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Previously in Hikari Lux Lucis…

Talis nodded and waited. It wasn't long before three figures rolled over a sand dune. They looked exhausted. Talis ran to them, first recognizing that they were human, then recognizing that they were no threat.

"Hey," Talis said, shaking Soriku. "Are you okay?"

Kalin smirked, then hopped off the motorbike. "Talking to the girl first, are we?"

"Shut up."

Kalin brushed his dark brown hair back. Sweat clung to his forehead. He wiped it then shook Asmuth and Roxel. "Hey, are you two okay?"

Talis picked Soriku up. "I think they might be dehydrated. There's no telling how long they've been out here."

Kalin hoisted Roxel into a sidecar that had folded out as he pushed a button in the control panel He pushed Asmuth in the sidecar as well. "…we should probably get them to safety."

Talis nodded, still carrying Soriku. He was strong and his muscles flexed easily under Soriku's weight. He was a seasoned swordsman after all. He's has to deal with a lot more than an unconscious hirl who barely weighed a pound.


Xaltis dismissed Eva. He folded his hands and cracked his knuckles. "Let's do this fairly…Aeroga."

A sudden and overpowering wind blasted from underneath Xaltis' sleeves. It was almost a tornado that pushed Asmuth back with ease. Asmuth dug his fingers in to the dirt, bu the wind pushed him farther away. He thought frantically. He couldn't cast any kind of spell now, it would just bounce off the raging wind wall.

Asmuth opened his mouth and roared as loud as he could. "Magnera!"

Xaltis, though he tried to resist was pulled closer to the dark orb that hovered just above Asmith's head. His strength was draining, so he let Aeroga dissipate and flew towards the magnetic prison. As soon as his opponent was close enough, Asmuth drew up the last of his strength and brought down a thin spire of lightning. It zapped Xaltis with a loud crackle of electricity.

Xaltis fell to his knees. That last bit of intricate spell weaving was clever. He had never thought of using magic that way. One spell distracting from another. It was flawless. It seemed that he was facing an enemy that had been studying for years. And it slowly dawned on him with a dead beat silence. Asmuth was actually good…


A young woman, the Queen of Hikari Lux Lucis, stomped her foot. The ornate white dress she wore seemed to flutter with her shock and anger. "War? What do you mean, war?"

Asmuth bowed respectfully. He was accompanied by Roxel and Soriku, who also bowed to show their respect. He had just been fighting with Queen Raina not that long ago, so he could understand her overreaction. But war was not a word used lightly in Hikari Lux Lucis. That usually meant trouble.

"What makes you so sure that a war is coming?" Kalin asked, his brothers on either side. They, too, looked put off by their actions.

Xaltis then stepped up. "War is not a word we like to use unless there is solid proof."


"By the way," Xaltis added. "How sure are you that a war is actually coming?"

Asmuth coughed. "Pretty sure. I think it's after one of us."


Asmuth nodded. "Births. They are some kind of Brain Heartless. At least that's what Haji said. They are smart. Very smart. And they know how to strategize. It's wise to just kill them and not wait."


The Births ate the barrier clean off. The swirling mass of the The Unknown World could be seen from the ground of Hikari Lux Lucis. The guards of the training grounds woke Markos. All the warriors and every able-bodied civilian slept on the training grounds. They had been camping for days, resting enough so they could fight when the time arose.

Soon, the largest creature to ever exist showed upon the horizon. The trainees and the civilians whimpered. The size of this Birth was so indescribable, many of the trainees couldn't hold it together. They were instantly taken by the whim of the Birth and changed, losing their minds.

Sadly, they had to be slain as soon as their transformations into Births were complete. Talis, Kalin, and Xaltis stood at the forefront, ready.


Talis landed on Xaltis' back, and drove Knight's Absolution into the small of his back, tearing the smoke like wings from his body. The wings flapped away. The wings, themselves, were Births, and they faded away as Sora ripped through them. He orbited around the falling body of The Leviathan, shredding it into barely recognized pieces.

