Fairy tail- The curse of the celestial princess

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Lucy's POV- after Edolas arc

When we came back from Edolas, the guild was shocked to see Lisanna alive. They had threw Lisanna a party to welcome her back into the family. And Lisa-chan(Lisanna) and I became best friends, the guild thought that me and Lisa-chan would become enemies. But Lisa-chan told everyone that she never had a crush on Natsu and she thought of him as her protective brother. I can see the resemblance between Mira and Lisanna, their personalities are very similar for example: they both are very demonic when angered, they love to matchmake people, they're both pretty. But lately I've been ignored by everyone except Erza, Wendy, Levy-chan, the Raijinshuu, master, Romeo, Laxus, Gajeel and the Strauss siblings.

~~Timeskip~~(7 weeks later)

Later everyone in the guild has been ignoring me except for Erza, Wendy, Levy-chan, the Raijinshuu, master, Romeo, Laxus, Gajeel and the Strauss siblings. They all knew about my other magics and the fact that I became a S-class mage. I went to Laxus-nii (A/N: Laxus is going to be called Laxus-nii or nii-chan for Lucy because she's Laxus's sister.) to join the Raijinshuu. The Raijinshuu and onii-chan had accepted me and were ecstatic about me joining the team, their reactions : Evergreen- "Yay! I won't be the only girl in the group and Lu-chan's joining!" [_], Freed- "Congratulations Lucy-san! Let's party on a mission with us & Laxus-samaaa!", Bickslow- "Oi cosplay queen you better be prepared to go on hard missions.", Laxus-nii - " Imouto it's about time that you quit Team Natsu and joined my team and I **smirks**. I went to the S-class board and saw the perfect mission: |||| Mission: S-class; job: to defeat a dark guild called Tartarus WARNING: some members are actual demons and their weakness is celestial magic, soul magic, and lightning magic; Reward: 2,500,000 jewels ; destination: Celeste Sun village.

Then we went to master's office labeled 'Makarov Dreyar: 3rd master' I knocked on Gramps' oak door Gramps used some magic to allow people in using a remote. "Why are you here my children? Lucy-chan why did you come with the Raijinshuu and your idiotic brother?" Gramps asked (laxus: Oi Fairychime why am I a idiot in this story ||| Fairychime : Because I always wanted to make fun of you. :3 ||| laxus: Still I'm offended, you're so rud-*Fairychime puts duct tape on Laxus's whole face and handcuffs him to a dumpster in a scary alley* ||| Fairychime: Yea,yea just shut up so the readers could read my fanfic. Got that? ||| laxus: *nods quickly so she doesn't do anything worse*) "Well, I actually wanted to join the Raijinshuu because most of my 'friends' or teammates had ignored me so I wanted to join nii-chan and his team I also informed Erza that I'll be in another team or a solo mage in the guild. I overheard Natsu and Gray trying to make me leave the guild and Team Natsu before this decision happened. Is that okay Gramps?" I replied. Gramps had agreed to my request of joining the Raijinshuu.

Me & the Raijinshuu + Laxus-nii walked outside of Gramps' office, I tried to get their attention but it was too loud for the guild to hear my voice. Laxus-nii got an irritated look and started yelling, " Hey everyone, eyes on Lucy she has something to say to you guys!" While giving a death glare to anyone who would even oppose. 'Phew! Thank goodness nii-chan was there to help me' I made a reminder to thank Laxus-nii, I had also explained to the guild that I left Team Natsu and became part of the Raijinshuu. The guild was shocked and started whispering bad things about me but I heard them thanks to to my bloodline that came from a certain family name and my powers. Natsu had heard this a few days later and yelled," You wretch! Why would you quit! Stop acting like you're strong, heh... the Raijinshuu must've pitied you because you're a weakling. Too bad you're just realizing that you'll always be a sl-"*smack* I was shocked while crying streams of tears to see Lisa-chan had slapped Natsu so hard that a hand print was marked on his right cheek.


