A/N- I think reading this chapter you'll understand why I haven't posted in over a year. This chap was lots of writer's block. LOTS. But writing A Werewolf and a Veela Walk Into a Pub was paused because of life events (including my external hard drive crashing and me losing, among other things, ALL of my music and media files and pictures and whatnot) and I was suffering through writer's block with that story when I started working on other stories just to try and get myself out of it. I opened my Hermione/George folder and found a good chunk of this chapter just sitting inside. And I really liked what I had. And after starting a new Hermione/George story and whatnot I went back to this one and just started typing. And voila, March was finished just like that. I hope it was worth a year's wait!

-March 1999-

March began in a way that Hermione had never anticipated. She was arguing about her impending March wedding. And she was arguing about it with the last person she'd expected to ever argue about it with. Ron Weasley. "Come on Hermione you have to have a ceremony! Teddy can be ring bearer!"

While that made her smile she gave Ron a glare, "No Ron."

Ron knew, just like George and Harry knew, why Hermione didn't want to have a ceremony. But he also knew that not only would it enrage his mother that there was a wedding in the family and she didn't get to attend but that in the long run Hermione would regret not having one. "Look it can be here at the Haven and Harry and I will even build an arch for you to get married under."

"No Ron."

"Percy can officiate since he still works with the Ministry," Ron tried.

"No Ron."

"You don't even need a wedding party!"

"And who is going to give me away?" She snapped. Ron knew she didn't mean to; her parents were a sensitive subject with her and while they all knew it was what was bugging her she refused to admit it. Ron had decided since he was the best at riling her up he should be the one to flush it out. Unknown to him, his brothers and Harry would all have praised him for his insightfulness if he told them that.

"Harry," he answered without skipping a beat. She stared at him, stunned. "I don't deserve to walk you down the aisle; I've been a right git about you and George. But Harry's always by your side and he can walk you down the aisle and give you away. Fleur could help plan the important things like flowers and I'll even go dress shopping with you," Ron volunteered. It was a measure of how much he wanted her to have the wedding day she wanted (mostly, since Fred and her parents were deceased) that he volunteered for something he hated- clothes shopping. He could see that he was starting to wear her down and pressed his advantage, "Come on Hermione. We'll hire a photographer and we could have a candle lighting ceremony or something for Fred and your mum and dad and Remus and Tonks."

With that option she knew she couldn't refuse. Hermione nodded her agreement and Ron leaped into the air, "Yes! I know we only have until the 21rst but since it's so small it'll be alot easier to plan," Ron promised. "Besides we have some connections we can count on and exploit. No better cause to exploit them for in my opinion."

And so the wedding planning began. Ron had her agreeing on the 2nd of March which meant they had 19 days to plan her wedding. Charlie returned to help on the fifth and from there the planning began in earnest. Hermione, Teddy, and Ron would pick out her dress while Harry took George and the boys shopping for their suits. They'd decided to go with muggle clothes so at least one muggle raised person had to go with each group. Charlie had a friend from Hogwarts who was a baker and offered to make the cake so he took care of that; Bill took care of the photographer.

Ron and Harry, true to Ron's promise, built the wedding arch. Fleur took over the layout of the yard and once Hermione had told her her favorite flowers and George told her his she'd eagerly begun to plan the decorations. Percy took care of filing for the marriage license for them and added George as Teddy's other guardian legally speaking. When it came to having a dinner Harry decided he would cook since he was quite good at it and Verity volunteered to help him out.

Searching for a wedding dress was exhausting and all Ron was doing was sitting with Teddy while Hermione tried them on. He was amazed that so little activity on his part was still so draining; Teddy was even on his best behavior. "Ron what if I don't find anything?" Hermione asked as she walked back to the dressing room in yet another gown that had been a 'no'.

"George would marry you if you wore a burlap sack," Ron said, "and I'm sure you will."

Teddy suddenly pointed at a dress on a rack and yanked on Ron's pant leg, whining as he pointed at it. Ron took the dress off the rack and Teddy nodded his head, grinning. He walked to the dressing room area and slid it halfway over the door, "Teddy wants you to try this one on Hermione."

"Thank you Teddy," she said through the door, "I'll be out in a few minutes."

"We'll be waiting." Ron picked up Teddy and carried him back to the sofa where the little boy played with his action figures they'd let him bring.

When Hermione exited Ron found it hard to breathe. Hermione looked stunning. Teddy grinned and clapped his hands, squealing in delight.

