Bakugan Battle Squad

Mending the bonds

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Sorrow yawned and stretched. He had just finished putting away the appliances used to make dinner. Seeing as the others among the group could only cook charcoal-rich meals, it had become somewhat of his responsibility to keep his team fed.
Zero entered the kitchen, going for the fridge to probably get a drink. Seeing the red head, the teen raised a brow.
Sorrow sighed, "Yeah I'm still up..." The team had learned to interpret Black Zero's silent messages accurately though Mica still sometimes mistook his quiet conversations.
Zero rolled his eyes and brought the glass of ice water to his mouth.
"Say...Zero...?" Sorrow ran a hand through his flaming red hair, "There's something on my mind..."
"Hm?" Zero regarded the teen calculatingly.
"Well..." Sorrow flopped down on a chair, "You know...what's going on around..."
Zero raised a brow, "As in...?"
"Hope...and...this new guy who claims to be her brother..."
Zero stiffened. The meeting between him and the said girl on the balcony the previous night flashed before his midnight eyes, "What about that?"
Sorrow rubbed the back of his neck, an action he always did when he was confused or nervous, "So...I was thinking..."
"Shut up!" Sorrow decided to cut down the chase, "From what we've heard...none of them is at fault. Yet they're still so...distant."
"Planning a re-union?" Zero and Sorrow were best friends. The raven haired teen always knew how to deal with the others' immaturity and guide him.
"Yep!" Sorrow straightened up, "How you've grown to know what I mean!"
Zero shook his head, "Whatever."
" I was saying before..." Sorrow relaxed back, now that Zero had always, "Maybe we should try to bring them back to at least more...friendlier terms. It's so awkward when the two of them are in the same room as the rest of us."
"Is that even our problem?"
"Yes it is!" Sorrow snapped back, "It's affecting the whole team. Hope's brawling statics have dropped. We haven't had one of those friendly sit-together moments since ages! You and I have the 'guy-time' but Mickey hasn't had a chance to converse with Hope! Plus..." Sorrow paused and took a deep breath, "We still haven't welcomed the new guy properly."
Zero exhaled, nodding once, "So we try and bring them closer."
"Um..." Sorrow tapped his fingers against the polished wooden surface, "Maybe we should let Mickey into it..."


"I still don't know how any of this should be our concern!" Mica grumbled quietly as she gripped the ladder tighter.
"Do I hear complaining down there?" Sorrow grinned from his place, perched up on the highest step of the said ladder. He was always good at climbing.
"Knock it off or I'll knock this thing off!" Mica kicked the ladder lightly.
"Hey! I'm not gravity proof!" Sorrow continued taping the multi-colored paper chains to the wall and ceiling.
"News flash..." Mica commented dryly.
The red head refrained from commenting when he spotted the black clad figure, "There you are, Zero...what took you so long?"
Zero glanced up at the two impassively from where he was holding a few large boxes, "You should try going through the whole basement, searching for something that shouldn't be there."
Sorrow gave him a lop-sided grin before descending the steps as though it were his second nature. The teen was well aware of Zero's calculating gaze piercing his head.
"Zero!" Mica let go of the ladder and skipped over to the raven-haired teen, ignoring Sorrow as he almost tumbled down in haste, should the girl abandon him.
"Yo." Zero greeted in his signature syllable.
"You tired? Do you want me to carry these? Or make you lemonade or something?!" The girl rambled on to the teen she had come to accept as a big brother.
"No thanks. I'm fine." Zero smiled at her as he set the boxes down near the couch.
Sorrow knelt beside them, checking out the stuff Zero had brought.
Mica suddenly realized something, "Hey Sorrow...?"
"What's in the menu?"
The teen halted in the middle of opening a packet of balloons, ""
"You mean you didn't plan that?! You idiot! And you call yourself a talented manager!" Mica scolded.
"I was busy with other stuff, okay?!" The red head shot back, "Ask Zero..."
The girl turned towards the said teen, her previous anger vanishing, "What should we make to eat, Zero?"
Zero frowned as he rattled his mind in search of an appropriate answer, "Perhaps...strawberry shortcake?"
"And...?" Mica persisted.
"Apple pie...maybe."
"Whoa whoa whoa!" Sorrow interrupted the two, "That's enough! The more dishes you add, the more time you'll spend in the kitchen with me! I need assistance!"
"Sure." Zero drawled. He wasn't that bad of a cook.
Mica looked at her perfectly manicured painted cobalt blue nails, "I'm sorry...I think I'll just help with the decorations. Don't really want to ruin my hands."
Sorrow stared at the girl in disbelief, "You serious?! Since when do you care so much about your appearance?!"
"Since I had to put up with you, you mental case!"
"Oohhh! I'm sensing a 'crush'..."
"That's the sound of your head when I bang it in the wall, Sorrow!" Mica stomped her foot as she realized what she had said. With a reddened face, the girl got up and stormed off, leaving the two teens in stoic silence.
Sorrow blinked before coming back to senses, " man...since we're done here, you helping me cook?"
The said teen shrugged and got up as he followed the red-head to the kitchen.


