Chapter One- It all Begins

Beast Boy woke up at an early and evil six in the morning, but that was his opinion; some had to get up earlier everyday for school. Beast Boy jumps out of bed and picks up his Doom Patrol communicator that has a message telling him to get to the Titan's computer so they can talk.

"Great. Now I have to talk with Steve at six am." Beast Boy mutters as he drags himself out of bed and staggers out his room and collides with Raven.

The two Titans pick themselves up and go in their own direct, which happens to be the common room.

Not that anybody knows it but Beast Boy and Raven are no longer friends; after the events in Tokyo, Beast Boy confronted Raven and demanded to know why she was physically abusing him in front of all of Tokyo and the world. Raven then just proceeded to cut straight into him calling him a freak and a mindless animal, but Beast Boy never retaliated; no he just told the purple haired demoness that their 'friendship' was over and that she should mind her own concerns.

The two Titans enter the common room and go their own directions while Raven went to the kitchen to make herself some tea, Beast Boy who was much more awake went straight to the Titans computer to call his parents.

"Beast Boy here." Beast Boy spoke into his com-link as he waited for his adopted father to pop up on the monitor.

Mento's face and surprisingly Elastic-Woman's face also popped up on the screen. "Mento here." Mento announces in her usual gruff tone.

"You wanted to talk, Mento?" Beast Boy questions as he locks his eyes with his adopted father's, but decided he couldn't take looking into his judgmental eyes for that long so he looked away, and locked eyes with his mother.

"Yes Garfield, we need you to do us a favor." Elastic-Woman responds in her usual loving mother voice.

"Sure Rita." Beast Boy responds as he feels giddy at doing something for his parents, but it was short lived when Raven scoffs at him but luckily neither Mento nor Elastic-Woman heard the demoness.

"Well sweaty we need you to watch your sister for us." Elastic-Woman informs as Beast Boy just looks on in surprise and Raven spits out her tea.

"Um...sure Mento, Elastic-Woman but may I ask why you need me to watch Elina?" Beast Boy inquires as he remembers the last time he saw his adopted sister and she used her powers to launch him across the room when she first saw him and thought he was a monster.

"Garfield if this is about that incident when she first saw you; she feels bad about it and Elina now knows that you are there to protect her." Elastic-Woman responds as she gives her adopted son a look. "But to answer your question; apparently General Zhal and General Immortus have teamed up and have gotten their hands on a super soldier serum from some mysterious backer."

"General Zhal!? Do you guys need help? We can drop Elina off at Wayne Manor and Alfred could watch her, Alfred love kids." Beast Boy suggestions as he is worried about his family going up against some crazy Nazi Captain turned General.

"Alfred is sick dear. We will drop her off at five am sharp, Garfield be prepared." Elastic-Woman orders in her mother tone that is more commanding than Mento's leader tone to Beast Boy's ears.

Beast Boy looked he was about to argue so Mento stepped in. "We will see you at five am on the roof." Mento orders as he ends the video call.

Beast Boy steps back and runs his fingers through his hair as he walks to the door. "I didn't know Alfred could get sick." Beast Boy mutters before Raven stops him.

"Where are you going?!" Raven demands.

"Not that it is your concern but I need to clean my room and Terra's old room for my sister." Beast Boy replies as he walks out on the demoness.


It was early in the afternoon when Jim Gordon got a call from the Mayor's office telling him that the Mayor needed to see him immediately. Gordon received the call while he was in the middle of a case, but he left anyways much to his annoyance with leaving two of his most competent detectives in charge of his crime scene; though it wasn't needed, Batman would most likely have the case closed days before they would. With all of that Gordon hopped into his car and made his way to the Mayor's office; which luckily only took fifteen minutes to reach his everything on his mind Gordon just marched right into the Mayor's office simply ignoring the receptionist as she called his name and asked him to please wait until the Mayor called or him to enter. Gordon walked all the way down the hall to the last door on the right.

"Jim, please come in and sit down." The Gotham Mayor announces as the Police Commissioner of Gotham City enters his office.

"Thank you sir." Commissioner Gordon responds as he takes the seat on the opposite side of the Mayor. "What can I do for you sir?" Gordon asks the mayor.

"Jim. I have some news for you." The Mayor starts as he pauses. "I don't want you to take it personally."

'That's just great, more bad news.' Jim thought as he thinks the worst.

"Jim you are being transferred." The Mayor states in a professional tone.

'What! I cannot believe this Politian; after everything I've done they have the balls to transfer me!' Jim thought as he clenched his fists below the desk so the Mayor couldn't see it.

"Jim I need you to calm down and I need you to know that this is not easy for me either." The Mayor comments as he sees the anger in Commissioner Gordon's eyes.

'Such bullshit!' Jim yells in his head. "Why am I being transferred?" Gordon asks the Mayor.

"Jim there is a political matter going on with the City Council, and we think that it's time to get some younger blood into the Police Chief seat." The Mayor answers his current Police Chief.

'Translation, you are covering your own ass.' Jim thought as he gets angry at the hellhole that is Gotham City. "May I at least know where I'm being transferred to?" Gordon inquires in curiosity and hope for someplace brighter than Gotham.