The dress was strapless and hugged Hermione like a glove, the white corset bodice looking incredibly alluring without looking more like something for the bedroom than a wedding. The corset flared at her waist but the dress clung to Hermione's hips yet still gave her the ability to move. There was no poof, no full skirt, and Hermione looked even better than she had their fourth year. Hermione looked in the mirror, "What do you think Ron?"
"I think that George will forget how to breathe and your first kiss as a married couple will be mouth-to-mouth resuscitation," he answered.

She giggled and Ron again saw just how much his best friend loved his brother. Hermione turned to look at Teddy, "What do you think Teddy?"

"Mama," he nodded, smiling at her.

She looked at the dress in the mirror and tilted her head, "Is it too chesty Ron?"

"No it looks good. Sexy but not over the top," he assured her.

"How much is it?"

Ron stood up and looked at the price tag on the back. He knew how to do conversions in his head, "It's more than you wanted to spend but if you don't buy this dress Harry and I are coming back to buy it for you."

Hermione looked at the price tag before looking in the mirror again, "Well it's not like we don't have the money. I'll take it." Teddy beamed at his mother when she said that.

"So Ron says Teddy picked out your dress?" George asked that night as they slid into bed together.

"He pointed it out, yanked on his pants' leg and everything," Hermione confirmed. "It is really beautiful," she added. "Ron told me if I didn't buy it that he and Harry would."

George laughed. Since coming back into the fold Ron had become a much better friend and brother and he was also far better at standing up for himself and encouraging others. It was a pleasant change. George controlled himself, "I picked up the rings today. Tomorrow during lunch Harry's taking us to get fitted for our suits. I'll take Tedster so that he can get his suit."

She smiled. "Why did you go from May-June to March 21st?"

"I just…that date just screamed out at me," he said. "Teddy's birthday is in April like mine, in May we run into Mother's Day and in June Father's Day not to mention the day of the Final Battle," George said. "March 21st just felt…right. First day of spring. Rejuvenation, rebirth…I think we could all use a little of that."

"I think we're doing just fine on our own George," she kissed him, "I'm marrying a Weasley twin in a little over a week."

"Lucky you," he smiled, "and I'm the handsomest and smartest twin."

"I always thought so, "she said, rolling on top of him.

George wore a broad grin the next day that was only matched by Hermione's. Harry decided he didn't want to know and just talked to them as usual, hoping that he wasn't interrupting anything each time he caught them alone together. With George and Hermione you could never be sure.

As March the 21st came closer Hermione and George actually seemed more calm rather than less. Ron and the others organized the day and they would all be pitching in to give George and Hermione a one week honeymoon alone without Teddy. They couldn't go longer since the days before April 1st and the days afterward were the busiest of the year for the shop. The only stress George and Hermione felt was trying to prepare everyone to run the store without them and to take care of Teddy. Pregnant Fleur assured them both that she would take good care of Teddy but Hermione was not looking forward to spending time away from her boy, even if it was to be with George. George found himself unable to be upset about that.

Hermione woke on her wedding day in bed with a man not her fiancé. Well, not a man but a little boy. Teddy was asleep in the bed she usually shared with George. Ron had decided to throw a bachelor party the night before for George and Harry had let him use Grimmauld Place to do it. She smiled and kissed Teddy's head. The door suddenly opened, "Good morning Hermione," Harry said, entering with breakfast on a tray, "I've taken over your kitchen already so I figured I should make you breakfast."

"Thank you Harry," she sat up in the bed so he could place the tray down, "wow crepes?"

Harry grinned, "Yeah. Verity likes them too so I worked to master them."

She smiled, "You really like her don't you?"

"We haven't been together very long but I really do," Harry nodded.

"Harry when you know, you know. It's just that simple."

Harry smiled as Teddy sat up in the bed and scooted up to Hermione's side, "I don't know that anything in my life has ever been that simple Hermione."

She laughed, "This is, Harry. But only if you let it. Just enjoy the ride."

"You and George certainly have," he chuckled. "Even if it's been bumpy."

"Those things didn't impact our relationship with each other," she said. "Just our relationships with others."

"Hermione Granger telling me to just let things happen," Harry mused. "George has thoroughly corrupted you."

"Not just him. It was also the war and becoming a mom," she watched Teddy reach for his bottle and picked him up, "Could you feed him Harry? I need to eat and then get ready."

"I'll send Verity up to get him. Fleur should be here soon and then you three can get ready together. Enjoy your breakfast Hermione."

"Thanks Harry," she smiled, watching him leave. She looked at Teddy, "I'm going to miss you while George and I are on our honeymoon." Teddy smiled up at her and she kissed him on the top of his head, "I love you Teddy."