Mica was lying on her bed, listening to music when a delicious smell wafted in her room. Exhaling deeply, she got up, "Where's that coming from...?"
As she walked downstairs, the scent became stronger. Entering the kitchen, the girl watched in awe as she witnessed Sorrow and Zero working in harmony.
Zero wasn't a bad cook at all. But Sorrow was an excellent gourmet chef and he proved his abilities by constantly instructing Zero on his kitchen skills.
"Stir the vegetables...beat the eggs...check the pie...sift the flour... sprinkle some sugar...turn down the heat... stop frowning like that...did you burn something?...whip the cream... taste the...Mickey?!"
Zero did a double-take as he glared at Sorrow in a mix of confusion and disgust, "I can't taste her...!"
"No, doofus! Over there!" Sorrow pointed at the door without looking up from where he was mixing something in a bowl and flipping ingredients in a fry pan at the same time.
"Idiot..." Zero and Mica had muttered at the same time.
"I see you guys are working...smoothly." Mica regarded the messy kitchen calmly.
"Of course we are! What did you expect? Zero and I battling or something?!"
"Ha...ha." Mica pronounced the two syllables with a straight face, "Need me for anything?"
Sorrow nodded enthusiastically, "Sure...set up the cutlery in living room."
Mica eyed the multiple band-aids on Zero's hands before taking out the plates.
"And as for you..." Sorrow turned towards Zero who was sitting on a chair, helping himself with a glass of water, "Extract some orange juice...we're not gonna serve sodas and fresh juice is more healthy. In the mean time, I'll decorate the cake...and...Ah!"
Zero raised his head to look at Sorrow. The said teen had a devious smile on his face, "Why didn't I think of it before...hurry up've got work to do..."
"What?" Zero eyed him warily.
"Just trust me and get to work, minion!"


Hope blinked. Someone had knocked the door to her room. Getting up, the teen reached to open the door, coming face to face with...nothing.
However, there were some arrow signs guiding her out of the room down the hall. Shrugging, Hope picked up SkyLark and went downstairs, following the arrows.
She entered the living room which was dark for some reason. All of a sudden, the sound of someone strumming a guitar echoed in the room.
"Huh...? The only one around here who plays guitar is..." Hope looked around for a certain raven haired teen but saw darkness, "Zero...?"
The music picked up pace. This didn't sound like Zero...but...
"The light on the horizon,
Was brighter yesterday,
Shadows falling over,
The scars began to fade,
They said it was forever,
But then it slipped away,
Standing at the end of,
The final masquerade..."

