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Summer is where it all begins...

Summer has a Beginning, Middle and End

Chapter 1

It was and school had just finished, the doors of Leaf High School opened and out came screaming teenagers, getting ready for Summer Break. The last two people leaving were two girls, who were yelling and shouting about how good summer was going to be. They were going to visit old friends who attend Leaf Prep High School on the west side of Konoha. The girls Attend Leaf High School on the east side of Konoha.

'Summer is going to be fantastic; I can't wait to go see Hina and Pig' Tenten exclaimed happily.

'Yeah, it's going to be awesome' Sakura answered

'The sun is scorching, can't wait to get the bikini out, and my skin is ready for its golden makeover' laughed Tenten.

The girls said goodbye to friends and acquaintances before making their way home to pack.

Saki: Hey my name is Sakura Haruno, I have pink hair and green eyes and the brunette next to me is my cousin TenTen Haruno, she has brownish, golden hair and hazel eyes. We are both sixteen and live with my parents Anko and Kakashi Haruno. I have an older brother Sasori, and our grandparents are Tsunade and Jiraiya Haruno, we all live together. My aunt and uncleKurenai andAsuma Haruno both died in a boating accident, when we were both little. So me and Teni are close just like sisters, whatever we are sisters. I love riding motorcycles just like my cousin. My favourite colour is red, the colour of my bike. I hate guys who think that they are all that. My favourite food is strawberry on anything (yummy) I also own a Ford Mustang GT in red (how cool) I am very sporty and love to swim, and shop for shoes and read.

Ten: My Dad Asuma and uncle Kakashi are brothers. We are the heirs to the Haruno hospitals and the Icha Icha paradise books, yep grandpa is a pervert, and uncle Kakashi loves to read those books and aunt Anko taught us how to use different types of weapons. We have a crazy family, but who cares. Well my interests are of similar to Saki's. The only difference is I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 250 r in black and silver and drive a 1969 Chevy Camaro in black. I play the guitar and the piano and I love sports. I forgot to say I am crazy about sharp objects. My favourite colour is black.

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