In a fleet of Venators

The Expendable's ship the Outrider is flying towards Anakin's capital ship as it lands in it's hanger as the Expendables exit it as Daniel says, "Man, I hope were not late."

"Chances are we are late," said Anthony.

"Great," complained Jorge.

"Relax guys, their not gonna do anything stupid to us, now come on, we have to meet Anakin and Admiral yularen over at that side of the hanger," said Gerardo.

The guys are then walking towards that side as Anakin noticed them as he said, "You guys are late."

"Sorry, we ran into to traffic," joked Bishop.

"Do forgive me General Bishop, but this is a serious matter," said Admiral Yularen.

"Admiral, lighten up, whatever is out there we got this," said Omar.

"Alright so what's up?" asked Gerardo.

Meanwhile Bobby is then pulled behind a fighter as he then got kissed in the mouth as it was Ahsoka as she says, "I missed you."

"I missed you too."

"Where have you guys been?"

"We were on a mission at Krant, had to stop a Decimator Facility, what's been going on?"

"Greivous is what's going on."

"What about him?"

"He has a new toy now, one that can shoot a massive Ion laser and shut a whole Venator ship."

"Wow, I guess this is what it's about?"

Ahsoka nodded as Brock yells out, "Hey Bobby where are you at!?"

"Well I guess we better get back to the group," said bobby.

Ahsoka and Bobby then head over to the group as Anakin asks, "where were you two at?"

"At our ship, I forgot something and Ahsoka went with me," answered Bobby.

"Is that true Ahsoka?"

"Yes master."

Anakin was a little suspicious till HK covered for them and said, "Statement: I saw them head over to our ship, and walk out of it."

"Okay, then guys take a seat."

Bobby and Ahsoka did a breath of relief as they mouthed the words thank you to HK as the guys took a seat as Master Plo Koon approached as Admiral Yularen says, " Gentlemen, this Strikeforce has been commissioned by the senate to hunt down the enemy's new battleship, as the bulk of our fleet's are engaged on the front lines we'll be on our own, General Skywalker has prepared our attack strategy."

"Wait on our own?" asked Jorge.

"Relax Jorge, everyone knows what their doing," said Daniel.

"Thank you Admiral, while our capital ships are vulnerable to the enemies attack, I believe our bombers can maneuver their Ion weapon, our target will be the bridge, and General Greivous," said Anakin.

"The head clanker, Skywalker's getting pretty ambitious," said one of the clones.

"Isn't he always," said Bishop.

"Pay attention guys," said Bobby.

"Our bombers will advance at attack speed to maneuver the enemies Ion weapon, we'll concentrate our fire on the bridge super structure, here, destroy Greivous, we can bring the war to a quicker end," finished Anakin.

"Everybody got that?" asked Gerardo.

"Yes sir!"

"Alright, pilots prepare your bombers," said Anakin.

"Sure hope this works," said Anthony.

"It's got to, we can kill two birds with one stone," said Brock.

"Guys, this is a very aggressive strategy, are you sure your squadron can complete this mission," said Plo Koon.

"Hopefully," said Jorge.

"Well let's ask them, Matstick, you think our boys can pull it off ?" asked Anakin.

"Yes sir, there isn't a mission that Shadow Squadron couldn't complete."

"That's right, minimal casualties and maximum affectivness, that's us," added in another clone pilot.

"Also with us flying, that grease bucket doesn't stand a chance," said Omar.

"I admire your confidence, even so, minimal casualties may be enough to prevent you from breaking Greivous's defenses," said Plo koon.

"Master Plo is right, with Greivous on that ship's bridge it's bound to be well protected," agreed Ahsoka.

"Now that you mention it, it might be rather difficult," said Bobby.

"Don't worry guys, we'll destroy that bridge, along with Greivous," said Anakin.

"Exclamation: That's the spirit!"

Anakin then walks off as Brock asks, "Wait, does that mean we have to board the bombers?" asked Brock

"Yep," answered Gerardo.

"Well that's just great, who are we gonna double up with?" asked Daniel.

"Ok Bobby is with me, Daniel and HK you guys are together, Brock and Bishop, you guys are together, Jorge and Omar, you guys are together, Anthony you just find a clone pilot and fly with him, now is the time to end this thing once and for all, let's do this guys," said Gerardo.

The expendables then walk off as Plo Koon says, "Master Skywalker and the Expendables inspire great confidence in the men."

Ahsoka chuckles and then says, "They do lead by example."

A few minutes later...

Everyone is preparing their y-Wing bombers as Anakin, R2, ahsoka, and the Expendables as Ahsoka asks, "Which one's mine?"

"your with me, you'll be my gunner," answered Anakin.

"Ouch, pride killer," joked Bishop.

