Ch 37 (the curse of the celestial princess)

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"Mmm! I'm getting nervous about this." Lucy stretched her arms, stiffling a yawn.

"You should be," Erza quipped. "She's never been beaten before, you know, Mira."

"That's not helping!" Lucy pouted. "Rogueeeeee, can't you help me persuade Mira-chan?"


"Why not!?"

"It's your fight."

"You're an idiot... Mira will finish me off in the first round."

"But you've improved right?"

"Only when it came to desserts and lunch."

"Still, you have a chance."

"Fine. Rogue, I hate how logical you sound now." Lucy ended the conversation there.

Everyone got their bags and luggage ready by the time they arrived in Magnolia. Everyone had parted, Yukino and Minerva going first and then everyone except for Gray and Juvia.

"Rogue, wanna come to my house?" Lucy carried most of her bags along with Rogue.

"Sure." They shrugged.

And after 20 minutes of stumbling into random places, they finally arrived at Strawberry St., where they dropped the bags instantly.

"Phew! I'm so tired." Lucy slammed the door open.

"You really should put a lock on it." Rogue noticed no latch on the side of the entrance. "Excuse me, Lucy's house."

"Pul-lease. You actually stalked me when we met." Lucy shuffled through her pjs. "Don't tell me that you never bothered to communicate because you were in a piss off mood for more than a year?"


"Seriously?!" Lucy twitched. "Did you at least get better at skipping rocks?"

"No progression."

"You so could beat me with that right arm, Ryos." Lucy pointed out.

"But I accidently hurt it and skipping rocks with that much force hurts my muscles." He responded. Lucy looked at Rogue in interest.

"Tell me what happened?" A hand covered her hair.

"Maybe later." Rogue mussed up her hair.

"I'm tired Rogue! Lets go to a bakery!" Lucy brushed her hair and dragged Rogue. "I know the best bakery ever in Magnolia." She winked.

"Fine.." Rogue rolled his eyes and got carried by Lucy, princess style. You can imagine how many odd stares he got in the long run. And there happened to be young girls admiring what was his girlfriend's strength, he sweatdropped.

"Lu!" Rogue hissed, "Stop carrying me."

"Fineeee~" Lucy pouted and let go. "But it's nice instead of you accidentally tickling me."

Rogue twitched. "I know you're ticklish but I wouldn't do it if I was transportation for you." He paled.

Lucy pouted and led him into the giant bakery which had so many distracting scents, Rogue could barely focus on his girlfriend.

"Welcome back Lucy!" A short man with black eyes and black hair welcomed, busy at this hour. "I'm sorry to say this but the pumpkin pies are out of order."

"Really? I was looking forward to eating that with my boyfriend..." Lucy slumped with tiny tears.

"Don't cry!" Both of the males yelled.

"Ufuuuuu... I'm not!" She wiped her tears away. "Any recommendations?"

The short man looked at the menu but sighed. "There's many that are good but it's free of charge for you and your boyfriend...?"

"Rogue, sir. And Lucy," he had to hold back his girlfriend from eating the whole bakery though he's tempted himself. "You're not supposed to make this man go broke because of you! Remember the pasta incident?"

"Pssh!" Lucy pushed Rogue away, crossing her arms in disagreement. "I was really hungry that day."

"But you ate my whole cooking."

"Exactlyyyyyy~ But Mr. Leyman, what should I do for Mira's contest?" Lucy whined to the short man in defeat. "Mira's no match for me in desserts but still... she chooses the kind of meal."

"Listen, she's very competitive so just have fun. I'm sure Mirajane is a 'S' person so don't try to worry about her. I can't wait for you to win though." Mr. Leyman, the short man, reassured. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"Mr. Leyman is right, Lu! We'll support you from the sidelines!" Rogue hugged her from the back, Lucy squealed loudly. "Thanks Ryos, but stilll~ will you guys help me?"

"No." The guys said.

"Eh!? Why not!"

"Well..." The males looked at her nervously and Lucy felt anxiety in her stomach. "Look behind you."

"Uhhh.. what?"

"Turn around." How come a simple sentence could set her on edge? That's right, it was none other than the demon's voice along with an intimidating aura from her. "You are going to the challenge with me, got that Lucy?" Mira grinned.

"Can I refuse?"


And so, Lucy felt the itchy bag on her face as Rogue carried her.

"Hey Mirajane, why'd you make me carry her?"

