G'Day guys, this story will be based after How To Train Your Dragon 2 and after a custom story line that I might make another time, which, in turn, is based after Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi. It may not be perfect but my imagination almost shuts down when I have to actually write something. SPOILERS! (Maybe)


Chapter 1: The Malfunction

Luke's POV:

"Guys? There is two pirate frigates ahead, you might want to come up here." I sighed as I stopped eating and followed Ben up to the bridge of the Jade Shadow where Vestara was piloting. We reached the bridge and looked at the radar. Sure enough, there were two frigates heading our way. "You guys seeing them too?" I heard Hans voice over the comm. "Yea, I think we can take them." said Ben, I just nodded, I wasn't so sure since, although me, Ben Skywalker, and Vestara Khai were on the Jade Shadow, the Millennium Falcon was still unusable from a previous encounter with some vicious pirates, meaning that Han Solo, Leia Solo, Jaina Solo, and Barriss Tano (Barriss Offee was Ahsoka Tano's best friend in clone wars so I'm just saying that Ahsokas daughter is called Barriss, mainly because I can't think of a name) were on the Twilight, which Barriss had managed to repair after finding her mum's old ship. "Lets see what this thing can do." said Han. Vestara gave me the controls and headed to the manual turret they had installed, while Ben sat in the co-pilots seat and powered up the guns. I looked at the Twilight and saw the hidden manual turret appear on the underside of the ship with Barriss controlling it as the other guns popped up and powered up. Suddenly Ben shouted out in alarm "They just sent out some kind of electric wave and now the hyperdrive is powering up!" I looked at the hyperdrive in alarm and saw he was right. "Our hyperdrive is activating, we are deactivating our guns otherwise we're screwed. Ves, get back up here now." I said into the comm. "Same here, can't tell where it's taking us though." Replied Jaina, as I saw Barriss retract the manual turret. Then, we were in hyperspace.

Barriss's POV:

I retracted the turret just before the ship entered hyperspace. I went back to the bridge of the Twilight and Leia let me in the co-pilots seat as I wondered what had happened, and more importantly, where we were going. "I've lost contact with the Jade Shadow." Said Jaina. "What the kriff is going on?" asked Han. "I don't know, but I don't like it." I replied. We just sat there, wondering what was going to happen for about ten minutes. "Twilight, come in." I immediately grabbed the comm "Luke, this is the Twilight, were ok." "Good to hear, Barriss, our comm system and hyperdrive computer are finally working again and we are almost out of hyperspace." (A/N I switched programs here so it might look a bit different) Han checked the hyperdrive computer of the Twilight "Not helping on finding out where we are though" and I had to agree with Han there, we were in a completely unmapped area. I looked closely at the screen and noticed something odd "we are at the same coordinates but the map is non-existent!" Everyone looked at the coords' and gasped in surprise. Jaina brought up the radar and saw a planet behind us. "That wasn't there before either…" We headed towards the planet and entered the atmosphere.

Hiccup's POV:

I landed Toothless on the new island that we had just found and got out my map. "Doesn't seem to be on the map yet, what should we call this one?" Toothless pointed towards a giant tree with his nose. "Big Tree it is then…" Just as I finished mapping the island Astrid came out of nowhere and made me almost fall of the cliff we were sitting on. "Don't surprise me like that!" she just laughed and looked over the island "um… Hiccup?" I looked where she was looking and saw two objects that definitely were not dragons flying through the sky and landing in a clearing nearby. "Should we check it out?" asked Astrid. I thought for a second then said "I fell like this is a bad idea but let's go down and see what it is." We got on our dragons and flew down to the clearing. We saw four people getting out of the dark grey thing and hid in a bush, then saw three more people get out of the more silvery looking thing. "I can sense someone here" said the girl that came off of the silver thing. "I sense it too, keep an eye out guys" said the younger looking boy from the silver thing. I looked at Astrid and silently asked her what they had meant, she shrugged her shoulders saying she didn't know. Then, the seven strangers came towards our bush. Crap, we are screwed. I thought to myself as six of them unclipped devices that looked like my Dragon Blade from their belts. The seventh one had another device that didn't look like anything I had seen before. I grabbed my Dragon Blade and Astrid grabbed her axe, then the strangers uncovered us and I activated my blade while Astrid swung her axe to make them back off. The six strangers who had similar blades to me activated them and they were not Dragon Blades, it was as if they were made out of pure light. They backed up even more when Toothless and Stormfly jumped out of the trees. "We don't want to fight, who are you?" asked the oldest woman from the grey thing.

Leia's POV:

"I am Hiccup, the chief of Berk, some people call me the dragon master." Hiccup? That's a strange name. "Who… or what.. are you?" "I am Luke Skywalker, Grand Master of the Jedi order. This is Jedi Master Ben Skywalker, Jedi Knight Vestara Khai, Jedi Master Leia Organa Solo, Jedi Master Jaina Solo, Padawan Barriss Tano, and GA Commander Han Solo. What about you and your… creatures?" said Luke nodding towards Hiccups companion. "I'm Astrid, and these two dragons are Stormfly, a Deadly Nadder, and Toothless, a Night Fury." "Toothless?" Han asked, trying to hide his humor. "Why is he called that?" Toothless opened his mouth and showed no teeth, but when Han walked over to him, sharp teeth suddenly came out of nowhere. "Kriffing hell" Cursed Han as he jumped back. Everyone exept Han started laughing, "And what about your flying things?" Asked Hiccup while still laughing. "This is the Twilight, this old bucket of bolts belonged to Barriss's mum and her master, who also happens to be my dad." He said pointing towards the twilight, then he went over to the Shadow. "and this is the Jade Shadow, which belonged to my wife, before she was killed." (A/N I haven't read that book, I've only read FOTJ so idk what actually happened)

Snotlout's POV:

It was a sunny day and I was flying around Berk peacefully with Fishlegs. As we made a pass over the town we noticed Toothless and Stormfly being followed by two creatures that were not dragons. I pointed it out to Fishlegs who said they didn't look like any animals he knew of and we decided to go see what it was and help Hiccup and Astrid if we needed to. We swooped around and came in right beside Hiccup and Astrid. "You do know there are two.. things.. right behind you, right?" Asked Fishlegs. "Yeah, they're 'spacecraft' as the riders called them" Said Hiccup. "Never heard of them." "that's because they aren't animals and they aren't even from this world." Replied Astrid. Crap, not even from this world? What the hell are they then?

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