Bakugan Battle Squad

CharacterProfile: Lightus

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Name: Lightus

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Family: Twin Sister Hope

Appearance: Black, white and blue jacket, grey top, dark blue jeans, white and red sneakers, a gold spiked chains hanging from belt loop and a gold locket.

Features: Large almond shaped gold eyes, black hair, pale/olive skin, lean/skinny frame

Personality: Silent, Calm. Cool-minded, Head strong, Organized, Serious and controlled, (Holds a dark secret) Supportive and loyal to friends

Motto: The light is with me let's go LightFlame.

Bakugan: Guardius LightFlame (Basically a white one)

Bakugan appearence: A gold humanoid dragon with a gold gem a bit like Drago.


Name: Lighthon

Shape: A bit like Zenthon but gold

Attribute: Guardius (Gold white one)

There done