"She's your girlfriend and plus that baker has always liked Lucy so I wanted to eat his free desserts, thanks to Lucy, I get that."

"But you're gonna get fat if you eat all of that."

"Want a fist in your ass?" Mira offered.

"No." Lucy felt Rogue's head shake no.

"And plus, why is it okay to have that much for Lucy?" Mira's bratty side showed.

"Because her female part of the family are healthy and skinny. It's the genes."

"Yeah right." She heard Mira tsk.

"It's true!" Lucy butted in. "And are we at the guild yet?"

"We forgot. But lets go." And a few dizzy spells later, the sack came off her head and she could finally breath.

"Finally.. and why won't you give up on my free dessert!?" Lucy glared at Mira with all of the desserts.

"Well you don't deserve it." Mira ran into the guild. "I'm back with Lucy!" She yelled.

"Gimme the damn sweets before the competition!"

"NO! MINE!" Mira hogged the freebies.

"MIra," Erza stood up. "I won't stand for cake bullying! Just give it back to her, fattie... otherwise I'll make sure Freed turns to stone."

Mira froze and looked at Freed.

"Mira... help me." A bored Freed said. "Pleasseeee!"

Mira rolled her eyes and looked back at the demonic blonde.

"Okay... but I licked everything!" Mira said to Lucy.

"But I don't really care... I NOW HAVE MY FREE CAKES BACK, MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHHAH! Thanks Erza." Lucy shoved everything in her mouth until she choked and Rogue brought some water to her mouth.

"You're welcome Lucy!" A proud Erza put her thumbs up and then cut Freed's rope around his body.

"Finally... now let's get this competition on the road!"

"Welcome to the once in a while food competition~" The host said on tv.

Right now, Mira and Lucy were at the park with many people around them and Cana was holding up the bets. 85% of votes were Mira's though many claimed to vote for Lucy.

Liarrrsss! Lucy whined. Only Ryos and my other friends voted, I'm sure.. jeez, Mira; you're too scary!

Mira glanced around and patiently waited while the votes before the real show started, but was around cracking when it was nearly 2 hours and her boyfriend wasn't here! Probably with her siblings or the Raijinshuu.

"Um, host, can we get it on!" Wendy and Charla glared at the flirty host. "WE NEED TO SEE THIS!" The crowd voiced agreements and the host chuckled nervously before standing in the middle of Mira and Lucy, pissing his pants when he heard two male growls, no- the male population of Fairy tail and the twin dragons.

"Ahaha... now! Each dish shall be out of 20 points, 4 judges are here and they each have their own blog about the coolest places in Fiore or Crocus! You shall have 45 minutes to cook, prepare and present your dish. Good luck to Lucy Heartfilia and Mirajane Strauss!"

"The first round is to make a special type of soup, varieties of ingredients are in the kitchen and no sabotage!" Judge number 1 spoke through the mic on the table.

"And... start!" A whistle blew through the air.

~ After time ended ~

"Okay ladies, I hope your dishes are good enough to please them! And now the judges shall judge it. (No pun intended)"

The crowd smiled in anticipation, smelling the dishes immediately. Judges had their stoic faces on, ready to eat.

"Ah ha, Judges, I have my special dumpling soup along with pumpkin sauce and pepper combined. The dumplings are made of tender beef, seasoned with my secret spice! I also have some ginger tea with honey and grinded mint~" Mira smiled and served it to the judges.

They all carefully ate it and finished their servings as some of them drank the tea.

"I have to say, it's very homey and reminds me of my favorite kind of dumplings! I'm not a fan of the ginger tea but it was good! The spice had really made the dumpling close to perfect!" Said Judge #1.

"I don't agree, I loved everything, I just wished it wasn't too hot. But the sauce was the thing that made this meal come together!" Judge #4 said.

"Well I loved it, I just wanted something that's less classic because I eat porridge all the time! You totally met my expectations. Did you actually put some vegetables in it?" Judge #3 inquired.

"Yes, yes I did!" Mira smiled. "I must've forgotten! I put in the iceberg lettuce with some bean sprouts."

"It's rather lovely!" Judge #3 ended her commentary at that.

"I really think it's something special and you can just taste it like it's your favorite meal for lunch or supper! I rate it as exceptional.." Judge #2 smirked.

"And so here's the result!" The host announced, "Mirajane had gotten 13 stars out of 20 stars. Now onto Lucy!"

