Fairy tail- The curse of the celestial fanfiction

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~~Lucy's POV~~

After Rogue helped me with my choice of swimsuits. I chose the first one that I wore and a swimsuit that was brown with pink polkadots and cerulean blue straps attached to the front of the bikini top and to the bottom piece right at the hips(It's another version of Asuna's swimsuit in school from SAO the special edition) Man I just wish that Rogue would notice my feelings. He's so dense. I packed my stuff and it took like 40 minutes. Rogue was just there doing sitting down in the living room. After I was done I carried my luggage bag and tapped Rogue's shoulder he turned around and took his luggage. We went to the guild and everyone greeted me, even Rogue got greeted. Only Natsu was hostile to Rogue. Before he saw Rogue ,Natsu acted like he was still my annoying best friend. "Morning Luce lets go on a mission after the vacation." Of course that was Natsu and this is Natsu's reaction when he saw Rogue behind me : " Oi why are you here with MY Luce you sabertooth bastard." with an pissed off face. (A/N: Rogue's not 7 years younger and the Tenroujima arc didn't happen and the GMG wasn't an event but Sabertooth accidently beat up Lucy because of a mission but it took a long time for Sabertooth to earn Fairy tail's trust.) Before Rogue answered.I said to Natsu," Why are you acting nice to me, didn't you remember insulting me?" Natsu looked shocked his eyes widened ," I don't remember insulting you." I suddenly glared at Natsu because he was avoiding any eye contact and said darkly ," Don't lie to me Natsu! Look at me in the the eyes and tell me the truth." Natsu only sighed and looked at me saying," Lucy it wasn't intentional but I did it to protect you." My eyes widened in disbelief. Natsu continued ," Look I'll tell everyone why I acted like a jerk."

~~Natsu's flashback~~

It was about 2 or 3 days before the dramatic event. I was always happy as always until I saw Lucy in ropes with a gag in her mouth surrounded by 8 or 9 buff men with Lucy on an alley wall. I felt pissed and punched few of the guys with my strength and knocked the most of the guys using my magic. Only 2 men remained with Lucy and the 2 guys were like huge bodyguards. The bigger one said to me," Don't move Salamander or else the puny mage gets raped." My eyes narrowed and I said ," What do you want with Luce? She hasn't done anything to you. But I will soon enough." The other man only smirked and answered my question. " Easy we want to give us her fortune or we can go the long way. You know what we mean boy, so her body's a definite advantage. " I growl in anger ," You don't understand, if that happens then Fairy tail will hunt you down and destroy you." "Oi Salamander I have a knife so this girl will die because of you."

I was about to go Dragon force on them until I realized that Luce was going to be used as a shield. "Put down Luce you f***ing bastard! Or else I'll do something like distort your face with my fire magic and I'll be happy to do that part." I punched both guys in the face using my hands covered in fire. They groaned in pain and the bigger guy took Luce and yanked her hair, she screamed and pleaded me ,"Natsu please save me!" I tried to punch them but they disappeared with Luce. And a letter appeared in front of me, the other beat up guys disappeared with them too.

The Letter said : Hey Salamander,

If you damage any of us again, this time we'll get the real Heartfilia and the Lucy you saw was an illusion of her. But we're watching you so we'll charge anyday if you hurt us. Lucy will get hurt if you act close to her again when she joins another team after you find out. So my gang and I will be watching you.

From Jerendo Aves.- the boss

~~Natsu's flashback end~~

~Lucy's POV~

I was utterly shocked and so was the guild even Rogue. All of us had our jaws dropped to the floor and I was the first to snap out of it. I forgave him ,"It's okay but I thought you were a jerk. So at least explain it to somebody like using a letter or personally talking to them privately." Finally everyone started to unfreeze from their positions of 'wait that did happened?!' Natsu sighed in relief and said in a childish voice ," Thank goodness I would've thought that you would give me a painful hit. Oh and I'm sorry that I kinda ignored you when Lisanna came back. " (A/N: The guild apologized on the 2nd chapter but I forgot to write it.) "Its okay Natsu I forgive you but I have something to tell the others including you." All of the guild gave me confused looks except for the people who haven't ignored me giving them smirks (A/N: And by 'them' is supposed to be the rest that ignored Lucy.) Bisca was the first one to ask ," What is it?" then the others came up to me almost squishing me but luckily Rogue grabbed me out of harm's way. I kinda squealed because the position of me and Rogue is like he's hugging me to protect me from the questioning crowd, and I blushed a little. The others not questioning me gave me a smirk and a wink from the position even Lisanna who I thought wouldn't tease me over my childhood friend.