As they fell, Talis hugged his brother close. "Xaltis!"

Xaltis didn't move. Kalin used his magic to catch his brothers before they crashed into the earth. He lowered them gently, rocking them back and forth as he rocked Asmuth. Sora spread his arms wide, casting the remainder of his immense magic reserve to destroy the Leviathan forever. The whole world was consumed in light. The curdling shriek of the Leviathan echoed across the skies, killing any Births that had survived the war, and restoring the citizens of Hikari Lux Lucis to their former glory. It reached for Xaltis is a last attempt to keep his mind, but it relinquished it as well.


Chapter V: The Darkness Within

Station of Awakening
Dive into the Heart
Time Immaterial

Each of the three smaller platforms was shrouded in darkness, which caused Xaltis to start doubting himself once more. He shook his head, recalling the events that led him here once more. Being taken over by the hive mind of the Births, fighting his family and taking control of Talis' mind, always he was on the wrong side. Could he ever escape his own darkness?

"Feeling sorry for yourself solves nothing, only adds to the sorrow..."

"He's right, you know. We haven't given up on you, but it seems you've given up on yourself. That's not the X I chose to be my Wielder!"

"Penitence? Absolution? Is that you? How are you talking to me?"

"We're right here, idiot. Focus."

Xaltis looked around the darkened platform and focused on the three that were away from him. The only visible light was emanating from a ring around the edge of his own platform, scattered with the pattern of the Crest of the Royal Knights in white. It grew brighter as he focused, shining over to the other three to reveal figures, but they were still not clear. When he looked back down at the platform, he noted that even his own face was missing, which surprised him greatly. "Why – where's my face? Where's anyone's face?"

"Your platform's been shattered, X. Destroyed by the darkness that has so often consumed you."

"Your heart, as your judgment was, is clouded. Shrouded by the darkness."

"So your platform does not respond to your presence as it should because, like the complete you, it's not there."

"What do you mean, the complete me? Are you saying that I'm a Nobody or something because that would make no sense!"

A hand suddenly smacked Xaltis across the face, the force of which dropped him to the ground. He turned his head after cracking his neck from the force of the blow. Once his eyes came to rest on the person before him he was transfixed by the vision. A pale girl with piercing jade green eyes and jet black hair stood before him, clothed in a black and blue striped sleeveless shirt and black pants. Around her neck is a chain with a charm in the shape of the Knights' Crest. Black knee-high boots completed the ensemble and a scowl crossed her lips while her eyes were filled with disdain and annoyance. "Get up and stop gawking, Keyboy; I'm not the day's entertainment."

"Are you..." Xaltis got up and rubbed his jaw. "Your voice sounds familiar…Eva?"

"Took you long enough to be able to see me, you damn fool! Here I am, choosing you to be my Wielder, and you're just constantly beating yourself up over nothing! Shoot! You're worse than Riku was...and don't even get me started on how bad he was with the self-abuse...why do I always pick the emo ones?"

"That's enough, Eva, give the boy a chance to collect himself. It's not every day that someone opens their eyes to behold the spirits of their weapons, now, is it?"

Xaltis turned to his left to find the source of this second voice: a tall man with a shiny bald head, wearing a black tuxedo, white shirt, and bowtie, reminiscent of James Bond...that is, if Xaltis knew who James Bond is. His face was rough and he had scars over his eyes in the shape of X's, but his smile was soft and inviting.

"And you're..."

"As you know me, Knight's Absolution, at your service, young Wielder." He bowed as he greeted Xaltis. "I feared you would never come to know what we looked like."

"OK..." He pointed to Eva. "So you're Knight's Evolution..." Then to Absolution. "And you're Knight's Absolution, right?"

"Duh Keyboy, we just told you that...geez, what is with Keyblade Wielders and being dense?" Eva rolled her eyes, her apparent annoyance only growing.

"So, where's Penny?"

