Chapter 36

The Next Morning.

It was a stuffy morning with several crows producing sound near the windows. The girls and guys woke up with grumpy faces, but ran downstairs to stop hearing the consistant screeching.

"Why won't they give it a rest?" Wendy banged her head near her pancakes. Carla patted her shoulder and held her paw to Wendy's forehead to prevent more bruising.

"Hush child. You should be eating more and bruise less." Carla scolded.

"Okay..." Wendy moaned.

"Give the kid a break, you know she never does this!" Lucy defended. Then she went back to her breakfast, she doesn't want to waste the crunchyness after all.

"Uhm." The others nodded in agreement, continueing whatever they were doing in the morning.

"You fools are influencing Wendy. I'm supposed to take care of her." Charla insisted with her arms crossed.

"The only fool around here is Sting and Natsu!" The mages snapped back.


That was the first and last spat of the day, everyone was watching the tv before it turned around 6:30 in the morning. That's right. They wre up at 5:30 in the morning.

They were watching some awesome YouTubers after a hour of tv and obviously, a giant kick to the door that showed Kara's foot caught their attention.

"Hey!" A knock on the broken door turned into several slams beating quickly against the wood.

"Coming!" They all went to the front door and opened it before the poor door could eb knocked down.

"Finally," huffed Kara with a red leg. "Ow.. that's painful."

"No shit." Everyone except Wendy deadpanned. "Why are you up so early?" They asked in curiousity.

"It's because we're planning to harvest. We need your help since many of us are still sore from fighting, even if we built up our strength. But I'll make food for everyone~" Kara chimed. "So, will you help?" Her eyes looked at them.

"Sure." Everything went without a hitch. By sunset, they arrived back at the village with many bags of money and sweat lined their backs, since they weren't used to laboring.

"Kara! We're here!" Lucy and the others yelled.

The door mysteriously opened to show Kara with her giant pot of dumpling soup. "Hi guys!" She waved at them, opening the door with her free hand. "Come in, some of the kids want to spend time with you."

"HI WIZARDS AND DEMONS!" 3 kids smiled from behind the door. "Mrs. Cheney is making food."

"And I'm eating some of it." A bigger kid replied from the back.

"Eh? No fair, everyone deserves them!" Footsteps followed back into the house, kids chasing the main kid. "Stop chasing me!" The older kid screeched.


"Ah, chaos." Lucy smiled. "It was still really fun." Cosmos and Lucy were the first to step inside, followed by others.

"GET BACK HERE YOU BRATS!" The situation with the older kid and younger ones were reversed, this time, in a circle.

"Oh dear." Kara snickered and put down the pot. "Wow! These sweet potatoes look ripe enough to be turned into ice cream, but I have an extra 2 gallons. What should I do..?" Kara stressed out.

"There's lots of villagers and energetic kids, lets make all the ice cream before summer is gone!" Erza declared. "Yes, yes." The others chimed in agreement.

Kara relaxed her shoulders and smiled. "I should've thought of that fast! But let's have fun~" For the rest of the day everyone had been helping with the plates and passed out the food to the giant table as usual.

For a full hour, everyone talked about all sorts of things in different kinds of conversation.

"I love AKMU! They're awesome as the sibling duo.!"

"Who's AKMU?"

"AKMU is short for Akdong Musician, a South Korean pair of siblings who sing with awesome written songs."

"Do you even understand Hangeul?"

"Nope, but the vipe is so fun! And some are sad of course!"

That conversation went on for more than half an hour.

Soon everyone joined in with their favorite artists in mind.



A giant crowd of fangirlish villagers rumbled around and nearly destroyed the whole village.

Lucy sighed, hiding behind Kara's back and Cosmos' staff. "It's clear that Melanie Martinez and St. 319, the dance studio, is way better in my opinion."


After many tears and bloodshed of fandoms, they finally settled down with many of the other mature females hitting them on the forehead with chopsticks.

Ring Ring!

"Hello?" Mira's face appeared on Lucy's lacrima. The girls and boys of the village had gaped at her beauty. Many old men oogled at her and the others just greeted her.

"Hey Mira! I'm gonna have a big journey to explain to you!" Lucy squealed. "What did you need from me?"

Mira deviously smiled, rubbing her hands together with her eyes glowing. "I WANT TO CHALLENGE YOU TO COOKING! NO CHEATS!"

Lucy's eyes popped out, "Eh Mira!?" her face was unbelievable.

"You heard me!" In Mira's arms was a giant barrel of beer and she drank it straight from the tap , looking at Lucy once again.

"O-okay...wa-" The lacrima flashed off and everyone looked interested.

"Hey Lucy?"

"Yes Ka-Doctor?"

"Clll me Kara... you're my future daughter in law. Skiadrum would be so proud." she sighed in happiness.

"Mom!" Rogue shoulted in embarrassment.

"Okay okay, I'll stop." Kara leaned towards Lucy. "You'll accept the cahllenge right? I know your cooking is the best!" SHe let her voice ring out all the way to neighboring villagers.

"Umm... I'm sorta getting accustomed. I don't think I'm a match for Mira and I can't cheat... not like I would cheat at all!" Lucy frantically moved her hands and arms in embarrassment. "Ehhh... sorry for that." Lucy stired the soup around.

"Nonsense~ even if you loose, it won't be as bad as when you were 6 yers old and without Rogue."

"Oh. I almost forgot but thanks for that! What happens if I lose?" Kara grined at that.

"Nothing but stripping in front of Rogue with lingerie. I want some grandkids so hurry up." Kara slapped Rogue for no reason. "Why won't you hit that? She's hot as hell and my perfect expectation of a person."

"I want me and her to get married with everyone in a giant space..." Rogue blushed. The girlss nearby guhsed and whisphered wedding details in secret but Rogue and Kara didn't seem to notice.

"I raised my son to be proper. You graduate as the perfect gentlemen and only soon."

"No shit, I'm your only offspring."

"Ryos," Lucy leaned on his shoulder. "Do you need a lesson in controlling your sarcasm?"

Rogue opened his mouth but shut it.

"Oh hun, I've dealt with this piece of shit attitude from all males except for his loving papa~" Kara blushed comedically.

"YOU WHAT!" Kara nodded in disappointment with Lucy's statement accused at Rogue.

"No I didn't..." Rogue ran off.

"What now?" Wendy asked.

"We don't know but Lucy, go after him."

"M'kay." After that, she grabbed a frying pan and hollered, "ROGUEEEEEEEE! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS HERE!"



"Ah, true love." Kara sighed.

Eventually, they all eat at Kara's house and go back to Fairy tail in around 4 hours because of the extra stops.

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