Fairy tail- The curse of the celestial princess

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Lucy went to the kitchen to get her lunch but then I heard a 'Kyaa!'. I ran to the kitchen only to see Lucy with her shirt crumpled at the bottom showing a bit of her skin and her holding her ankle. I almost blushed at the show of skin but I saw her near shattered pieces with a bruised ankle with blood. So I walked forward and carried her bridal style as I carried her to her bedroom, I carefully put her down on her bed. As soon as I no longer had Lucy, I asked where the band aid package was and Lucy told me that it was in the living room on the coffee table. I grabbed the band aid package and took out the bandage (forgot the name, sorry!). I sat on her bed and touched her right ankle (the one that got hurt) she flinched when I held it and said, " Ouch! It hurts." I felt guilty for hurting her but I didn't want her ankle to get infected, luckily I knew how to do medicinal methods.

~~Lucy's POV~~

When I got hurt Rogue was there to help me. I felt guilty for everyone that got burdened with my troubles so I often thought that I was a nuisance to everybody. I finally decided that I would train by myself with the help of some of my friends. I felt the bandage wrap tightly around my ankle with steady hands and I knew Rogue was experienced with this sort of thing. But I felt Rogue really close to my face so I kinda blushed and stared at Rogue.

Normal POV

Lucy had stared at Rogue not even noticing that he was done with wrapping her ankle. Rogue saw her staring at him, knowing this he smirked a little & put his face near her ear and whispered," You know Lucy you look too cute and vulnerable. You should start protecting you before some guy does something to do you." Than Lucy snapped out of her trance and blushed because it was her crush. She screamed," What are you doing, Rogue stop being a pervert!". Lucy hit him with a giant pillow almost killing him and Rogue also fell with a huge lump on his head.

Rogue looked at Lucy with a puppy face and said "Aw why did you do that?! It was fun messing with you Lucy." Lucy had a blushing face and said while flailing her arms,"Moe, stop doing that Rogue you're making me embarrassed so easily!"Rogue thought 'Yea that's the same way you make me feel. Man, who knew you could get even more adorable, hopefully you're still single.'

Then Rogue said, " But your so adorable Lucy-chann. I can't help it, so le-**someone knocking on the door** Lucy went to the front door to open it and hide her flushed face 'Man Rogue's starting to be flirty I wonder why *cute thinkin face*?I just hope its not Laxus-nii, otherwise Rogue will be dead getting caught in my apartment.' Lucy opened the door to see Gajeel and Levy in front of the door. Lucy asked in her normal voice, " Why are you guys here?*tilts head*" Levy answered," Well Lu-chan everyone in the guild is going to Ryuuzetsu Land so bring a suitcase with a swimsuit and other clothes we're staying at the Honeycomb hotel for a week." Lucy gasped, " But the owners do realize that we'll destroy the hotel & the water park right?!" Levy chirped ," Yep but they hired mages to cast a spell to cancel or nullify magic from fairy tail mages so we don't have to pay for damages." Lucy said," Whoa now I don't have to worry about our guild members destroying any property at Ryuuzetsu Land. Yay!" "Oi Bunny girl shouldn't you start packing and Ryos I know that you're in here so don't do anything inappropriate to her & pack your stuff you're going too, got it?" commented Gajeel. Rogue responded with his head popping out," Yeah don't worry I won't do something bad to her Gajeel-san and I already have my stuff." This time Levy spoke ," Okay but try not to drool or get a nosebleed when Lu-chan's in her swimming suit, Laxus will personally scar you for life." 'Gahh! If Laxus finds out about my crush he'll strangle and I haven't met him! Man, Lucy and Laxus are like twins b/c they could strangle me if I provoke them. All of them are deadly...*has depressed blue lines on his face*'

Lucy said teasingly with a smirk ,"Okay but care to tell me why you guys are together? Maybe you're secretly dating?" Levy and Gajeel were blushing with big eyes out of their sockets. "Bunny girl!/Lu-chan! we aren't dating! What the hell is wrong with you bunny girl/Lu-chan?!" "Oh they're even thinking the same thing? Levy-chan tell me everything about the relationship if you refuse I'll pry it out of you, right Rogue?" "Yea if Lucy hasn't changed you better tell her later. She could be devious if she wanted to wanted to so I'm warning you Levy-san and Gajeel-san she's like Mira in matchmaker mode but worse." Gajeel and Levy screamed in unison, "WHAT PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE KIDDING?! LU-CHAN/BUNNY GIRL YOU'RE NOT LIKE THAT RIGHT?!" "Man you guys are loud you're lucky that I soundproofed my apartment and stop yelling its going to make me & Rogue deaf. Yes I'm like that so stop screaming your voices out." Gajeel said,"Oi bunny girl I'm leaving so stop your matchmaking." Levy agreed ," Yea same here Lu-chan." And they left.

Lucy started packing ," Well Rogue you wanna help me pack my stuff for the week." Rogue said ,"Sure" Lucy closed the door and walked into the bathroom with some swimming suits. Rogue walked into the bedroom and waited for Lucy to come out.

-13 minutes later-

Lucy came out of the bathroom with a bikini top, it was stormy blue with yellow, white, and red stripes on her left side, and a small & cute skirt, that went to her thigh in pink with neon green stripes at the end. Rogue blushed and said ," It's really cute." Lucy beamed and hugged Rogue not noticing that she was on his lap. "Rogue thanks for helping me, I can pack the rest." Rogue nodded," Okay."

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