Ahsoka looks at Anakin in a shock expression as Anakin says, "Somebodies gotta watch my back."

"Why, you have R2."

R2 says something as anakin says, "But i enjoy you company padawan."

"Sure you do," joked Anthony.

"Just admit it you don't like my flying?" asked Ahsoka.

"No, no it's not that, I..."

"Skywalker, can we talk to you?" asked Plo Koon.

"Sure I'll be right over there, be right back," said Anakin.

Anakin walks off as Ahsoka looks at the Expendables as Omar says, "I don't like that look she's giving us."

"So, what do you guys think of my flying?" asked Ahsoka.

The guys were having a hard time answering till Bishop says, "Oh look at the time, we better get to our bombers, come on guys."

Everyone, except Gerardo and Bobby, left as Ahsoka sighed as Gerardo says, "Relax Ahsoka, your okay at flying, you just need more experience."

"If it makes you feel any better, we can teach you how," said Bobby.

"Really, does that mean I can fly the Outrider!?" asked Ahsoka excitedly.

"No," said answered both Bobby and gerardo.

"Hey guys, bad news," said Anakin as he and Plo Koon approached them.

"What is it?" asked Gerardo.

"Greivous is targeting our secret medical facility," answered Plo Koon.

"Isn't that where our injured men are at?" asked Bobby.

"Yes, so we can't go the long way, we have to take a shortcut," answered Anakin.

"Then we have no time left to lose, let's get moving," said Gerardo.

A few minutes later...

The bombers are exiting the ship as Obi Wan communicates them and says, "I hope you guys know what your doing."

"Well if we don't, we won't be around to hear the I told you so," said Anakin.

"Alright, well take your shortcut while I take the long way, you guys better be there before I arrive."

"We will Obi Wan, see you soon," said Gerardo.

"Alright Shadow Squadron, tight formation and call in," said Anakin.

"Shadow 2 standing by."

"shadow 3 standing by."

"Shadow 4 standing by."

"Well guys, this gonna be interesting," said Daniel.

"Question: Can you fly this thing Daniel?"

"Of course."

"Hey guys, we might as well call it the Goatface," joked Bishop.

"Come on Bishop, that name doesn't suit that well with his ship," said Brock.

"Oh I know, how about Air Goat," said Ahsoka.

"The guys then start laughing, even Daniel himself, as Omar says, "Okay that was good."

"Cut the chatter guys," said Bobby.

Plo koon's fighter then shows up as Admiral Yularen says, "Generals, you are clear for hyperspace, good hunting sirs."

"Thank you Admiral, prepare for hyperspace guys," said Anakin.

They then jump through hyperspace to head to their shortcut.

At the shortcut

They then exit from hyperspace as Jorge says, "This is your shortcut?"

"That's right, if we can make it through, then we'll do just fine," answered Anakin.

"A nebula could be very difficult, I proceed with caution," said Plo Koon.

"You know, this looks very familiar," said Anthony.

"This is gonna be fun," complained Omar who was hoping for a fight.

"Does anyone care what the padawan thinks?" asked Ahsoka.

"Of course we do snips, but were still going through that nebula," answered Anakin.

"I care about what you think and so do the guys, right guys?" asked Bobby.

Everyone agreed as Ahsoka says, "Thanks guys."

"Alright cut the chatter guys, let's get through this nebula," said Gerardo.

After flying for a while, Shadow 2's pilot says, "This is to thick, can you guys see anything?"

"No, this is one clouded nebula," said Brock.

"Just follow my thrusters guys," said anakin.

"This sucks, the scanners don't work," complained Ahsoka.

"Well this old fashion flying Ahsoka, you have to feel your way through there," said Anakin.

"Anakin's right Ahsoka, if I'm gonna teach you how to fly, this will be one of those test, so just clear your head and relax," said Gerardo.

"Well if you ask me, you wanna know what my path is gonna be?" asked Omar.

"What's that omar?" asked Bobby

"I'm gonna blow up that battleship."

"Same here general," agreed one of the clone pilots."

"A clear path as any," said plo Koon.

After flying through the shortcut for a while, Ahsoka asks, "So Skyguy, how did you know about this shortcut?"

"I was gonna ask the same thing, cause I never seen this before," said Daniel.

"It's an Old Smuggler's route, pilots used to talk about it on Tatooine," answered Anakin.

"Smuggler's route," said Ahsoka.

"Oh yeah now I remember, back when I was a smuggler I was cruising through this nebula, and I remember the name of this being...oh no," said Anthony.

"What's the matter Anthony, you forgot that this is called the Bomura run?" asked Anakin.

"Bomura run!" exclaimed Plo Koon.

"I'm picking up a contact," said Ahsoka.

"Uh guys, you need to listen to me, we need to turn around," said Anthony.

