the curse of the celestial priestess Ch 35

references - Rengo and her gang: ch. 24 [their powers: ch. 25]; Azuno: ch. 32; Kristina: ch. 15 & 32 (near Rogue and Lucy texting in bold); Sketo: ch. 31 (in section called 'With Flare')

Juvia's POV

I saw tons of demons, they looked better than the rest of Magolia's male population; since most of them don't actually attempt to do something with their looks. Many were very weak and we knocked them straight away. Although there were many people being hurt; some limped and were left behind, most being the village kids. I felt guilt worm into my heart but we kept on moving.

There were many demons, much more than I expected and this one guy had downsized Wendy. However, before I was gonna teach that douche a lesson Wendy took him down by his ankles and dug her heels into his body fat.

That's gotta hurt since she's actually wearing 3 inch heels, and she aimed it near his balls. I almost pitied him but kept fighting, nearly coughing violently as I expected. A slim and sketchy guy blocked my view of everyone, "Your fight is over here, human womannnn..." He hissed with sluggish movement. He kept hitting me with one of those brass knuckles and it hurt like hell, it nearly knocked me out.

"Juvia!" I looked shocked at the loud scream but I continued to stand up and ran at him quickly, my voice protesting the strain. "Keep fighting everyone!" I didn't intend to distract myself; I don't want anyone in this group to die today, not now. The slimy guy ran behind me and we were around 5 inches apart, face to face. The demon was very angry and made a red bruise when he grabbed my wrist, he wouldn't let go despite how oily his skin felt; I shuddered with one other tactic in mind.

I turned to water form and threw a water slicer at him; he was finished in one move. The small group of demons had charged at me but I drowned them in my water lock, grr, someone managed to escape. I quickly looked at my surroundings and hit him in the spine with a sharp knife. Not sure whether he's alive now, I went to help the others. I looked back at the drowned demons and let them go, putting a rain cloud on them. It seems like those were very weak, I turned back to the battle scene.

I nearly perished by these other demons when we went to the other corridor. There were demons that barely looked right; red eyes like the ones in my dreams, in fact, we dodged a bullet when Sketo helped us with her flames and defense attacks.

Most of us were very tired of using our physical strength and backed away from the rampant demons. My water magic wasn't very useful aside from my waterslicer. I have figured out that they have lived in the water, since their fish like features began to appear out of nowhere.

I pushed Flare and Wendy out of the way, getting severely hurt but my beloved Gray had come to my side. I was shocked by his appearance and fell on my side, the bruises becoming more heated and throbbing as I stared into the darkness.

I cheered for Gray and he carried me after he was finished. "Gray-sama, how did you know I was here~?" I purred with a grin.

"I secretly followed you." Gray blushed, ooh! A rare Kodak moment! I snapped a picture on my lacrima phone and set it as my homescreen.

We bumped into many demons but Gray stabbed them with icicles and I tripped all of them into a giant pit. The fight only lasted for 10 minutes, the last half was me trying to get a tiny demon's grubby fingers off my hair. My scalpel still hurts though.

It felt really confusing in the other corridors, but then we found Rengo and other females. I wasn't really scared but the weapons nearly made me piss. Also, Rengo was standing in the corpses' blood. The females were quickly defeated and ran away, one of them giving a book to Rengo?

I ran towards her without trying to be reminded of the smell and hugged her. Gray however, didn't follow me; he was very hesitant but I ignored that.

"Rengo-san! Weren't you supposed to be somewhere, possibly doing stuff?" I worried about her.

"Sorry Juvia. And your boyfriend looks very scared of me. Do you want me to clean up the blood?" Rengo let go and looked at her skin. It was barely scratched but lots of blood spilled on her legs and arms.

"Nope, he just hasn't met you and your gang." I chirped, looking back at Gray.

"So who are you?" Gray scratched his head in confusion.

"Rengo. I'm a close friend of Cosmos, Rogue, Flare, and mainly Lucy. How far have you guys gotten?" She perversely looked at us.

I blushed simultaneously with Gray.

"Rengo!" Me and Gray turned from each other, back to back.

"Hehehe, I was just joking but lets get going." She got extra clothes from me and it fitted her perfectly, hmm. Guess we have the same bust.

Gray almost peeked at her but I kicked him in the balls and elbowed his line of sight. I could hear Gray's groans and curses, hmm. It's pretty useful and now Gray knows I'm not kidding about anything. "I'm sorry.. Juvia." He nodded his head, apologetically.

"No it's okay, but I'm your girlfriend." I reminded him. But then I kissed his temple when he sat down for a second.

