This is my first time writing fanfic if I get good reviews I'll make a part two. And I'm looking for some advice to help me write in the future. Hope you enjoy. :3

It was a normal day at the Survey Corps HQ, which meant a lot of cleaning. Eren was cleaning his room as Levi instructed him to do, and it had taken Eren three hours. Levi walked into the room and look at Eren with the look of death in his eyes. "Not nearly good enough brat do it again." Levi scolded. "B-but sir I've been cleaning for three hours can't I at least have a break first?" Eren asked. "Break?" Levi laughed. "You don't deserve a break." He said before slamming the door behind him. Eren fell back on his bed he felt relaxed despite the fact he was just yelled at. Then he accidently fell asleep.

When Eren woke up Levi's head was hovering above his. Levi smacked Eren in the face. Then shouted at him. "DID I TELL YOU TO SLEEP?!" The man shouted. Eren still half asleep lifted his head off his pillow. Then he tested his luck. "Corporal you need to calm down and get out of my face." The boy laughed now standing. Levi kicked him in the shin causing him to fall to his knees. "That's right Eren kneel like the dog you are." Levi scowled. "Corporal?" Eren said with tears streaming down his face. "What is it brat?" Levi responded. "Why do you hate me?" Eren asked. Levi kneeled down with a softened expression. "I don't hate you I just…"

Levi was interrupted when Eren pushed his lips onto Levi's. Levi was surprised but he remained calm. Levi pulled away. "I don't hate you I just don't know how to tell you that I really care about you." Levi said blushing. Eren felt a strange feeling. No one had ever told him that they liked him like that; no one ever had feelings like this for Eren ever. Eren began to blush. "You really feel that way about me?" Eren asked. "Ever since we met I felt this way" said Levi trying to keep his eyes from locking with Eren's. "Corporal, if you really love e than prove it." Eren said smirking. Levi looked at Eren then he couldn't help but smile as he stole a kiss from Eren's lips. "Is that enough proof?" Levi asked. "I need more proof." Eren said.

To be continued…