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Chapter 5: Galactic Vikings

Han's POV:

After all the celebrations had calmed down, and everyone had gone off to sleep, Luke came over to me. "Han, although this is a different galaxy, I think it still needs protecting. Send the pulse signal to the council, tell them we need to spare some Jedi to protect Berk. Who knows, these guys might even help us in our fight to keep the peace in the galaxy." I nodded, we needed help and so did this planet. Now that the pirates knew about this place, it wasn't going to be long before they spread the word, and then the Vikings and their dragons would be in some big danger. I went over to the Falcon and headed back to Coruscant to do what Luke had said.

Hiccup's POV:

Over the next few months after the pirate attack, everyone was very busy. We had Jedi protecting Earth, we joined the Galactic Alliance, let the Jedi replicate the fireballs from our dragons to use in their Stealth-X's, we even invented some armor for us and our dragons that allowed us to fly in space, without freezing and suffocating. This armor also gave us access to hyperspace, which was interesting on the back of a dragon.

"Ok boys, get ready." I heard Jaina say over the comm. We were approaching a planet that spies had identified as a pirate base. Jaina was in her Stealth-X, with some more under her command. I was on Toothless, with a separate squadron of Stealth-X's that were pained in dark blue, just like Toothless, following my orders. "This is Night Fury Leader, all wings report in." I said. "Night Fury Four, Standing by." "Night Fury One, Standing by." "Stealth Five, Standing by." After all the wings had reported in, Night Fury squad and Stealth squad split up, to attack the base from the North, and South. "Lock S-foils in attack position." I said to the pilots. "Stealth Leader, we are starting our attack run." "Copy that Night Fury Leader, we got your back." It was night, so the pirates still had no idea we were right above them. Until we opened fire, of course. There were explosions and purple rings everywhere. "Stealth squad, start your attack." I heard Jaina say, and soon, all we could see were explosions. "Ok, I think that got them, hold your fire." Said Jaina. Everyone stopped shooting, and all that was left of the base was a giant crater. "Good job squad." We all went back to Coruscant to let the council know of our victory.

"How was the fight?" Asked Astrid, as Jaina and I walked to the council chambers. "They didn't stand a chance." I replied. "Good to hear."

Toothless' POV:

I smiled to myself when we came out of hyperspace and saw Earth. I came down and landed in Berk, we had been away for a while, hunting pirates, but right now we were having a break. "Hi Hookfang!" I said as I saw the big dragon landing. "Hey Toothless, how was pirate hunting?" "Great, it is so much fun flying through space!" "Gotta agree with you there." He laughed. I said goodbye and headed back to our old house, and went to sleep.

Hiccup's POV:

This, is Berk. Home of the dragon master, the alpha dragon, and a whole tribe of dragon riders. What makes this place even more special though, are our jobs. While most people work at Maccas (McDonalds), or are bus drivers. We areā€¦ Galactic Vikings, who help Jedi save both our galaxies.

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