16-year-old Rose Weasley turned another page of her book, feeling completely peaceful. A feeling, she knew, would soon be shattered by her brother Hugo, or her visiting cousins James, Albus, and Lily, or-

It didn't break the way she expected. The doorbell chimed, and she tucked a lock of her frizzy orange hair behind her ear and rose to answer it, but her father beat her to the door. Normally, she would have just let Ron answer the door and gone back to her book, but when the door creaked open, she recognized the neat, shiny black shoes and smooth blond hair a second before her dad did.

"Malfoy?" Ron exclaimed, almost slamming the door. "What in Voldemort's name are you doing here?"

Rose bit her lip and straightened her glasses. "Dad, Scorpius is-"

"Rose, sweetie, go back to your book. Let me handle this."

Scorpius shot a brown-eyed glare at Rose that read: You didn't tell him? Rose grimaced and shook her head.

"Dad, um, I forgot to tell you-"

"Rose, please. And Malfoy, you can run along home. Wait," Ron commanded, "why are you carrying flowers?"

Rose blushed. It was rare to have Scorpius bring her romantic things like flowers.

"Mr. Weasley, I'm here because over last year, Rose and I have become... let's say, special friends."

Rose groaned inwardly. Scorpius could never keep sarcasm out of his voice.

"Special friends?" Now Ron was more then annoyed. He was suspicious.

"DadoversixthyearScorpiusandIstarteddatingandI'msorrybutIreallylikehim," Rose let out in one breath.

"You WHAT?" Ron shouted, then turned and pulled Rose inside by the checkered blue scarf wrapped snugly around her neck.

He snapped at Scorpius, "Stay out there. I'm sure we have talking to do," and slammed the door.

Once he was sure the young man wasn't listening, he turned to Rose.

"A boyfriend, Posie," he breathed, using the nickname he called her when she was younger. "And not just a boyfriend. A Malfoy boyfriend. Why?"

"I love him, Daddy," Rose protested, knowing how shallow that sounded. "And we're right together. Even Lily thinks so."

Ron's blue eyes popped. "Lily? Lily is only 14, and she knows about-" he gestured wildly with his hands, "all this and I don't?"

"Yes, but- but you would have gotten mad, and I didn't want you to break us up!"

Ron took a deep breath and studied her. Rose stood taller, her hair tickling the back of her neck, and suddenly saw herself as her father must have seen her: just a 16-year-old girl, wide-eyed, innocent, with hair as bright as her father's, eyes looking up hopefully from cat-eye glasses, a stray ink smudge on her cheek from when she was writing; a little girl filled to the brim with hopeless, naiive ideas about love.

"Let him in," Ron said softly.

"What?" Rose asked, her heart lifting.

"Let him inside," her father repeated.

Rose ran to the door and flung it open, to find a surprised Scorpius there, tulips in hand. She took his hand, pulling him inside. Ron was still sitting there, his eyes flicking over their flushed cheeks and clasped hands. He nodded once, twice.

"Malfoy, my daughter says you two are right for each other. Do you find this to be true?"

Scorpius looked bewildered and nervous, but he stammered, "Yes, I suppose we are," accompanied by a squeeze of Rose's hand.

"I don't like this, Rose," her dad remarked sharply, "but I suppose I could allow this to go on... except a condition..."

"What?" the two of them begged.

"Don't tell your mother one word of this," Ron said, smiling devilishly.

Rose looked at Scorpius, and he looked back at her, and suddenly their lips met and Rose was peaceful again.