"Right here, mopey." Penny, of course, being the nickname for the Keyblade known as Knight's Penitence, the Keyblade Xaltis feels most attached to, even for the short time he'd been able to call upon the celestial weapons. Her kind voice called that statement out to him from behind and he turned around immediately to face her, an older (or so he believed) dark-haired (with white and gray highlights) girl with a white flared blouse and knee-length black skirt and black and white checkered boots on. Her hair was held up in a ponytail by a pin that had the Crest of the Knights on the end of it. She had the lightest gray eyes, so light they were almost silver, full of hope, happiness, and at this moment, worry as she held her own face in her right hand.

"Nice to finally meet you in person, Pen—oomph!"

Penny floated over from her own platform and now held Xaltis' face in her hands, scanning it for heaven knows what. X attempted to turn his eyes towards his other Keyspirits in confusion, but they both shrugged back at him, amused at their fellow Keyspirit's reaction to their Wielder.

"You don't look so evil...so why is darkness so strong in your heart? Could it be that you're the one the Elders spoke of?"

"Elders? Could you explain a little further, Penny?"

"I think I can shed some light on this, at least if my memory does not fail me. You see, we Keyblades are not just weapons, but are powerful spirits, made corporeal by the weapons Wielders hold in their hands. The Elders, the oldest of us Keyspirits, are also the six most wise of ancient beings. No one knows just how old they are, but everyone knows their weapon forms. If you've heard of the Kingdom Key, Way to the Dawn, Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Ultima, or D, you've heard of an Elder. Although, when Dawn first told me she was an Elder, I was shocked; there's no way she could be that old and be so..."

"Get back to the story, you lovesick bald guy!"

"Oh hush up, Eva...anyway, the Elders spoke to us of a Wielder who would be without much natural darkness in his heart, but easily susceptible to it. The further he would try to run from it, the faster it would engulf him. However, the prophecy stated that 'the Knight of Shadow will aid the worlds when Shadow Falls'. I now believe, as I think Penny does as well, that you are that Knight of Shadow, Xaltis, and so I, for one, consider it an honor to fight at your side, young Xaltis."

"So what, my brothers and I are supposed to save the universe or something? Like Sora did so long ago? If he closed the door to Kingdom Hearts, why have the Heartless returned?"

"Young Xaltis, so strong, yet so naïve. The Keyblade Master is only so strong; Kingdom Hearts is that much stronger. Ansem the Wise tried to decode the heart; he fell into the Realm of Darkness for it. Xehanort, a former Keyblade Master, fell to darkness trying to control it and engulfed another Wielder, Terra. The resulting entity, who Sora knew as Xehanort, gave himself up to darkness and split into a Heartless and Nobody, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas, Leader of Organization XIII. Those entities were the driving forces behind Sora's early adventures as a teenager to close Kingdom Hearts. As they all learned, and as you should know quite well, the heart is unpredictable, impossible to control or keep tabs on, let alone the Heart of All Worlds. Xaltis, imagine this: a place that is filled with every desire of every heart that ever walked your homeworld. Now multiply that by the millions of worlds in the multiverse. Then concentrate all that energy into a single entity. THAT, my master, is Kingdom Hearts."

"So...so Sora failed? Is that what you're saying?" Xaltis sat on the platform, defeated, Penny having long since released his face.

"No, you...Xaltis, weren't you paying attention? It's impossible to keep Kingdom Hearts sealed forever; the constant efflux of power is far too much to be contained. Recall, as Baldy told you, it is literally the Heart of All Worlds. It is where all begins and all ends. Keyblade Masters have been "sealing" Kingdom Hearts for years, hundreds upon hundreds of years, hoping that it would be the last time. But what none of them, except for probably Sora, realized is that as long as people continue to exist, Kingdom Hearts will exist...and as long as Kingdom Hearts exists, Heartless will exist. Do you understand now, smart guy?" Eva's ever-present scowl grew and her eyes narrowed at her Wielder.

"I...I think so...I suppose it'd be too simple if we could just go destroy Kingdom Hearts, though, wouldn't it?"

"Sadly, you're correct, young one. Attempting to destroy Kingdom Hearts – even if you did succeed – would bring about the end of life itself. The end of the universe."