Verity helped Hermione with her dress after Hermione had eaten and showered while Fleur kept Teddy busy. When she was finally ready Teddy grinned and clapped. "Well thank you Teddy. What do you two think?"

"You're going to break George," Verity said.

"Oui, Percy will 'ave to hold heem upright," Fleur agreed.

Hermione giggled at that image. "What time is it?"

"Almost noon," Verity answered. "The weather is beautiful today. Perfect for a wedding." Hermione smiled. "Are you nervous?"

"I'm really not. I love George and marrying him…marrying him feels so right I can't even put it into words."

"That's sweet," Verity picked up Teddy, "I'll go see if George is here yet. You stay up here. He can't see you yet."

"It's a ridiculous tradition," Hermione yelled after her as she left.

"Perhaps but George's reaction to your dress will be very entertaining to us," Fleur winked.

Hermione shook her head, "You're all just eager to see George act like a fool."

"Zat is what I just said," Fleur laughed.

George adjusted his tie. He looked in the mirror and took a deep breath, "I'm ready."

"Good because Hermione is too. Now get out of this house." He turned to see Verity coming downstairs with a dressed up Teddy.

"Looking good there Tedster."

Teddy giggled, "Dada!"

Once George was outside with his brothers Hermione went downstairs and looked at the kitchen. Harry had an impressive spread of food. "Very impressive Harry."

"Wow Hermione," Harry breathed, "You look amazing."

"Thank you," she looked around, "Everyone is outside then?"

"Yep. Ron will start the music when it's time for us to walk out. You have your vows?"

She tapped the side of her head, "All up here. Teddy looks adorable in his little suit."

"Yeah he does," Harry walked over and kissed her cheek, "I'm really honored to get to give you away. A little surprised you're the first to get married but then again, I never thought you'd punch Malfoy or work at WWW. And I certainly would have picked George as the last bloke you'd marry."

"Well you can be a bit dense," she winked. Harry laughed.

"You should consider being a wedding planner little brother," George said to Ron as he gazed at their backyard. The wedding arch looked beautiful and there were just a handful of chairs for Bill and Fleur, Harry and Verity, Percy, Charlie, Alicia and Lee, Angelina Johnson and Oliver Wood (who knew they'd become a couple?), Katie Bell, Neville and Hannah, Luna (she had special permission from Headmaster McGonagall), and of course Ron. Ron divided them up so that the two sides were equal and felt quite pleased he'd manage that. Harry and Verity, Neville and Hannah, Luna, and Ron made up her side (George teasingly called Ron a traitor), while Bill and Fleur, Alicia and Lee, Angelina and Oliver, Katie, and Charlie would make up George's side. Percy was officiating which made it a bit easier for him to declare 'neutrality' as George called it.

"I wanted her to have the day she would have wanted only minus her parents and Fred and Remus and Tonks," Ron said. "Do you think I did it?"

"Definitely," George nodded. "Hermione will love it."

When Ron started the music Harry took a deep breath, "Okay then, here we go."

Hermione smiled and accepted the arm he offered. "Harry it's sad if you're more nervous than the bride."

"Yeah well you're the calmest bride ever," he retorted with a smirk.

"Your job isn't even that hard. I had to write and memorize my own vows and I have to not fall in these really high heels walking in grass. You just lead me out there." He stuck his tongue out at her in response. "I don't know who's more immature. My husband-to-be or the man giving me away."

"What does that say about you?"


Harry laughed.

Everyone who had seen Hermione in her dress was curious how George would react. Teddy walked down the aisle with Charlie before Hermione came out and then Hermione exited the house. George's jaw dropped and eyes darkened when he first laid eyes on Hermione. Percy reached out to steady him, "Focus George," he said.

"Hermione…Hermione looks…I mean the Princess Leia costume was amazing but this is…She looks so…she's really marrying me?!"

Percy was finding it hard not to laugh at George's inability to really form coherent sentences, which made it difficult for him to even attempt to calm George down. "Just don't pass out George. Breathe." George took several deep breaths, "Good."

Harry walked Hermione up to George, "You okay George?"

"Hermione has done the impossible. Made a Weasley twin speechless," Percy smirked. "George it's time to get married."

George was too busy staring at Hermione to pay any attention to Percy or Harry. Hermione leaned close to George and whispered, "The sooner the ceremony is over the sooner the reception begins. The sooner the reception begins, the sooner it ends. And the sooner the reception ends the sooner you can get me out of this dress and we can fuck until dawn."

That was all it took. George snapped out of his shock and blinked a few times before taking Hermione from Harry, who along with Percy was wondering what Hermione had said to snap George out of the state she'd put him in. On a table next to Percy were five candles and three pictures. Remus and Tonks, the Grangers, and Fred. Once Hermione had handed her bouquet over to Harry she and George lit the candles together.

