A/N- I've never been happy with how I ended Haven. And I've noticed a lack of a wide assortment of George/Hermione fiction since my attentions shifted to Harry/Hermione. And I really, really wanted to redo Haven. So I've got this, Haven Anew (Such an original title right? Yeah no apologies). This story starts before Haven does and I've changed...well honestly I've changed alot. Almost everything except for some MAJOR PLOTLINES. This will be George/Hermione through and through, I solemnly swear. No changing that.

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Addendum- Fred and George would love Monty Python because it's so...silly.

George Weasley was of the opinion that funerals sucked. They were so boring and, having gone to five in a week, he could attest that one funeral was the same as the other. Fred's death hurt, of course, but he could almost imagine the conversation they'd have about how all the funerals were identical save for the speeches about the deceased; even those were similar. "He was a great man, a loving man…" "She was a kind, compassionate woman…" It was obnoxious. George was determined to not let Fred's funeral be like the others. So even though it hurt, and he was still grieving for his twin, he gave the eulogy. And he was proud to say that the eulogy was inspired by the comedy troupe Monty Python. A fascination he could blame Hermione for introducing him and Fred to.

"Fred Weasley is no more," George said. "He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone to meet his maker. Bereft of life, he rests in peace. He's a stiff. He's bit the dust. He's kicked the bucket. Snuffed it. Breathed his last. And there are people here thinking that his life was ended far too soon, well before he'd had enough fun. To those people, I say nonsense. Good riddance to the free-loading bastard." A quick glance and George was rewarded with seeing Hermione clutching her sides in silent laughter as she realized what he was doing. "And the reason I feel I should say this is because he would never forgive me if I didn't. If I threw away this glorious opportunity to shock you all on his behalf. Anything for Fred except mindless good taste." Hermione was laughing even harder. "Fred Weasley was a delusional, irreverent, fool. And damn proud of it." George continued, "I mean, honestly. How could anyone look at this," he indicated his body, "and think that Fred was the better looking one? I mean, I'm way hotter." There were some chuckles other than Hermione this time, though if George had looked Hermione would have been seen giving him an appreciative once over. "Fred loved life. He loved laughter. And he'd hex every single one of you for not finding some sort of humor in his death or funeral. Except Hermione, who is safe since she's laughing." He shot her a grateful grin.

George looked at the casket, "Fred loved pranks. He loved making people laugh. And while he's a bit too stiff and in all the wrong areas," there was some chuckling and giggling at that, "he'd never want us to stop laughing. Don't mourn Fred's death. Celebrate his life. That's what he did. That's what we should do too."

After the funeral his mother yelled at him for being disrespectful of Fred but George didn't care. He'd made Hermione smile and laugh. That was all he wanted to do. She at least understood the eulogy's purpose and where it came from. After the funerals came the next depressing step. The will readings. Fred's was easy. Everything went to George. The surprising one, for him, was the Gringotts missive to come for the Lupin/Tonks reading. George was surprised to be asked, and surprised even more to see Hermione there. "You got summoned too?" He asked.

"Yes. The goblins say that there's things to deal with and apparently they're finally reading Sirius' will too."

George looked around. Ginny was with Harry, he knew that relationship wouldn't last, and Ron was sitting on Harry's other side. Hermione didn't move to sit near them though. He smiled at her, "How about you sit with me?"

"Thank you George I'd like that."

Percy sat down behind Hermione and then the goblins spoke, "Yes first up is the will of Sirius Black:

I, Sirius Black, being of mostly sound mind and the body of a stud, affirm that this is my last will and testament.

To the following people I bequeath my possessions and money and property-

To Harry Potter, my godson, I leave Grimmauld Place. Do what you want with the place, kid. Sorry I'm not there for you anymore.

To Hermione Granger, Harry's most loyal friend, I leave 15k galleons. You're a good friend to Harry, Hermione, and I thank you again for saving my life. I take great delight in the knowledge that my bigoted family's money is going to a Muggleborn.

To Ron Weasley, Harry's friend, I leave 16 sickles and 25 knuts. You abandoned Harry your fourth year over petty jealousy. I have no doubts you'll do it again.

To Fred and George Weasley, my favorite pranksters, I leave 10k galleons for your business. Keep making people laugh.

To Remus Lupin, my old friend, I leave 20k galleons. You were always a good friend, Remus. Go out there and find someone who loves you.

To Nymphadora Tonks, haha you can't hurt me for calling you Nymphy, I leave 10k galleons.

To Andromeda Tonks I leave a reinstatement into the Black family as well as your share of the fortune. Use it as you wish Andi.

The remaining fortune, which is around 15k galleons, I want donated to St. Mungo's in the name of Lily Potter."

Harry openly weeped at the last part. Ron was looking venomous that Hermione got 15k galleons while he got enough money for two Canary Creams. The goblin put it away and pulled out another will, "This is the Lupin/Tonks will. I read the Black one because of some big disclosures within this one. The will is legal and was last altered shortly after the birth of Theodore Lupin," he said before reading:

I, Remus Lupin, and I, Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin, hereby affirm that this is our last will and testament. Having recently had a child we have altered our will to reflect our wishes for our son's future. Should we not make it out of this war then may our wishes be carried out.

First, all of our monies are to be placed in a trust vault for Teddy. We assign as the executor of this account Percy Weasley. Percy, you have a good head on your shoulders and you're good with numbers. We know you'll make sure Teddy has what he needs. Any sums larger than 500 galleons must be pushed through you; not that we don't trust Teddy's guardian but the goblins informed us that we needed a number.

As for Teddy's guardian, after much discussion and thought we have agreed that the best guardian for Teddy is Hermione Jean Granger.