"So." Xaltis propped his chin up with a fist, his eyebrows knitted in concentration. "Let me see if I've got this all correct. You're saying that we're stuck in this endless cycle of sealing and re-sealing Kingdom Hearts because it's too powerful to keep contained. Not only that, but as long as it cannot be contained, dark entities will continue to try to reach it and – hold a second. You mentioned 'shadows falling' or something like that? What did you mean by that?"

"That much was unclear. The Elders did not elaborate on the topic, whether because it was unknown to them or because they deemed the knowledge too sensitive. However, I believe it's something much more sinister than anything the worlds have faced to date."

A fifth voice, sounding vaguely familiar but much more sinister, rang out from the void. "Sounds like something I'd wanna see…"

Xaltis swiveled his neck frantically to and fro, trying to find the source of the voice. "Who is that out there? It couldn't be..."

The sound of an opening Corridor of Darkness caused Xaltis to stand then turn directly around, just in time to see a figure sporting the black cloak of the long-extinct Organization XIII. Dark blue hair was visible under the hood, which the man slowly removed to reveal sharp black eyes and a face that mirrored his own in every way. A smirk crossed the mysterious man's face as a familiar weapon, the Dark Keyblade Knight's Demon, appeared in his hand. "Remember me? Time to die, Light Side!" He rushed the original Xaltis, who launched himself into the air with a reflexive Aero spell at the last second to avoid the attack.

"How are you still around? Talis purged you from my mind at the Citadel!" Xaltis shouted from above the platform-turned-battlefield. "You're supposed to be gone!"

The döppelganger called up to his original, "Our brother only assumed he did because you went back to being your weak self, but a fragment of my being still rested – always rests – in your heart, slowly regaining form as I fed on your doubts. Your possession by the Births was the vehicle by which I can now make my triumphant return, to wreak havoc on those who thought me dead and finish what I started. Pitiful light-bearer…now die!" The last two words came in a snarl as he let loose a dark fireball at Xaltis, who had no time to dodge and was struck square in the chest. As he flew through the subspace, Xaltis shook his head to collect himself, but realized too late that he could not stop the trajectory of his body which headed straight for another platform. He landed face-first to the horror of his Keyspirits, who looked on somewhat helplessly.

"What's the matter? Can't call on your Keyblades?!" Dark Xaltis smirked at his counterpart. "Weak...no wonder you fall so easily and so often."

"He's not weak!" Penny yelled at the specter. "He just doubts himself! Xaltis, get up!" Her face was stricken with worry as she looked over to her Wielder, almost begging him with her eyes.

Dark Xaltis turned at Penitence's human form and smiled evilly. "Would you look at that? She's a cutie, Xaltis, where have you been hiding her?" Then he looked at the other two spirits on the platform. "Well, well, well, now it's a party!" He casted a dark lightning spell, aimed at the Keyspirits. "Dark Homing Thundaga!" Black lightning shot from his sleeves towards the three Keyspirits and Absolution stepped out in front to take the blow. Xaltis, from his fallen state on the other platform, looked on, still too hurt to stand or do much of anything else. "No! DON'T! Don't you dare touch them!"

The dark specter laughed maniacally as Xaltis' cries fell on deaf ears. "What's the matter, Light Side? Can't even get up? Can't face me? That's too bad, because now I'm gonna destroy them. Goodbye!"

"No! I won't let you harm them!" Xaltis' body began to glow with a golden light as he rose to his feet. The hood fell from off of his head, revealing that his own blue hair was turned white and his eyes changed shade to gold. "Don't you touch them!" His green cloak turned gold, then white, then gold, continuing its flux of color change as Xaltis teleported to stand in front of his Keyspirits and to block the black lightning with his hands. (A/N 1) "No matter what, I won't let him harm my strength." He turned to face his Keyspirits. "You guys are my strength, you and my family. I'll never forget that, never." His hand and Absolution began to glow as well, the blinding light illuminating the entire platform. "What...what's going on? Why is my hand glowing? Why are you glowing?"

