM.
"Thank goodness." She said.
"Everyone is put on patrol tonight." Caitlin said as she let out a relieved sigh.
"Ok that's good." Jaime said as he stood up. Caitlin looked over at him and smirked.
"Looks like someone had a V-line." She said. Jaime looked down and saw what she was talking about and he began to blush.
"Oh...yeah I do." He said.

"L-let's go..." Jaime stammered, still flushing. The two quickly left the room, entering the living room.
To their surprise, Superboy and Miss Martian were lying on the couch, both awake. The two couples looked at each other.
Miss Martian raised an eyebrow at Caitlin. She blinked, and looked down at herself. She blushed suddenly, seeing she was wearing Jaime's sweatshirt.
Caitlin suddenly looked at Miss Martian, and smirked. She was wearing Superboy's tee shirt. Superboy, on the other hand was shirtless.
"Uh Superboy? M'gann?" Caitlin asked with confusion in her voice.
"Why is M'gann wearing your shirt Superboy? And why are you guys here?" Caitlin asked as she sat down on the couch. She was so glad they managed to get dressed quickly. It would be awkward if Jaime was just in his boxers and Caitlin was just in her bra and underwear.
"Because she got cold." Superboy said.
"And the reason we are here is because you two were here alone and we just wanted to make sure you guys didn't do anything." M'gann said with a sly smile on her face.
Caitlin flushed again. Jaime coughed. "O-of course n-not!" Caitlin squeaked.
M'gann's eyes went wide. "You-"
"NO!" They both shouted, faces bright red. But the word CAUGHT was written all over their faces.
Caitlin suddenly realized something, "Wait a second... M'gann, you're a shapeshifter... why would you be wearing Conner's tee shirt."
Megan and Conner stared at the two, also looking like a deer caught in headlights. There was an awkward silence.
"Uh, this never happened." Megan coughed.
"Agreed." Jaime and Caitlin said in unison.
Caitlin got up from the couch and went to the kitchen. M'gann then followed her. Once they were alone M'gann gave her a look.
"Ok spill. What were you and Jaime doing." M'gann asked with a serious look in her face.
"Nothing! We didn't do anything." Caitlin lied. Man she sure hated lying to M'gann.
"I hope you know I can go through your memories Caitlin." She said in a threatening voice. Caitlin paled. She wouldn't.
"Now spill." M'gann repeated.
"O-okay," Caitlin stammered. "Well... to put it simply, I'm not longer a virgin."
Megan's eyes went wide. "Your family is going to kill you," she told Jaime.
"I know..." Jaime mumbled.

"But M'gann you can't tell anyone! Please!" Caitlin begged. M'gann sighed.
"Alright I promise I won't tell anyone." She said. Caitlin immediately hugged her.
"Thanks!" Superboy walked into the kitchen.
"What's going on?" He asked.
"Nothing Conner. We need to get going and Jaime is coming with us." M'gann said. Jaime sighed. He kissed Caitlin on the forehead and left with superboy and M'gann. Caitlin sat on the couch and turned the TV on. A few hours later, after everyone got back from patrol June and the boys found Caitlin passed out on the couch.
"I guess we can't move her." Dick said as he put a blanket on her.

"She's Caitlin. She sleeps like a rock." June agreed, and yawned. "G'night."
"Not so fast, shortie." Jason took her arm, "You need to get your arm checked out."
"I told you, I'm fine." She complained as he dragged her into the med bay.
"Mm hmm, and pigs will start flying too."
"Well, you never know..."
"Not what I meant."
"I know... and it was only Riddler."
"Yeah, Riddler who happened to hit your arm with his solid gold staff." Jason rolled his eyes.
"Ugh!" June groaned. Jason picked her up and took her to the med bay. Bruce looked at June's arm.
"It doesn't seem to be broken but it could be bruised." He said. June got up and looked at him.
"What did I tell you?" She said with her hands on her hips. Jason rolled his eyes.
"Whatever just go to bed." June stuck her tongue out and walked to the elevator.
She yawned, rubbing her eyes sleepily and trudging into the bathroom. After taking a quick shower, she changed into pajamas and slipped underneath the covers, fingers instinctively going to Leo. June wasn't too sure it was healthy for a teenager to sleep with a stuffed lion, but she didn't really care.
She then fell asleep.

The Next Day

June woke up around 8 AM. She got out of bed and went downstairs. When she got downstairs she saw that Caitlin wasn't sleeping on the couch. She walked to the dinning room and saw Caitlin sitting at the table eating waffles. Across from her was Stephanie who had a huge stack of waffles.
"Is that enough for you Stephanie?" June asked as she lifted an eye brow. Stephanie nodded as she crammed a bunch of waffles in her mouth.

June suddenly noticed Caitlin looked tired. She was barely touching her waffles! They were ALFRED'S waffles!
"You alright?" June asked.
"Yeah, just tired. Don't know why..." Caitlin shrugged.

"ALFRED!" June screamed. Alfred then rushed into the dinning room with a worried look on his face.
"What's wrong miss June?!"
"Caitlin isn't eating her waffles!" June explained. Alfred gave Caitlin a worried look. Caitlin ALWAYS eats Alfred's waffles.
"Miss Caitlin are you alright?"
"Yeah I'm just tired. " Caitlin said as she got up. She suddenly ran to the bathroom. Everyone looked at each other with a weird look. Caitlin was starting to act weird.

"Morning," Bruce walked in, holding a mug of coffee.
"DADDY!" June suddenly screamed.
"What?!" he jumped.
"Something's wrong with Cay!"
"What?! It's true!"
"Yeah I think June's right. Caitlin is acting kind of weird." Dick said. Bruce sat down and drank a bit of his coffee. Caittlin then came back from the bathroom.
"Morning Bruce." She said as she grave her orange juice.
"Good morning Caitlin. Are you feeling well?" Caitlin then gave him a confused look.
"Why wouldn't I? I'm not sick." She said as she took a sip of her juice.

Caitlin gagged at the orange juice. "Uh, I suddenly don't feel thirsty either.."
June frowned and took a sip out of the glass. "I don't taste anything wrong with this..."
Caitlin suddenly disappeared, hurrying to the bathroom.
"Uh, didn't she just go?" Jason asked.
"Yeah..." June muttered, frowning.
"I believe I saw Miss Caitlin flinching at the sight of the open fridge. I don't understand, however, we had just stocked the fridge yesterday."
"Maybe she has a eating disorder?" Tim questioned."Maybe...but that doesn't go with why she goes to the bathroom repeatedly." Jason said. What is wrong with his little sister? He knew there was something wrong but he couldn't put his finger on it.