Then Rogue, Laxus-nii and Gajeel got irritated over the noise that they shouted in unison, " SHUT YOUR MOUTHS BUNNY GIRL\IMOUTO\LUCY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY!" with crazy and bloodthirsty faces except for Rogue who gave them glares. I fake coughed ,"Ahem, ahem thanks for snapping at them." I now looked at everyone that were curious ," As for you guys I'm a S-class mage right now." Everyone who knew looked proud of it while the other people gaped at me their mouths opening and closing imitating a fish. The guild screamed ," What!? Why didn't you tell us?!" I also added ," Because everyone except the people that didn't ignore me knew my actual ranking and I was going to annouce it after we returned to Earthland. And my other powers are telepathy, time ark, transportating, celestial dragon slayer, and shapeshifting or takeover magic like the Strauss siblings." The guild except for Natsu & Gray looked shocked. Natsu and Gray smiled said ," We knew it Luce/Lucy we always knew that you were stronger then this fire/ice bastard and me." while glaring at each other in a funny way as always. I shyly said ," You don't hate me for hiding this from you guys?" Everyone had confused faces but all of them said ," What? Why would we hate you for hiding your powers." Max said ," Look even if we didn't pay attention to you that doesn't mean we'll hate you for hiding your powers. We'll support you no matter what. We all know that some secrets are meant to be kept privately to yourself even if everybody doesn't know your reasoning. Got that Lucy?" Max ended it with his grin and I looked at everybody's face.

They all smiled and I was shocked because I thought everything was going to repeat like in my childhood, everything was going to be taken away from me. But it never did so I cried tears of happiness hugging nii-chan, Rogue, and Gajeel. Then everyone else started to come forward and said "Group hug!".

~Normal POV~

When the group hug ended, Levy reminded everybody that they should get their stuff for Ryuuzetsu Land and the Honeycomb hotel. They got their stuff and master asked Lucy," Well since you can use your powers to transport stuff can you teleport everyone and their stuff to the hotel? We can just walk to Ryuuzetsu Land." Lucy said ," Yeah sure I can do that when I open the portal." Everyone agreed.

Lucy smiled ,"Great. Lets go everybody.". Everyone agreed or just said ,"Aye Sir!". Lucy chanted

"Baroque ihroda Jilen celea

faurop mondea edjein loro portal gate upon me and everyone else"

[I just made up some of the worlds the translation: ("Open the gate of Fairies' palace to us, Fairy tail and Sabertooth mage(s) ]

The portal opened showing all kinds of colors with sparkles, a lot of wind, and Mavis with other fairies. It took a minute to go to the end of the portal and they landed in front of the hotel with their luggage. The portal closed then everyone cheered ,"Yay!" They went inside as if it was their daily routine. Cana drank the few large beers barrels on a bean bag, Natsu and Gray were fighting while other guests saw the fighting and few pieces of furniture were heading toward them with fire and ice but they had nullified the magic and put the furniture down quickly, Mira was talking to Lucy & Juvia, Gajeel was eating silver utensils while Levy was reading with her red gale-force glasses on Gajeel's lap even though they weren't a couple, and the others beat up the mages from Fairy tail starting a brawl where eventually all the boys had joined the brawl. Master Makarov had signed in for their reservation putting in 2,940,000 jewels because of the guys' huge appetite and messiness to the lady in the front hotel desk. Rogue just sat down on a chair eavesdropping on Lucy, Juvia and Mira's conversation. Master grew superbig and said loudly enough for everyone in the guild ," Look brats you'll get assigned to a partner same gender or not on your right shoulder like a tattoo until the vacation has ended then it'll disappear. But you'll get it when you enter the hallway."

-timeskip- 5 minutes later

The list of guildmates in room numbers :

4A: Juvia & Gray 5A: Evergreen & Elfman

4B: Natsu & Lisanna 5B: Cana & Bickslow

4C: Mira & Laxus 5C: Rogue & Lucy

6A: Max & Kinana 6B: Romeo & Wendy

6C: Macao & Wakaba 6D:Jet & Droy

6A: Charles, PantherLily, Happy, & Frosch (Fro got into Rogue's bag and Rogue told the guild about her.)

6F: Laki & Gildarts

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