"You've unlocked my true form, Young Knight; now fight your enemy and destroy him for good!" Absolution's human form disappeared from behind Xaltis, causing the glow in his hand to grow stronger.

"We'll do it together! Come on, Magnus!" A new Keyblade formed out of the light in Xaltis' hand, fitting his grasp almost like a glove. The guard, in the shape of two curling wings, surrounded the hilt itself, shaped like the Knights' Crest. With a double blade of silver and black crosshatch and a white and blue filigree, the ends united at the tooth – shaped like a lion's head – similar to the Sleeping Lion Keyblade. The Keychain was shaped like the tooth; however it was colored midnight blue. The name Knight's Strength flashed through everyone's minds as Xaltis' eyes' golden tint became more intense. "Dark Side! You will pay!"

"Not before you do, Light Side!" Dark and Light Xaltis each let loose a battle cry that shattered the dark covering of the platform once their attacks met in the center. The new platform depicted Xaltis without his cloak, eyes closed with Knight's Strength in his hand. On the other side, in the same position but upside down, lay his darker counterpart, also without his cloak, but wearing all black as opposed to Xaltis' white and gold Drive clothes. The döppelganger wielded Knight's Demon in the same position. In the background the ruins of the castle Arceo still stood strong and tall under the setting sun. The ever-present ring of Crests finished off the platform. "Looks like we share this platform, Light Side; isn't that poetic?"

"Shut up, you dark jerk!" Penny yelled to the evil character from behind Xaltis.

"The weapon gets bold! Better hush her up before I rip her a new one, X!" His voice grew more menacing as his sentence ended and he stalked closer.

"Penny...Eva...get out of here..." Xaltis' voice came out in a pained whisper while he addressed his female Keyspirits.

"But, X...we can help you."

"No, the fight's for just Magnus and I this time, alright? Don't worry, we'll be fine."

"X is right, you two. I can sense the darkness on this one. Though it doesn't threaten us yet, if we lose this battle, Xaltis will be lost forever, and if that happens, there'll be hell to pay, and none of us want that. Go, and we'll come back soon." The former Knight's Absolution spoke gravely but softly despite being in Keyblade form.

"Understood, guys. Let's go, Penny."

"But, Eva..."

"You heard him; there's no need for us to stay and get caught in the crossfire." Eva turned to Xaltis, her lips set in a thin line. "You better win, or I'll never forgive you, X." Her lips curled into a weak smile.

"I promise, Eva, I'm not gonna let this monster get into my head any longer."

Penny and Eva faded away back to the deeper recesses of Xaltis' mind while he faced down his dark side with a death stare. Dark Xaltis' lips were set in an evil smirk right back at him. "Oh, how cute. Promises to a Keyblade – it's just a weapon, you fool! An extension of yourself that simply augments your power. Nothing more!"

Xaltis thought, "Is that really how I felt about power? How could I have been so blind?"

Strength responded to Xaltis, "It doesn't matter; that's not you anymore, and if we've got anything to say about it, it'll never be you again."

The words from his Keyblade lifted his spirits slightly and he replied, "Agreed, Magnus. Now let's kick this sorry guy's butt."

Dark Xaltis sneered at his good half. "Oh please, you really think you can beat me? Don't make me laugh." He unzipped his black cloak and discarded it, revealing the same outfit depicted on the platform. His tanned skin sported a dark tint to it and his black eyes pierced even the darkness of the area. His wild blue hair – even more wild than the original's – came down over his left eye, and two large bangs in the middle curved in like wings. "Now what say we make this more convincing, huh? No holds barred, and no coats in the way."

"Hmph...whatever you say, Dark Side." Xaltis shed his own cloak to reveal that his underclothes became golden with white trim to match his new cloak. He pointed his Keyblade at his opponent. "Let's do this, then!"

Silently Dark Xaltis summoned Knight's Demon to his right hand again but, to Xaltis' surprise, called another Keyblade from the aether to his left hand. Dark Ruler rang through Xaltis' mind as he stared, wide-eyed, at the second Key in his opponent's hand. The same shape as Knight's Strength, but in all purple and black, the Key made a perfect opposite to the Light Wielder's Keyblade.