Hermione started. Her? Raise Teddy? There was a hurt look from Harry but she was unaware of it. She was too stunned to do much more than listen as the goblin continued:

Hermione, we know you are the best choice. Don't worry about disappointing us; you couldn't. Just raise Teddy as if he were your own. Give him the love we no longer can.

In all decisions regarding Teddy's care, welfare, and future until he is of legal age Hermione Granger is his guardian and the final word. Monies in our vault are for you and for Teddy to live on. Sirius' will should be read soon and any monies left to us we will see added to this fund.

Since we have little else all of our possessions are to be boxed up and contained in the trust vault until Teddy is old enough to determine if he wants them.

We love you Teddy, we're fighting this war for your future. We hope you enjoy it with Hermione, and make sure you mind her!

The goblin rolled up the scroll and walked over to Hermione, "Do you accept the responsibility of raising Theodore Lupin?"

"Of course I do," she said. Remus and Tonks believed in her. She wasn't going to let them down.

The goblin smiled at her and brought forth the little boy who Hermione scooped up. Teddy blinked up at her and she smiled at him, "Don't worry Teddy. I've got you." She looked at Percy, who was being handed account books by a goblin and being given a listing of how much the vault had within it.

Percy wasn't the prat he'd once been. When the goblin left he looked at Hermione, "We can go over the accounts tonight if you want."

"Good I think we'll need to get some things for Teddy."

A goblin arrived with a coin purse, "For things that he'll need," the goblin said, "that should hold you for several months."

"Thank you," she said to him before shifting Teddy to place the coin pouch in her pocket. "Where are the papers that I have to sign?"

"This way," the goblin said, "Mr. Percy Weasley and Mr. George Weasley must come with as well."

"Why me?" George asked.

"To finish signing over the inheritances," the goblin answered before leading all three of them out of the room. None of them noticed the hurt in Harry's eyes or the anger in Ginny's. Ron was ignored by all but fuming in outrage.

Back at the Burrow that evening after Hermione finally got Teddy to sleep she and Percy sat around the kitchen table going over the books. "At least Teddy will have something to fall back on."

"Quite a bit of something," Percy nodded. "Are you ready to be a mum?"

"No," she answered. "But Teddy needs me. That's all that matters."

He smiled, "Well if you need any help just let me know. Even if it's to rant about frustrations or anything."

"Thanks Percy."

"Anytime," he said. "I have to head home. Are you and Teddy okay in my old room?"

"George and Charlie set up the crib and Fleur and Bill went shopping for some baby clothes and nappies when we came home. George found the rocking chair your mum used and brought it down and into the room for me to rock Teddy to sleep. We're well settled now. It'll work until we're ready to get our own place."

"Emotionally or financially?"

"Emotionally more than anything," she said. "And I need some time to adjust to being a mum now."

"Sounds smart. See you tomorrow then. Good night Hermione."

"Good night Percy."

-One Month Later-

Hermione had to admit, there was a hell of a learning curve regarding being a mum. Teddy's sleep schedule was the most difficult until he adjusted to the new environment. While Hermione was living at the Burrow for help, she didn't get very much of it from its occupants. The Weasley parents were too grief-stricken to offer help; the youngest two children were almost never around. Ginny followed Harry around like a lost puppy and Ron avoided her like she had the plague. Something he'd only done when she took custody of Teddy. Harry just looked defeated and broken.

While Bill and Fleur and of course Percy didn't live at the Burrow, they were very supportive of Hermione and very helpful. And Charlie and George, the other two who lived at the Burrow, were very generous at helping her out. If she needed a bottle warmed or nappies or onesies from the store they were both happy to take the money pouch and go get them for her. It was nice, knowing that she could rely on the four eldest Weasley boys and Fleur to have her back.

"You okay?"

She glanced over her shoulder to see George standing near the tree she was leaning against, Teddy asleep in her arms. "The Burrow just gets too loud sometimes. Teddy needs peace and quiet. So do I, for that matter." She offered him a smile, "Why don't you sit down, George?"

"Thanks," he sat next to her, "you're great at being a mum you know."

"I'm glad you think so," she sighed. "I think half your family thinks I'm insane for agreeing to this and the other half…"

"Thinks you're amazing for doing this," George finished for her. "I know Charlie does, Percy too. And Bill is definitely impressed."

She smiled and gazed out at the empty field, "How are you doing?"

George admired that Hermione always asked that. His mother just glanced at him and burst into tears. Most of his family got emotional seeing him, truthfully; George wondered sometimes if he was a ghost of Fred and not George instead. "Promise to keep it secret?" She nodded her head and he continued, "I'm going to a muggle grief counselor. It's really helpful."

"Why are you attending a counselor?" She asked.

He understood the question, "Well I reckon Teddy needs a good male role model and since Harry is eternally mopey since the end of the war, Percy's a rule-abider, and Charlie's brain is in the air with dragons and broomsticks I'm obviously the best role model for Tedster." Hermione rolled her eyes as he continued, "So it won't do if I'm emotionally scarred, wounded, and carry horrible baggage."

She gazed at him for a long moment, "You're getting help for Teddy?"

"And you," he nodded. "You do need help and, well, I like Teddy and he seems to like me."

Hermione smiled and kissed his cheek, "Thank you George," she whispered. "I'll keep your secret."

"You should consider therapy too," he pointed out, "you went through plenty."

She nodded, "I'll think about it George."

They sat together in silence for a long while before she glanced at her watch, "It's almost lunchtime."

"I'll carry Teddy's diaper bag for you," he offered, standing up and then helping her up.

"Thank you George," she smiled at him. He picked up the bag and walked with her down to the Burrow, quoting Monty Python and using arm gestures to drive home the jokes. Hermione laughed the whole way there.