"Well I have my beef stew with sweet potatoes, baby carrots, salt and pepper, grinded swiss cheese and sliced cucumbers to top it off! I hope you enjoy it." Lucy bowed and gave it to the judges.

"Hmm... the cheesiness is very good! It melts in my mouth but the soup is strangely sweet. Did you use some honey?" Judge #2 commented.

"Yes, but I also added more so then the beef doesn't get stuck in your teeth and you have to go to the dentist." Lucy sweatdropped, remembering some past event.

"It was a filling soup as it is, my favorite is the cucumbers but they were very contrasting in comparision to the soup since they are hot and cold. My comment seems very vague but it is very delish. Wise job on not making the pieces oversized, it would've been very messy because some types of meat are very chewy. You also didn't make it dissipate in my mouth like water." Judge #3 smiled.

"Now for the results... Lucy has gotten 15/20 stars!"

The crowd clapped and Lucy dropped her mouth open though no one could see it since the host blocked her and Mirajane.

~ 2 rounds later ~

"Congrats to Mirajane Strauss! She got 2nd place and now to crown Lucy Heartfilia as best cook in Fairy Tail!" Lucy sheepishly smiled as Mira hugged her with a death grip.

"Congratulations Lucy! If there wasn't a dessert area, I would've whooped your butt." Mira whispered to Lucy. Lucy could've felt a shiver down her spine as Mira smiled... like a predator.

"CONGRATULATIONS LULU!" Cosmos tackled her and the others stood there.

"Help mehhhhh!" Lucy squeaked, reaching for Rogue.

"Nope~" Rogue ran two feet ahead as Lucy stared at him in disbelief.

"Are-you ma- mad at me?" Lucy struggled to keep Cosmos away.


"WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS MEAN!?" Lucy pouted. "Rogue's never like this."

"I'm blank about it as you." The other girls said.

"Ah! Maybe he's mad at you~" Levy teased.

"But I didn't do anything... other than prank him.." Lucy sweatdropped. "I think you might be right."

"Nope~" Rogue kissed the fuck out of her while ignoring the wolf whistles from the perverted girls. "I just wanted to tease you." Rogue chuckled and Lucy turned tomato red.

3 years later, Lucy and Rogue had been fiancé & fiancé and Lucy moved into his house on July 18th. Rogue also bought stationery things customized with dragons and her favorite gel pens for anniversary. Lucy gave him a giant parcel of sandwiches and a clean, rainbow scaled notebook for blackmail. They totally know each other in the back of their hands. (;3)

Juvia and Gray are now bonded partners, Juvia also tags with team Natsu if Gray's there. Lyon does appear sometime to give Juvia a rose for Valentines Day but Gray kicks him out of Juvia's place and asks her out.

Gajeel and Levy have turned into a serious couple, they decided to help out kids who need help in education. Yet the kids always tease them and Gajeel's there to keep track while his girlfriend tries to teach the kids something, while filling in a log for the kids' behaviours.

The demon gang is on missions, occasionally visiting Cosmos and Lucy when Rogue's not here. Rogue always gets mad at them when they make their own door through the walls. (The holes aren't that big though... just enough for short people.)

Mira and Freed are married. Bickslow and Lisanna have been courting each other, unlike the other couples. Elfman and Evergreen go on risky missions that are counted as dates. Laxus and Cana have children after the honeymoon.

And Makarov is not in debt as most of the Fairy tail mages have matured and learned to control themselves in the guild. Not so much in the mission span.

Porlyusica is proud of Wendy for improving in the physical and magic wounds as well as knowing where to knock out the people's nerves and numb them. Wendy has ended up working part time at the magic council in order to help out Fairy tail's paperwork that's about the size of Edo-Wendy. Wendy also has developed an addiction to coffee and sleep. (It's perfectly healthy though!)

The other guild, Sabertooth, is fine without Rogue. The ones that know Rogue and Lucy the most, often visit for some breaks along with their new members.

Cosmos has been trying to find a house near Fairy tail, where she's a waitress currently but has no luck. The landlord of Lucy's old house gave the whole place to her once she had around 1,500,000 jewels and turned the upper floor into a giant practice room for her magic staff and spars between Lucy for old times sake.

The villagers have been very happy once Lucy, Rogue, Cosmos, Fairy tail girls, and the demon gang had appeared once again to help out and had made their own factories that were friendly for the sky and economics. The priestesses had inspected everyone for sign of corruption and most of them were cleansed with the power of the holy water.

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