"Where'd you get another Keyblade?!"

"You think denizens of the light are the only ones who can get Keyblades? Being stuck in your head fueled my hatred and my desire for more power. It exemplifies itself in this, my Dark Keyblade. Surprised? You shouldn't be; I'm just as strong as you are, if not stronger. Black sparks surrounded the Keyblades as he threw them at Xaltis. "Dark Thunder Strike!"

Xaltis brought his Key up before his face to defend himself, but could only track one of the Keys that came at him. The other swung around from behind and struck him in the back just as he blocked the first. A shock of electricity ripped through him and he fell to the ground, disoriented. His döppelganger ran in his direction and dark flames formed in his hands, but Xaltis was never one to give up. He jumped up; hands free, he called upon his own magical ability to bring normal fire to his hands and then braced himself. The two collided and their fires cancelled each other. They split apart and re-summoned their weapons.

"Time for the darkness to envelop you!" The Dark Side began spinning his weapons in his hands at blinding speeds while dark lightning fell from above, striking random points all over the platform. Each bolt that hit one of the Keys got sent flying to Xaltis, who could barely bring his own Key to bear to block all of them. The Keys gathered enough lightning so that the sparks made spheres around the blades, continually spinning in midair on their own, conducting the electricity all over the field. Xaltis tried desperately to dodge all the bolts of lightning that were aimed in his direction. Dark Xaltis laughed uncontrollably as he grabbed one charged Key and threw it at Xaltis, who deflected it just as the Dark Side threw the other one; he caught the first in his hands and threw it back. Back and forth, the Dark Side alternated throwing his Keyblades at Xaltis, each one packed with more electricity, giving Xaltis more and more difficulty as the speed of the onslaught increased. Dark Xaltis laughed more and more maniacally as the battery continues. "Time to end this nonsense!" With a clap, his Keys merged into one, making one that bore a striking similarity to a Keyblade of ancient lore.

The similarity was not left unnoticed by Knight's Strength, who commented in utter surprise and near-horror. "That's...that's the χ-Blade! How could he possibly know how to make that?"

"Still surprised at my power? While I'm incredibly flattered, this is not the feared and legendary χ-Blade. However, it's similar enough to give me the power I need to kill you both." With a piercing cry, the dark specter rushed Xaltis, delivering blow after blow with his new blade, each attack sending a jolt of electricity through the two of them. One, two, four, eight, sixteen...countless slashes were constantly, though painstakingly, parried by Xaltis. The last, however, and also the most powerful, came as Dark Xaltis jumped back and somersaulted over him. Before Xaltis had a chance to whip around and parry, Dark Xaltis landed, spun on his heels, and slashed Xaltis right through, which also sent powerful charges of dark energy through his body and flung him across the platform. Dark Xaltis, standing in the slashing position, whispered very softly, "Est terminus pro lux lucis." The lightning that coursed all around the stage returned to Dark Side's Double Key, giving him a darker aura for a few seconds.

Xaltis got up slowly, seething at his döppelganger's back. "You...you...grr...I'm gonna kill you!" His right eye changed from gold to black as his anger moved to take hold, darkening his facial expression.

"Don't let your anger cloud your judgment, young one. We can beat him without it!"

"I know, I know, but this guy's really starting to irk me!" Half-gold, half-black right eye.

"Getting on your nerves?! I'll show you!" Dark Side ran toward Xaltis once again, his Double Key dragging behind him.

