Matthew absentmindedly readjusted his red scarf around his neck to prevent the cold February air from seeping into his skin, keeping a firm grip on the bouquet of flowers held between his gloved fingertips, the freshwater turning to icicles on the light green stems due to the steadily decreasing temperature to rival even that of Canada's winter weather.

Being a country (even a country that was almost always forgotten by other countries) required patience, a well-balanced relationship between the heart and mind, and a phone that was never on airplane mode.

Today was the only exception to the latter statement. Only today, though.

He pushed open a metal gate which appeared to be rusting away at the seams, cringing a bit at the loud screech it omitted when it swung open, rattling harshly against the chain link fence. A pregnant silence overhung the area bathed in snow, broken when the personification of Canada resumed walking, his boots crunching the ice with ease, his violet orbs as glassy as the round spectacles perched on the brink of his nose.

The blonde skillfully maneuvered through the secluded area hidden from view by pine trees coated in white, pushing aside branches and leaves, stepping over pine needles and cones, finally stopping when seeing a cracked gray stone riddled with snow-covered ivy and early-blooming blue cornflowers.

Matthew tenderly brushed remnants of frost that covered up the inscriptions, setting the bouquet of red poppies against the stone as he sat on his knees.

"It's been awhile," He spoke in a quiet voice, somehow softer than his normal tone. "I made sure to bring red poppies again. I know how much you liked them."

He paused there, a million things he wanted to say clouding up his thoughts all at once, yet unable to coherently phrase it all into words.

So, Matthew Williams figured he'd start at the beginning.

"I remember when we first met. It was shortly after Arthur's conquests of Nova Scotia, when a lot of German immigrants decided to stay in my country after serving with the British forces. Ludwig visited me to check in on the immigrants, and you tagged along because you wanted to see if you could 'invade my vital regions'. Needless to say, nothing along those lines occurred because you spent the entire time there making forts in the snow and shooting snowballs at people when you thought they weren't looking." He couldn't help but chuckle, remembering how the albino female always tried (and failed) to hit Matthew with her weapons of icy destruction, only to be surprised when he'd duck and cover since he's the personification of Canada for crying out loud.

"The entire time you were there with your brother, you kept trying to come up with a good nickname for me since you thought 'Matthew' didn't sound cool enough. However, literally as you were boarding the ship back to Germany and Prussia, you pointed at me from my place on the docks and called out 'Birdie! That's your nickname, since you remind me of an awesome bird!'." Matthew paused for a moment, taking a deep breath to organize his thoughts and memories better. His brow furrowed slightly when recalling how the crisp autumn wind blew her long white hair into tangles, the morning sunlight making her crimson eyes glimmer like rubies, a wide smile on her face as she proclaimed his latest nickname which squeezed his heart to this day.

"We kept on encountering each other after that, whether formally meeting to discuss international affairs, or spending time together not as Prussia or Canada, but as Julchen Beilschmidt and Matthew Williams." He ignored how his voice cracked a miniscule amount when speaking her name out loud for the first time in a long while, how his throat began experiencing difficulty swallowing, his vision becoming blurry with saltwater. Any other day he would have given up, but today was the only exception. He couldn't abandon her; not after all they had been through in the past.

Matthew clenched his gloved fists to bring him back to reality, taking another deep breath.

He had a feeling he would do that a lot, today.

(Author's Note: So that's the end of this first chapter. I've been meaning to write a PruCan fanfiction for a while, since it's my favorite Hetalia pairing. I don't know why I decided to do female!Prussia, but the idea kind of stuck. I'll try updating with the next chapter soon, and I'm sorry if my history is off in this chapter or chapters soon to come.)