A Shout out to my " home boys" in the QHC!

We would like to recognize(Lanie and I ) some of the authors and their stories we have come across :

Sprint jump- " We're gonna break the Law(join us, We Have KFC)"

Great story! Great author! Please read this story! Seriously, read this story! They need more readers and reveiwers,!

Moondragonhonor247- "Amnesiac"

Best author ever! My first BFF here! Please read!

Musicgirlforever101- "A long road to Happiness"

Absolutely a beautiful. Its a heart warming, laughable, cryable, Great story. Please read!

The missing X- " X marks my life"

Really great story! Lots of mystery and secrets! Please read! A crimeoligist story!

Varmint- "Guidelines to Liveing with Young Justice"

Great author! A hilarious story that will keep you on your toes and a smile on your face! Please read!

Scotty 1609- "NIGHTWING"

Wonderful plot! If you can take graphic and grusome scenes, you'll love this! My very first story i've ever read! It wa great! Please read!(veiwer discretion advised and Warning:author may be insane)

THANKS FOR READING! Please enjoy these storys!