Hope froze. That voice...there was no doubt now, "Zero?!" But he had quit singing...what was going on...?
Someone pushed her and she ended up tumbling back on the couch behind her, "What the...stop it!"
The lights finally flicked back on. And Hope forgot to breathe. The living room was beautifully decorated. The table in front of her was covered with food that was placed artistically. In the farthest corner was a black-clad figure, sitting cross-legged on the floor cushions with an electronic bass guitar on his lap and head-phones which also had a micro-phone were present on his head. However, what surprised the girl more was the person sitting opposite her.
"Guys? What's going on? What's this all about?"
"No appreciation..." Sorrow shook his head, coming up behind her, "All we get in return is...'what's going on? What's this all about...?'..." The teen sighed dramatically.
"Hey Hope! Hey Lightus!" Mica waved from where she was pouring juice in the goblets, "Enjoying the party?"
"I want to know what you guys are up!" Hope stood up from her place. Lightus mimicked her by leaving his spot as well.
"Okay Zero..." Sorrow pulled Zero to get up, taking the guitar from him, completely ignoring Hope's statement, "Remember, now you and I have to do that thing in that place that is not here!"
And the two teen were out of the room in a flash. Sorrow managed to drag Mica along with him.
Hope frowned at the now closed door and sat back down with a sigh. Lightus though...was still standing stiffly.
"Well..." Lightus gazed at the wall, " awkward."
Hope scoffed, "Are you in a punishment?! Sit down!"
Lightus plopped down on the couch at the harsh comment of his twin, muttering, "Sorry..."
"For what?!" Hope was still annoyed at her team's antics.
"Uh..." Lightus scratched his head before finally deciding to settle the matters once and for all as he whispered, "For everything."
Hope blinked, "Huh?"
Lightus raised his head to meet his twin's eyes, "That's right, Hope. I know my apology isn't enough...but I'm sorry...for everything that happened. It wasn't supposed to end that way. I was gonna come home and...-"
"And why should I believe you?" Hope clenched her fists, "You betrayed me...! Do you have any idea how much that hurt?! How lonely I felt?!"
"I...I can't imagine your pain...sister." The teen's voice was low, "But know that...I couldn't do anything. I had to leave..."
"Why?" Hope breathed deeply, "What the heck was so important that made you leave me?"
"You." Lightus looked at her straightly, "You were so important to me that I was forced to leave you for a while. And when I returned...I found that I...that I had lost everything. Everything I held precious to my heart was gone... and I couldn't do a single thing to stop it."
Hope was silent. Deep down...she wanted to believe her twin...but the wound he gave by leaving her still pained her. She wanted to forgive him. She wanted things to be normal between them once again. But she just couldn't bring herself to do it so easily.
Lightus kept speaking, "I'm aware how hard it must've been for you...and how hard it still is. But I...I'm trying to mend the damage I was responsible for. I'm trying to end your suffering. I can't see you so...broken. Twins are supposed to depend on each other because they complete each other. Don't lose yourself on me like this, Hope...just...please...don't."
Hope was gritting her teeth now. She was willing to just trust her brother's words and erase all the dark memories from her heart. She was just too...numb to take a step herself.
Lightus took a cautious step towards his twin. Seeing her so detached made his heart ache with a swirl of emotions. Keeping his eyes trained on her own, he place both of his hands on her shoulder. She didn't resist. Just kept staring in his eyes with a look that reflected the pain in her heart.
The teen pulled his sister in a protective hug and to his surprise, the girl didn't fight back. She just allowed herself to be embraced. Soon, both of them were shedding silent tears over the others' life.
"If I say not to forgive me...will you do that?" Lightus questioned while tightening his grip around her shoulders.
Hope quietly shook her head, as she raised a hand to hold her brother's arm. She whispered almost inaudibly, "I missed you..."
"Me too." Lightus stroked her flowing hair, "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..."
After letting their hearts pour out all the pain, the two gingerly separated and sat on the couch beside each other.
"So...are we cool now?" Lightus asked tentatively.
Hope's affirmative nod had no hesitance.
"Well then...what are we waiting for? Let's party!" Lightus jumped off his seat and opened the door, yelling at the top of his lungs, "SORROW?! ZERO?! MICA?! YOU GUYS WANNA SHARE OR HOPE AND I ARE ALLOWED TO CLEAN ALL THE PLATES?!"
From somewhere upstairs, Sorrow yelled back, "DON'T YOU DARE! WE'RE NOT DOWN FOR THE COUNT YET!"
And within a few minutes, the whole team was enjoying the scrumptious food and chatting as though nothing had happened. Hope glanced at her team and smiled a real smile as Lightus and Sorrow cornered Zero to slip ice-cubes down his shirt and Mica cheered them on.
The sun had finally started to shine through the storm clouds.


Normal POV

On one of the tables are five Bakugan balls, one red, one white, one blue, one green and one white and gold.

"Lightus is finally having fun again." Says the white and gold one.

"What do you mean Light Flame?" The red one asks.

"Well after you know what, all he did was train and never did anything someone his age at the time does, he would never play or have fun its sad when you think about." Light Flame tells the other Bakugan with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Oh, well done Neo you just made him sad!" The blue one tells Neo Phoenix.

"I was only asking Jade, no need to bite my head off was there?" Neo Phoenix yells back at Jade Delancy.

"Hey what's going on here Wild Pegasis?" The green one asks Wild Pegasis because he was asleep.

"Well Sky, Light satiated that Lightus is finally having fun again, then Neo asked him what he meant by that and Light told us that after you know what Lightus only trained and never did anything fun and he sounded sad about it, so Jade told Neo off and that what's happened and what's going on at this monument in time." Wild Pegasis tells Sky Lark what happened.


Lightus POV (his room)

"Lightus do you think we should tell Hope and the others about Wavern and Drago being my mum and dad?" Light Flame asks me.

"Why would we need to tell them?" I ask him and looking at him as if he had just told me he hopes I die.

"Well for starters we're going to use my link to the Perfect Core to get to New Vestroia so yeah we might just need to tell them." He says to me with a look that says you know I'm right, I'm always right.

"Hope will be here soon, oh and another thing you're not always right." I tell him. I am so worried about this yeah of course the party helped but I'm about to show my twin sister New Vestroia and I have a feeling that Sky Lark will see someone to.

Knock, knock

"Come in." I yell to whoever's at the door.

"Hi Bro."

"Hi to you to sis."

"Ok so why did you want me to come Lightus?"

"I want to show you something."

"What do you want to show me?"

"You'll see." I tell her as I turn to Light Flame and ask him. "You ready Light?"