The yelling took place in the guild where only Gray and the people talking to me had noticed that Natsu was screaming at me. In the beginning the rest of the guild had still ignored the argument while Gray had a smug smile and the rest of my real friends watched clenching theirs with grim faces & dark auras that were starting to be noticed by the rest.

Lisanna walked into the guild and had a grim reaper face that could have made you pee your pants and slapped Natsu before he could finish the line of insults. Surprisingly Lisanna kept on beating Natsu up until I calmed her down by saying :" Lisanna you should stop, I'll make Natsu realize that he will be sorry". Lisanna had hesitated and then her siblings came forward to tell quietly in her that I would beat Natsu and send him to the hospital, luckily only the dragonslayers on my side and me heard so Laxus, Wendy, and Gajeel smirked which confused everyone except for my actual friends because they used the telepathy that I taught them to tell them or Erza, Levy-chan, Romeo, master, and the Raijinshuu. (A/N:Everyone that are lucy's real friends could use telepathy to communcate with each other just in case someone missed something or if one of them are in danger but they could only contact other people that are their friends or lucy's friends - that was just in case if you guys got confused)

~~Present time~~

Natsu was the only one who acted like a bully and started to blame everything that he did bad on me & Grey apologized to me. A few days later Juvia and Gray announced that they're dating. That day Lyon and his team had visited Fairy tail for no reason, Lyon was sad that Juvia dating his little 'brother' and wailed "Why does Juvia-chan has to be taken by Gray?!" (;_;), Chelia cheered "Yay! Now I can date Lyon-kun! and Juvia can't take Lyon away from me. :).", Dog man just acted like a talking dog and was arguing about water with Happy, the tiny man with blue braided hair and blue eyebrows just looked at his team, and Jura had talked to Laxus while you could see glares or electricity practically visable to everyone.

Somehow I sensed something in the shadows or rather someone looking at me (hint, hint this is too obvious so you guys know it). I only knew one person that would have this ability so I went to my apartment and felt the shadow stalking me and staring at me. I opened the door gesturing the shadow to come in, the shadow had moved quickly inside as if it/he/she knew what would happen. Then I closed the door using some magic to soundproof the apartment. I yelled ,"Rogue! Get out of your own shadow and even if you're my childhood friend that doesn't mean you can stalk me!" Suddenly Rogue appeared out of the shadow showing no emotions than Rogue screamed at me looking angry ,"YEAH I MAY HAVE FOLLOWED YOU! BUT YOU KNOW I HAVE SENSITIVE EARS CAUSE OH YEA I'M A DRAGON SLAYER!" I took a breath and shouted, " SHUT UP IDIOT, YOUR LUCKY THAT I DECIDED TO SOUNDPROOF BUT YOU ARE STILL ANNOYING. I LIKE THE QUIET SIDE OF YOU BETTER BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE MORE SENSITIVE EARS THAN YOU!" Later for 20 seconds we kept on yelling at each other but then heard a stomach growl like this.-GGRRRRR-

Rogue had then covered his stomach with his arms while blushing . I said, " Oh I didn't know you were hungry let me make you some lunch."

~~Rogue's POV~~

I thought to myself 'Is it me or did she act nicer than when we were kids. Now she has a sweet heart, cute face, and a nice figu-AHH! (O.O) I can't think about her like that she'll punch me if she ever finds out that I used to have crush on her and it's bye bye me! TT_TT.' I snapped out of my thoughts as I smelled spagetti with tomato sauce and beef sausages that was served in a big bowl because the food was a huge amount of it. But I was surprised that she looked really cute with her girly yellow long-sleeved shirt, apron, messy hair in a short ponytail, and her bright attitude. It made me think 'everything about her seems to be welcoming and she brightens everyones' mood, Fairy tail should be grateful for her appearing. She's so pretty and has a good heart, hopefully no one will hurt her. *Sighs* Lucy please have a happy ending man too bad I didn't join her guild.'

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