Percy smiled at the pictures before looking out at those gathered, "We're gathered today to join together in marriage Hermione Granger and George Weasley. I've known George all his life, and I've known Hermione since she arrived at Hogwarts. I can honestly say I have no clue how they ended up together." There was some laughter from the audience. "But what I can say is that for whatever reason, somehow they're an amazing couple." He looked out at the audience, "Does anyone here have any reason why these two should not be wed? And fair warning, Hermione has her wand."

Hermione looked out at the audience, raising an eyebrow as though challenging anyone to dare raise their hand in objection. Everyone laughed. Percy smiled, "Well then I say we get on with the vows. Hermione you should go first. George is probably still writing them."

George stuck his tongue out at Percy. Hermione smiled and squeezed George's hands to get his attention. Once he was looking at her she spoke, "George. My first four years at Hogwarts I thought you were an arrogant, obnoxious git. Then I realized I was mistaking Fred for you." There was much laughter at that from their friends and family. George grinned. Hermione continued, "I don't know when the attraction between us started or grew but I do know a few things. Neither of us are the people we were when we were at Hogwarts. We've grown…well I've grown up, you've just grown," George chuckled. "I love you George. I don't think I ever expected or would have guessed that I would end up with you but I wouldn't have it any other way. You're a wonderful boyfriend and a fantastic father. And you're a wonderful lover." George's grin was massive. "You make me laugh, you make me smile, and I cannot imagine being apart from you a single day."

"George, go ahead."

George squeezed her hands and spoke, "Hermione…you look incredible you know. I couldn't breathe for a bit. I actually did have something prepared but the minute I saw you it flew out of my mind." He looked over at Teddy, sitting in Harry's lap. "Good job picking out her dress Teddy. You did great." Teddy grinned. George looked back at her and inhaled, "Hermione…every day I wake up next to you and already my day is off to an amazing start just by being in that bed with you. I love making you laugh because your laugh is the greatest sound I've ever heard. You're the most brilliant person I've ever met, you're brave and strong and anyone who crosses you or the people you love has essentially signed their own death warrant. I love that vindictive side. It's sexy as hell." Hermione blushed slightly. "I've never been known for being serious but I am very serious about you. I love you so much that losing you would hurt more than all of the pain I've experienced up until now. No offense to Fred but he was just my twin. You are my other half. And I'm a much better man having you in my life." Hermione blinked back the tears that threatened to emerge at that.

Percy looked toward Teddy, "Can I have the rings please?" Harry carried Teddy up and Teddy handed the box he'd been holding to George, giggling as he did so. Percy looked at George, "George do you take Hermione to be your wife and partner? Do you promise to love and honor her as long as you both shall live, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, in good times and bad, 'til death do you part?"

"I do," George nodded.

Percy looked at Hermione, "Hermione, are you sure you want to be stuck with George for all time?"

"Hey!" George shouted indignantly as everyone laughed.

"Sorry George I couldn't resist," Percy grinned. "Hermione, do you take George as your husband and partner? Do you promise to love and honor him as long as you both shall live, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, in good times and bad, 'til death do you part?"

"I do," Hermione smiled at George.

"You may exchange the rings," Percy said, watching as they put each other's ring on. "I now pronounce you husband and wife! Keep it PG you two," Percy added as George grinned and pulled Hermione to him as they enjoyed their first kiss as a married couple.

Several catcalls were heard before the pair broke apart. "I really love you in that dress," he whispered to her.

"I can see that," she responded with a smirk. "And feel it," she added quietly. George smiled and blushed. "Remember the sooner the reception begins…"

"The sooner I've got you screaming my name as we shag nonstop."

Hermione flushed slightly at the thought before kissing him, "Let's eat. I'm hungry." George pulled her upright and they were soon swarmed by family and friends, Teddy being handed over to Hermione.

While George was eager to get Hermione alone and out of that dress, he enjoyed the reception immensely. They ate, funny toasts were given, they danced, and Hermione smashed cake all over his face when they were supposed to be feeding each other to much applause from his brothers. He and Hermione danced with each other and others, George not even minding that his brothers and Harry all wanted to dance with the bride. That Hermione enjoyed her wedding day was apparent and he couldn't help the smile on his face that despite her not wanting one initially, she was enjoying her wedding and reception.

But the reception came to an end and after they both said a long goodbye to Teddy George and Hermione, after George shrunk and pocketed his and Hermione's suitcases, Disapparated. They had a honeymoon to enjoy.