The Mayor leans forward and gives the Commissioner a smile. "Jump City, California."

"You mean where those Teen Titans are located?" Gordon inquires as he starts to feel even lower than he already did. 'I'm being demoted from Batman to a bunch of teenagers. How will my family handle this?' Gordon thinks as he stands up and shakes the Mayor's hand. "Thank you sir. I will inform my family tonight."

"Sorry Gordon, but hey at least you will get an easier job." The Mayor states as if it is easy dealing with teenagers.

"They're teenagers sir; nothing about them is easy." Gordon responds as he walks out the office.

"Titans GO!" Yells Robin as he throws a bat-a-rang at Mumbo Jumbo who is currently holding Raven hostage with one of his magic tricks.

"You can never stop the great Mumbo Jumbo!" Mumbo boasts as he uses his magic to imprison Raven inside of his top hat. Mumbo's boasting was short lived when he got rammed by a green ram and was sent flying like a rag doll into a bank receptionist's counter.

Mumbo picks himself up and in a daze sees Beast Boy charging at him so at the last second he rolled out of the way. "You will pay for that you green freak of nature!" Mumbo spat as he casts a spell. "Mumbo Jumbo!" Which levitates the green changeling who was shocked at the sudden loss of gravity, and couldn't fight back when he was send flying into a wall with a flick of a wrist? Mumbo noticed out of the corner of his that the Titans were coming his way so he used his spell on Beast Boy to block all of the Titans attacks before he uses the green Titans as a weapon and knocks all of the Titans unconscious. "Now I will defeat you pesty Titans once and for all." Mumbo declares as he readies his new spell after he dropped the broken Beast Boy by his feet.

Mumbo was about to conjure his spell when the civilians watching watched on in shock as the broken Titan turned into a eight ton Sarcosuchus and clenched it's jaws on the magicians knee and bites down hard; effectively snapping the bones, muscles and ligaments. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"

Mumbo falls to his knees as he no longer has the strength to stand on his own as Beast Boy looms over him with a look that is absent of kindness or mercy which scares Mumbo and the civilians who are watching the scene unfold.

"Please...show mercy!" Mumbo pleads as he starts to cry from the agonizing pain.

Beast Boy bends over the cowardly villain and rips off his gloves to reveal his claws before he presses them to Mumbo's face. "If you want mercy then I'd suggest you leave Jump." Beast Boy orders as he allows a creepy smile to form as he shows his fangs. 'I must do this to make sure my sister is safe during her stay here.' Beast Boy thought as he realizes that he needs to keep his baby sister safe.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I swear I will leave Jump City, but please don't hurt me!" Mumbo begs as he starts to limp away from the crime scene just as the police start arriving. "Please don't hurt me." Mumbo repeats to beg as the police place him in handcuffs and wait for an ambulance to pick him up. "I'll leave Jump City."

"What happened here!?" The temporary Police Commissioner demands from Beast Boy as his men arrest Mumbo Jumbo.

"He tried to kill my teammates and I stopped him." Beast Boy responds as he keeps the fa├žade going incase Mumbo or any other villain is watching. 'It's all for Elina.' Beast Boy reassures himself.


"Honey I'm home." Jim greets his wife as he enters their home and is met with the smiling face of his wife and daughter Barbra or Babs as most called her. "Hello Babs." Jim greets his daughter.

"Hi dad." Barbra greets before she returns to her homework.

"Hello sweetie, how was work tonight?" Mrs. Gordon greets as she kisses her husband's cheek.

"I got some new honey; you won't like it, hell I don't like it." Jim states as he feels his wife tense up. "I've been transferred to Jump City, California. You and Babs will leave tonight, and I'll join you in a week or so with the rest of out stuff." Jim adds.

"What!?" Barbra Kean shouts in shock.

"Barbra." Jim calmly states as he tries to calm his wife down.

"How could they do this to you? You've loyally served the city for years." Barbra Kean questions as she starts to calm down.

"I know how you feel Barb, but look at the bright side it might be for the best." Jim assures as he pulls his wife into a hug.

"What bright side? They are asking you to just pack up all of our stuff and move to some place that we have never been before?" Barbra Kean inquires in curiosity.

"There won't be a bunch of psychos running around the city trying to kill everybody, are there?" Jim questions his wife.

"True and it will be nice to have all of that sun shine and the void of pollution." Barbra Kean adds.

"Plus we can send Babs to so nice private academy without having to worry about something happening to her." Jim adds which seems to increase their wanting to move to Jump City, and their calmness increasing in themselves.

"I still don't like this. After everything that you sacrificed for Gotham; you've been injured, tortured in the line of duty, you having to deal with that Batman character, and the whackos and monsters in this damn city." Barbra Kean comments as she smiles at the thought of a quite city with no super criminals.

"I know and I don't like this either, but it will be a better place and Babs will be safer out West." Jim responds as he kisses his wife's forehead. 'It's probably best not to inform Barb about the Titans and the super criminals in Jump.' Jim thought to himself.

This is the first chapter of mine and kronk95's few fic When Bat Met Beast; hope that you like it.