"Okay, now that the drama is done; can we go now?" Rengo interrupted.

"Sure. Now lets go kick some asses!" Gray had his confidence boost back up. Those two get along well... should I make her my bridesmaid?

I just merely followed them into a room and then lot of things happened. Rengo just growled at the elderly demons,

"Azuno-sama..." Rengo walked on the low level table and put her face near his, "Why don't we actually fight? I've defeated your companion."

The man near her glared at her with his red eyes. It was like rage in a conclusion, but the man (who I assume as Azuno) had grabbed her clothes and nearly ripped all the threads through.

I scoffed, catching attention to myself again.

"Oh? Who is this little girl?" Azuno smirked at me, standing up with his fist still holding onto Rengo's clothes.

Rengo managed at land a few punches on his jaw and arms. Unfortunately, it didn't work, the elders mockingly laughed at Rengo's struggle. An ominous feeling moved into me and Gray went into a stance behind me. Gray knows when I won't hold back, I felt the magic in me spread throughout my blood.

My body temperature turned cold and I fought with my razor sharp limbs, water spilling everywhere from my hands; Gray defeated the ones at long range. The elder demons panicked and ran farther than their body could handle. Most ended up tripping at their chairs.

I felt a familiar aura and let them do their thing. It was pressurizing towards my skin but I knew Yunna wasn't targeting us.

"You guys okay?" Rena appeared and kicked Azuno's head. If possible, that guy's grim face grew darker as he let go of Rengo and charged at me and Rena, who was near me. I sighed and stepped back for Rena to do her thing. I saw her whipping out her blades but then he targeted me, getting too close and I couldn't move.

I choked by his grip on my neck, as expected of a demon. I-I don't think now's the time to give up though. My feet coudn't reach the smooth floor and Azuno's stench nearly made me pass out. I recognized it from an event I knew all too much about. My eyes widened, my hands becoming more shaky.

Gray's POV.

It took more magic than I thought to take out these demons, but they're old. Luckily, I managed to trap many of them with my magic. I'm halfway out but I have to get to Juvia.

She's mine after all. I helped the other girls that seemed acquainted with Juvia, blocking and killing some of them. I cringed at the blood but at least it wasn't worse than my early nightmares. 15-45 minutes passed and we knocked all of them. I got near Juvia but then the Azuno dude punched me in the guts.

Seriously! He's annoying as hell... I scoffed but then Juvia got released by him. I went to her side and noticed a lingering smell on her. It disgusted me but it wasn't her scent obviously, it smelled like death. But I focused on my magic attack. I released ice-make: bullets. It distracted him and put holes inside, the demon shivered.

I backed away from him with Juvia in my arms and then blocked the only exit in the room.

"Fools," Azuno chuckled. "YOU'RE NO MATCH FOR THE UNDEAD!" His appearance next second scared me when I peeked back into the door with a square window.

His face no longer looked young and his eyeballs popped out more than the average person, his skin turning into a scaly hide with his rib-cage and new tail expanded heavily, inky spots on his jaw and arms. What scared me the most was him eating all of the elders after he broke my ice prison in half... disgusting. I blankly stared at him. He was the reason for this mess, I pointed my eyes at the floor. Focus Fullbuster!

No wonder he made Juvia faint. Juvia! I looked at her and she was hyperventilating. I made an ice pack and pressed it to her chest when she was heating up.

"Hang on..." The 3 girls fighting, one of them named Rengo, had teamed up and almost beaten him.

My heart clenched, glaring at him. I have to stop thinking about this. I stopped guarding the door for a second and worried about Juvia.

The fight still went on as I carried Juvia outside, finding Wendy and her group.

"Gray?" The youngest member on my team said. She furrowed her eyebrows. "What are you doing here? And what happened to Juvia?" Her eyes showed shock.

"Never mind that, a demon guy ate all of the elders demons and now Juvia fainted. Heal her, please." I added the last word as an afterthought.

"You heard him!" A girl taller than Levy had commanded them. "Lets get that bastard!"

"Yeah!" Most of Wendy's group ran over the door. Wendy looked at Juvia and distorted her face in disgust. "I assume this is from the demon guy?" Wendy glanced at the open room, her face turning more pale from the stench.

"Yeah, we have to hurry."

"Alright, Gray." Wendy chanted Troia and it was healing faster than her usual pace.

"Slow down if you need to," I put a hand on Wendy's shoulder.

