Hey! Its been awile! Here's my new meat! Well, kinda. (No offence intended)




The undead writer


Changeofheart505 *


Eternal-Explosionist *





KIBucs15 *

As you can probably nnotice my list is short. Well, thats because some of these authors are special * (Once again no offense intended) changeofheart505 is new to me but has a ton of amazing stories to share! Yu-gi-oh , the big four, genderbents, world swaps, she has everything. Okay not that much but an amazing amount. Eternal-Explosionist had this one story that changed my life and is an amazing author. I hope any and all who read this feel this if they read from them. KIBucs15 is an amazing author who's commitment has gotten her not only a practically 100 chapter story thats worth every moment but a sequal to that and her new Attack on Titan story.

I came here(my living room online) origanally to tell you about how amazing these authors are and about KIBucs15 's new story but I really do encourage you to read any and all stories that i havent mentioned and stories from authors i havent mentioned.