"Of course I'm ready Lightus." He tells me as he opens a gate to New Vestroia.

"What is that, we're not going in there are we?" Hope asks me.

"Yeah we are, what are you afraid Hope, want me to hold your hand." I joke to her holding out my hand to her.

"No, but is it ok to hold your hand?" She asks me.

"I'm your brother of course you can Hope." I tell her as we jump into the gate.


New Vestroia (Hope POV)

I nearly fall as we come out of the gate but Lightus grab my arm before I could. "Thanks bro."

"That's what I'm here for sis."

"So now what Lightus?" I ask.

"Light pick us up Sky follow behind." Lightus tells our Bakugan.


New Vestroia (Lightus POV)

"Lightus where are we going?" Hope asks me as we're both in Light Flame's hand.

"You'll see sis." I tell her.

"Lightus we're here." Light Flame's tells me.


New Vestroia (Hope POV)

"Here we are Hope." Lightus tells me.

"Wow! All that's needed now is some quite music." I say to him. Then I suddenly hear music a bit like a leaf whistle and I turn around to see Lightus playing a set of Pan Pipes. "Ok since when could you play the Pan Pipes?" I demanded.

"Well looks like you've gotta better with playing the Pan Pipes Lightus."


New Vestroia (Sky Lark POV)

"Well looks like you've gotta better with playing the Pan Pipes Lightus."

"That voice can it be sis is that you? Skyress!" I yell.

"It's good to see you Sky Lark, my brother."


New Vestroia (Lightus POV)

"It's good to see you again Skyress."

"And the same to you Lightus."

"How have you been Skyress?"

"I've been good, thank you Light Flame."

"So whose that with you brother?" Skyress asks Sky Lark.

"This is my partner/sister Hope." My and Sky Lark replied Skyress.


New Vestroia (Hope POV)

"Skyress!" A green samurai like Bakugan shout as he runs toward us.

"Jaakor what's wrong?" Skyress asks the green samurai who I now know is Jaakor.


New Vestroia (Lightus POV)

"I just hard that some other Bakugan are coming this way." Jaakor tells us.

"How many of them?" I ask Jaakor.

"Around about ten or fifteen of them Lightus."

"Who are you?" Hope asks the person all in blue and with blue hair.

"Hi Jordan. What's up mate?" I ask Jordan.

"Oh, not much just loads of Bakugan who wants to kill you and Light."

"Ok so who are then?" Hope asks again.

"I am Aquos Core Armoron at your service." He says to Hope with a little bow that made me and Jordan laugh a bit at his behavior. Soon fifteen other Bakugan just started to attack us.

"Light we need Lighthon now!" I tell him using our bond.

"We can't use him because we haven't told Jordan and Armoron yet." He replies though our bond.


New Vestroia (Jordan POV)

"Let's use some of the Ancient Abilities Armoron!" I say though my and Armorons bond.

"We can't Lightus and Light don't know about this Jordan." Armoron replies though our bond.


New Vestroia (Lightus POV)

"Jordan there's only one thing that we can do..."


"Yep unite." I tell Jordan who nods in agreement.

"Light Flame!"

"Core Armoron!"

"UNITE!" We both yell.

"Bakugan unite!"


In the air now was a Bakugan that looks like Light Flame but his wings are now more like jet wings. He now has Core Armorons chest armor, along with Armorons arm guards but now Armorons swords are on the arm guards the core blade on the left and the armor blade on the right but his claws are not covered. He now also has Armorons red vizier. He now has Armorons leg armor but his claws are not covered.

"Let's take them all out at once Ability activates Flaming Core!"


Hope POV (Lightus room)

"Lightus do you know any songs on the Pan Pipes?" I ask my brother.

"Yeah, do you want me to play one then Hope?" He asks me back.

"If it's ok, yes."

"Ok here's one for you."

"As he starts to play a tune that I know.

I want to become a cheerful butterfly,

And ride on the shimmering wind,

I'm coming to see you now,

It's better to forget those unnecessary things,

There's no more time for us to be fooling around,

I wonder wow wow wow wow wow,

If we could reach the sky,

But wow wow wow wow wow,

I don't even know what my plans are for tomorrow,

Followed by an endless dream,

In this world without anything,

It seems like we will lose our beloved dream, but,

Even with these unreliable wings, full of images that tend to stay,

I'm sure we can fly,

On my hope (A/N: It's meant to be, On my love)


Lightus POV (Lightus room)

As I look up from mine Pan Pipes I see that Hope is asleep. "Good night Hope sweet dreams sis."

Lightus: The song that Zero sang was "Final masquerade" by linkin park and the tune Lightus played on the Pan Pipes was "Butter-Fly (Final Version)"from Digimon Adventure by Wada Kouji

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