"Not this time, Dark Side!" Xaltis back-flipped into the air while pointing Knight's Strength directly at the ground. "What a riot!" Xaltis slid his hand along the length of his Keyblade, which surrounded the weapon with flame and he threw it at the ground below him, scattering the fire into balls all over the field. "And so..." Xaltis landed on the ground in the center of the field, removed his Keyblade from the ground, and quickly drew a circle around his position. "...let the flames begin..." The Knight called one of the fireballs to him and smacked it with the Keyblade, straight into Dark Side's exposed chest, which threw the man to the ground. Before he could get up, Xaltis jumped to the edge of the ring, drew a square into the ground around him and hit another fireball at his opponent, who got up just in time to get the fireball in his face. Xaltis then teleported to a second corner, drew a square in the ground, and hit a third fireball at his döppelganger. Another teleportation, and another fireball to the face of his opponent, which, this time, launched him up into the air. Xaltis then jumped to the final corner and drew a pentagon around himself in the floor of the platform. "Effingo duos!" Xaltis made a copy of himself and the copy walked to the center circle while casting a "Stopra!" spell on the airborne Dark Side. He then began collecting the leftover fire in a ball over his right hand. As the fire coalesced into a giant sphere over the X-Clone's hand, sweat formed on his brow and the original Xaltis readied his Keyblade as one would a baseball bat. Finally done charging the fireball, the X-Clone called out, "Play ball!" The X-Clone threw the fireball to the original, who hit it straight up at Dark Xaltis as he yelled, "Home Run Firaga!" Dark Xaltis' eyes could only widen as he lay helplessly in the sky, waiting for his doom. The fireball engulfed him and ended up cancelling the Stopra spell, which brought him crashing down to the platform below, smoldering and yelling.

"Lost? Me? Impossible! How could I have been beaten by such a weak attack?!" Denial became the word of the moment from the dark specter as his body started to fade into oblivion. "I'm not done on this plane of existence yet!" His Double Key faded into darkness. "My Keyblade...Xaltis, help me! You can't leave me to die here! I. Am. You!"

Xaltis looked at his evil döppelganger, hopefully for the last time, and with disdain told him, "Goodbye, Dark Side. This is the last time we meet, and you will NEVER be back." He pointed Knight's Strength at the Dark Side and a beam of light left the tip of the blade then struck his opponent, who yelled in anguish as he dissipated completely, leaving only his cloak behind. Xaltis walked over to the spot and picked up the cloak, deciding to hold on to it. "A souvenir. To remember, and to never go back to that dark place."

A blinding light then covered the entire platform, forcing Xaltis to shut his eyes. When the light receded, thousands of doves flew away to reveal a new pattern on the surface of the platform. The image of Dark Xaltis was gone, replaced by tangent circles, each with one of his family members on it, the fifth circle holding a picture of Queen Raina and the last holding a picture of the Knights' new friends Soriku, Roxel, and Asmuth.

"What...what's going on?"

You are free.

"Free? Do you mean free from the evil in my heart?"

Free to begin your journey, under your own power and volition.

Three small platforms appear in front of Xaltis, each with a different weapon on it: a sword, a shield, and a staff. "Is this...?"

A new journey unfolds for you, so choose wisely, young one.


Xaltis: "Finally! I was getting sick of that guy in my Dive!"

LoneStar: "Wasn't that worth the wait?"

Talis: "Sure, but now aren't you just exactly where Haji left you?"

LoneStar: "..."

Talis: "LoneStar?"

LoneStar: "..."

Kalin: "LoneStar?"

LoneStar: "..."

Xaltis: "T, I think you broke him! Good job, now how is he supposed to finish telling our story?"

Talis: "It's not my fault! I didn't know he would react that way!"

Kalin: "I knew we should've left you tied up..."

Xaltis: "While we try to fix our dear writer, I'll do the addressing. Special thanks to hajikurazaki19, first of all, for allowing us to meet Roxel, Soriku, and Asmuth, and also for writing us into your story. We all love you, Haji! Also, special mention to Haji for correctly guessing who the final voice in Chapter 4 was! We're all super excited to see what more you write in Krystahl Kingdom, so keep on writing! To the rest of the readers, just keep reading and reviewing, because that's the only way we'll get any better at this. Who knows, enough reviews and maybe LoneStar'll snap out of his stupor!"

LoneStar: "..."

Xaltis: "Umm...anyway, salus in lux lucis!" =)