Wendy smiled at me. "This is nothing compared to Lucy's training!" She turned back, making my jaw gape all the way to the floor as if this was an anime. (A/N: DON"T BREAK THE FOURTH WALL DAMMIT! No one respects me.. T^T)

They've all improved. Especially Juvia. I hope they manage to defeat that stupid gu- demon.

Normal POV.

Keko and the others had arrived, the only demon in the group fake puking at the stench.

"Gross! Don't you guys smell this?" Keko growled with glowing sea eyes, nose cringing from the smell.

The others blinked and most nodded no, some of them got blown away by the rubble of fighting.

"Man, must've been a long time here." Keko stepped over many of the decaying limbs. When did that get there? The group looked at the blood trailing to the demon's footsteps. Bastard.

The fight between the other 2 demons and half breed verses the fully insane demon had continued. Rengo's healing had a limit and this was it.

Luckily, before Rengo got captured by this demon; Yunna activated the magic spell and everything nearly blew to bits. Yunna floated up to the clear sky after catching Rengo and Rena went in to switch places.

Rena bashed him with her bare fists, pulling out the blade that belonged to an old era. It shined with luster and sliced through his arm that reached for her neck and face. Rena kept dodging and Azuno roared in fury, looking for more people.

Sketo aimed fire cannons and icy geysers at his lower body and then guarded the others preparing an attack. Azuno dodged most of the elements but the ice tore off his eyes and he screeched with blood dripping out his eyes.

"YOU IDIOTS! THIS IS MY BEAUTIFUL FORM!" The intention of death was strongly sensed from the fully formed beast. The beast bit random things not caring about anything. Everyone in the room dodged his attacks or had their blood sucked by him.

(A/N: hello again! ^.^ Don't kill me, it's important: I decided to call Azuno a beast since demons at least have their self control like most humans.)

"Azuno-sama! Calm down!" The human traitor ran to his bulky figure and grasped his face despite how far she was from the ground and trapped Yukino by the neck. Yukino, who was near the beast and traitor, had turned blue with little strength to pry the chains off.

Keko growled again and ripped the chains from Yukino's windpipe. "Th..thanks!" Yukino ran back to the door, looking at the whole fight like Gray.

"No problem." Keko turned to Yukino with an intimidating smile and kicked at Kristina's belt of weapons. Kristina glared at her with dark eyes, forgetting about the demon in front of her.

"Human meat!" Azuno purred. His tail stabbed Kristina in her guts, poking all the way to her brain. Somehow Kristina held the tail but not for long, her grip weakened and her eyes smiled remorsefully at everyone. Her head started cracking and bleeding black blood. By ten it was too late for her to be saved. The beast cackled for a minute, which seemed way longer than it originally was.

Neither the demons nor humans in the room made a move and held their breath, most forcing the bile back into their throats and made no retreats like their minds all urged them to do so. The blood from the limp body had paralyzed everyone, most of the demons looking away and walking to the beast.

He must've been a human mage a few centures back. No demon has been in their full form for that long and both humans and demons. Only one. Rena glared at the ravenous beast. We cannot hesitate in taking his head off. Time to bust our asses off.

Rena glared at the demon busy in grinding the human corpse's bones to sand, bending his head back with her shadow manipulation. The beast's growl ripped out of his throat, with long and thin claws coming out of his hands. Then a small group of shadows popped out of the cracks on the ground.

The whispers and see through shadows materialized to show red eyes Lucy noticed, and attacked the beast by slithering inside his heart; the mindless beast noticing a small burst of energy hurting his cardiovascular system.

Cosmos stuck her fingers inside the cracks of the beast and ripped his chest into an X, the beast babbling in more pain. The beast sniffed the ground and swung at Yunna who parried the attack with her bare hands and twisted around his torso; and climbing on his back.

The beast nearly fell on the Sabertooth and Fairy tail mages, if not for their magic combination. The other groups went back to the room that caused the most ruckus and helped.

"Magic Beam!" (Yukino)

"Earth Spikes!" (Levy)

"Final Strike!" (Lisanna)

"Cards Volley!" (Cana)

"Dance, my Blades!" (Erza)

"Yagudo Rigōra!" (Minerva)

"Earthquake!" (Sketo - Flare is commanding her)

"Wolverine's Wrath!" (Cosmos)

"Shadow Dragon's Roar!"

"Celestial Dragon's Roar!"

By then, all of the attacks had diminished the demon, most of them magically tired but not noticing any aching. Lucy and Juvia had the most magic drain, Rogue and Gray carrying them.

"Man.. that. Was. AWESOME!"

All the guys cheered and drank some beer when they returned with the girls. All the girls were tired and went to sleep early when the boys were just watching some football until midnight and slept in the living room.

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