"What and start all over, forget it," said Jorge.

"Another contact, this one is much longer," said Ahsoka.

"Besides Anthony, what's here to get us?" asked Bishop.

"That's what I'm trying to tell you blasted nerf herders, bomuras have a giant nest here!" yelled out Anthony

"Another, another!" yelled out ahsoka.

They then looked over at Ahsoka's direction as a giant bomura comes flying towards them as Brock yells out, "Holy shit!"

"Take evasive action." commanded Anakin.

Everyone did that as they were now in the middle of a giant nest of them as HK says, "Statement: That is a lot of Bomuras."

"Those gas gulpers are huge," said Ahsoka.

"Tell us something we already know," said Anthony.

"Don't shoot or they'll panic," said Plo Koon.

"They'll all panic, I'm bout to panic," said Ahsoka.

"There are so many of them," said one of the clone pilots.

"This just got more interesting," said Omar a bit excited.

Suddenly one of the y-wings scratches a bomura as it's stabilizers are on fire, "I'm hit, my stabilizers are on fire."

"Pull it together matstick," said Anakin.

"I'm okay, I got it," said Matstick.

"These things are gonna make a meal out of us," said Ahsoka.

"Relax Ahsoka, that's one of the things you need to learn about flying," said Gerardo.

"Listen to him Ahsoka, he knows what he's saying," said Bobby.

"All wings fly up behind me," said Anakin.

Everyone does that as they are flying through the bomuras as they fly through the nebula as Omar says, "Fuck yeah we did it."

"Let's hope your shortcut paid off," said Ahsoka.

"Were not far from Greivous now," said Anakin.

"then let's keep moving," said Gerardo.

The medical station

Shadow Squadron made it to the medical station as Gerardo says, "You guys ready?"

"Ready as we'll ever be," answered Daniel.

"Generals, I have a contact," said one of the clone pilots.

" Is it a bomura?" asked Brock.

"No, its a ship."

"That means the Malevolence is here, and just in time to be turned to scrape," said Omar.

The Malevolence pops out as Shadow Squadron charges as droid starfighters showed up.

"Incoming fighters," said Ahsoka.

"Exclamation: Let's turn them to scrape!"

A huge firefight then starts as the Malevolence looks to fire it's Ion cannon at them as Bobby notices it and says, "Guys, the Malevolence is about to fire."

It then did as Ahsoka yells out, "Incoming!"

"Head towards the edge of the ray!" yelled Anakin.

"Oh man, I hope this works," said Jorge.

Suddenly shadow two's stabilizer went off as the crash crashed and destroyed another one as Anakin, the Expendables, Plo Koon, and some clones barely made it as the rest didn't come in as Gerardo says, "Shadow squadron come in."

"We lost Matstick and Tag, shadow 6,7, and 8 were caught in the ray," said Anthony.

"Alright, so that's how he wants to play, let's show him how we play," said Omar.

The then fly towards the bridge but are getting blasted on by the defense turrets as Bishop says, "This is flight is getting rocky."

"Guys, we need a new plan," said Ahsoka.

"We can make it Ahsoka, hang in there," said Anakin.

"But master you can make it, but everyone else is getting shot down."

"She's right Anakin, we need a new plan," said Gerardo.

"Hey, if we can damage the weapon, when it tries to fire, it could heavily damage the ship," said bobby.

"Okay, Shadow Squadron, new target, take out the starboard Ion cannon," said Anakin.

They then head to the weapon while they shot torpedoes at the weapon as it destroyed it as the Malevolence was now vulnerable.

"Good work Shadow Squadron," said Plo Koon.

"Nice job Ahsoka and Bobby," said Anakin.

Suddenly Obi Wan's fleet show up as he asks, "Guys do you copy?"

"Were here," answered Gerardo.

"Congratulations, it looks like your mission was a success."

"Partially, Greivous is still alive, the battle was pretty rough on us," said Anakin.

"Well we'll take it from here, we'll call you guys if we need you."

"We'll be waiting," said Gerardo.

Inside the Medical Station

Shadow Squadron lands in the medical facility as Anakin, Ahsoka, Plo Koon, and the Expendables meet up with each other as Plo Koon says, "Great job guys, your leadership skills are most impressive."

"Thanks master plo Koon," said Gerardo.

"Uh excuse me, I believe it was my idea to change the plan," said Ahsoka.

"She got us there guys," said Bobby.

"But from a certain point of view," said Brock as they, except for Bobby, Gerardo, and Ahsoka, walked off as Gerardo says, "You did good today Ahsoka, I think you showed the best leadership quality out of all of us."

"What's that?"

"You knew when the plan goes wrong, you find another."

Gerardo then walks off as Bobby and Ahsoka smile and hug each other.